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Angel Eleleth

elelethIn the beginning of Earth time, before beings populated the planet, during the time as described in my article “Introduction to Fallen Angels,  when Samyaza wanted total dominion of the Earth, a force was working with the Earth, to fill it with an aware intelligence. All energy is consciousness, but not all consciousness is aware. However, the Universe is full of forces, spiritual energies, living in the plasma of the Universe, the living light. Samyaza saw the “awareness” missing from his domain. In this, before his fall, he works with the spiritual essence of Sophia.

Sophia gives forth the awareness needed,  but knows, as she is all wisdom, that Samyaza has a diabolical plan. She shines forth her image, to reflect off of the light, and the angels fall in love with this image, and they are love stricken. She holds them prisoner by her reflection of beauty, wanting it for their own… She draws them to herself. Sophia sends forth her image through out the earth, and knows for the Ultimate Creator, that she will find in some, beings of the future, true love for the Creator, and in this, these are they that will obtain her true reflection.  Later on, She finds one, one of the daughters of the first families of Earth, and she sees the love within her. To connect she sends forth Angel Eleleth.


Angel Eleleth is the Feminine of the Light. She is purity and totality of the truth. The first woman, had the face of the beast, and she walked upright like the man. She gave forth the breath, and the breath was the life. This form would be good for now, but not for later. It would have to be altered. The consciousness taken from Sophia, was lack of intelligence, and work was needed to be done. As time went by and the consciousness was altered, this one daughter came about. Comely, beautiful and full of the truth and the love of the light.

Eleleth represents something more here though. I have said, as I know from first hand eye witness,The Angelic Realm is made of the angels themselves. Surely I tell you this, I bring forth the truth for all to discern…Looking at the  levels of the spiritual bodies of the angels, on the level of the first Light, or Angel,  it is what man has come to call called “Armozel”,  and this in actuality stands for the Celestial Adam, as Adam was a light being at first..”Epigrammatic”, represents the “Old Adam” or  the first and original Archetypal Man. 

On the level of the second Light, or Angel, Oriel, is the Celestial Seth, the son of Masquerader.  In “The Gospel of the Egyptians”, Seth is the father and savior of the incorruptible race who comes from heaven, puts on Jesus as a garment, and accomplishes (the) work of salvation on behalf of his children.  In other words, Seth is like a Samaritan. Non-believers, in Jesus’ words when he was here in a physical body as Michael. On the level of the third Light, or Angel, is “the seed of Seth”. This symbolizes anointed souls, who have transcended material existence.On the level of the fourth Light, or Angel, Eleleth, are those souls “who do not know the fulfillment. Simplified, Eleleth represents people who lack real truth. It is she who delivers it to them, to aid them in gaining it. In truth, with all of the symbolism, and false teachers, a majority of the world is in lack of real truth. The government purposefully promoted New Age, for their New World Order, (thus why celebrities, clothing stores, television etc, are wearing crystals, and promoting meditation), because they wanted their prophecy to be fulfilled of a world of spiritual fanatics. They deliberately targeted children through Disney, and music in the 90’s, to grow up outcast and troubled so they would be easily susceptible to the New Age Propaganda. They make up the majority of false prophets. No offense if you like New Age. I agree with some of it, but only because every religion has truth behind it, but also deception, and as a messenger, I see that deception.. Angel Eleleth will aid the messengers and masters here, to help lead others to reach total fulfillment.8959b6205f5045711af092c9d27f391c

As for the lower order of Souls, who are located in the Fourth Angel or Plane, these are not Spiritual  at all, but Psychic.  Even Earthly souls can be psychic, being sensitive to energy and having earthly spiritual knowledge. These are the Materialists, who have no eschatological existence at all. The Psychics, who lack truth, follow only esoteric religion, and  they grow, but they do not grow beyond a certain limit. This is why many today are hitting a dead end.Eventually, they will need a medium, mediator, or messenger to help them obtain a position intermediate between the Cosmos and the fulfillment. Finally the Spirituals beings of truth themselves,  would one day return and help people who were seeking, to reach the supernal fulfillment.  This begins the stages of spiritual self-development, rather than living only in a materialistic world. I am trying to bring people to this truth, that I call “Truthology”, in my courses and blogs. But the courses go even deeper beyond Esoteric wisdom, and into the higher planes of existence. Done in stages, my courses begin you at stage one. Then go into higher stages of initiation each part to the courses. Not like the instant miracle awakening, that is so falsely promoted out there. hermes_trismegistos_johfrabosschart

However,the last (third) the lowest Angel level, Sophia or “Wisdom”, who is the ultimate Creator of the World. The material life, the physical world is the lowest and furthest away from having the truth. The teachers believed that the Earth was center of the Universe. So what they call as Universal teachings are teachings of earth;s spiritual history, not beyond. “Psychic” Souls, those Souls who do not even possess the  Truth in Spiritual essence rule the plain of materialism, but the messenger rule above them.

What does all of this have to do with Angel Eleleth? Angel Eleleth, she will ignite the enlightenment in those anointed, chosen through the true Holy Divine messengers.  The people chosen will be people who can accept the state that they are in, and their position, to be reborn again through truth and wisdom, and not to exceed their teacher but to help them. To surrender to the truth and to the way, and to the light brought by those sent to give it. She is like the tongue of fire above the disciples heads during the pentacost, the Messenger to those who striven to obtain the real truth.. Like Angel Eleleth, and others who understand this wisdom I say transcending the material world first, is needed. This is why she cries, “Help me father, Father of All, Lord of the Light, dwelling in the heights above the (regions) below, Light dwelling in the heights, Voice of Truth, upright Nous, untouchable Logos, and ineffable Voice, incomprehensible Father!” She was asking for help in rising above pleasure and material matter, to not get lost in it, or forget the light.


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  1. I know for a long Time that what You try to explain and elaborate is The Truth and Full Truth.

    I thank Metatron for allowing this knowledge to reach Those who wait for that for some time.
    Hope for more insight.

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