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Angels of the First Rebellion

lucifer_rebellionMany are not familiar with  a lot of the angels that I discuss. I have in my own experience, known the angels above, and saw of those who fell below. I gave a thorough explanation of the rebellions in the introduction to this section, and now I wish to give more information on who was involved in each one, but this will be about the First Rebellion itself. The angels known on Earth, Good or Bad, are all known as a part of teachings being retaught or revisited just new faces and new methods. No one gives new information, and that is because they do not go deeper. I will.


The angels of the first rebellion were many. 27 commanders, and 200 under each. 27, yes.. Many say only 20. In the book of Enoch only 20 are listed but there were actually 27. They will not give you all truths. Not like me, Alura Cein. Who only wants for everyone to have great wisdom. The angels responsible for the fall in the first rebellion are:

Semjaza the leader was in the atmosphere in those days, and his co-commander, Azazel, moved him to want to manifest. Semjaza said “If we do this here, I will be blamed”, Azazel told him ” If you proceed, we will all go down with you, for the fault, not you alone.” Semjaza saw a woman beautiful, and his heart became enarmored. He agreed. Upon coming to the earthly abode, he saw men and their on coming changes which brought illness, so he taught the secrets of enchantments and root-cutting. In this, medicine could be made, to make up for the imperfections and disease which he had caused.Azazel was the one responsible for teaching mankind metal work, mining, and making weapons. This was for warfare that he knew, would take place as the world changed around them.. Many others came with these two… War In Heaven

Araqiel taught humans the seasons, he knew the turns of the earth and the weather which came with it, even though weather was different then. Araqiel had part in the rotations of earth, as a throne working in the turn of the axis. His power and wisdom makes the seasons, but also revealed them. Armaros , he taught sorcery, wizardry, and how to scry to the people, to help then in rituals taught to them, to use with the seasons. Baraqijal taught with his brother Kokabiel, astrology and the movements of the constellations. Sariel helped them give the directions and phases of the moon, while Shamsiel revealed the secrets of the sun.. The things the angels were teaching humans, were actually helping them, through magic and ritual, to build the grid entrapping souls in this world.  The seasons, astrological movements, and ceremonies, and ritual along with the natural energies. This is why many ancient teachings surround magic. Ezequeel taught the secrets of clouds, weather, and meteorology .To keep records of these things, to document them and have them passed down to generations, the Angel Penemue taught the humans,writing with ink and paper. And so, the history of the world and the teachings of angels, were written and passed down.


There were many others of importance involved too. many commanders under them of other angels in all. Arakiba, Baraqijal, Danel, Ezeqeel, Kokabiel, Ramiel, and Rameel.
These are the Angelic Leaders who lead the 200 angels to choose human wives. They all did.. Including the higher commanders Samjaza, and Azazel. Others invoked included:  Ananel taught sacred geometry. Armaros, he taught the process of baking brick. Asael, he taught the filtering of minerals from water. Batarel, taught how to make love, in all of its many ways.  Jomjael, showed men to be lovers with one another. Sariel, taught embalming, suicide, and the art of mummification, burial, and proper preperation of the corpse for death rituals.  Samsapeel, he taught women makeup, painting of the body, and lesbianism. Satariel, is attributed to teaching body piercing and tribal art. He liked seeing the decorative bodies, wearing symbols of Earth and fealty to these commanders.  Angel Tamiel taught a reverse wisdom to the truths of the matrix Metatron tried to teach. She went forth and taught humanity how to read the stars along side of Kokabiel and Baraqiel. Turiel, taught abortion and the prevention of fertility and Zaquiel taught how to enhance conception and fertility.

All of these angels giving secrets, maybe some of them, humans should not have known. The Creator was angry as humans now were altered. Samjaza offered to them an ability to forget spirit as it is truly known, and focus totally on being physical, in this reality. There was no going back. But, they would be sorry, only because they could not return home to the high heavens ever again.. This is when the found the descendant of Noah much later, as they had known the Creator took delight in this family line for their true love and purity in their souls. They called on Enoch to bare witness, and plead on their behalf, but instead of redemption, punishment was issued.

DNA of humans would be altered as well. The angels in this rebellion changed the face of earth forever. War would not occur in heaven until the second rebellion.. For now, the fallen angels would be confined to their punishment for 70 generations.