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Archangel Chamuel

A.AChamuel Archangel Chamuel is the angel of love. Closely associated with the Planet Venus. She is a messenger of this planet, and is all about unconditional love, beauty, and compassion. Chamuel is the angel who many have encountered, unknowingly. In times of despair, in relationships, or  in feeling down on yourself, Chamuel will have appeared, to make you feel better. Whether you noticed her or not, she was there. She never leaves someone in a bad place in either department. If you are feeling low, unattractive, or hopeless towards life, Chamuel will comfort you. She sees beauty in each and every living thing, and tries to get the person feeling down, to see the beautiful in themselves.  Fighting? Broken up? Bickering or in a disagreement? Chamuel will swoop into the situation in your relationship, and try to get everyone to see reason. She’ll deliver a vibration that will enhance the love, and that itself, will override the negativity that is happening.


Chamuel is an archangel of a legion 142,045 angels. These are under her in command and Chamuel has her commander to listen to as well. This commander is Angel Anael. Anael is the angel of God’s Grace. Working from Venus, this angel assists the principalities in this planet, in directing the legion. Chamuel is next in command. Her numerology is 9. This vibration represents having a clear head to see reason,  life purpose, (including twin flames ), and spiritual ascension together as a couple.  In relationships she brings creative abilities, sensitivity, loyalty,  discretion, brilliance, problem-solving, using inner-wisdom, self-love in love for others, allowing freedom in the relationship, and using tolerance, humility, benevolence,  and empathy when working together as a unit. She also influences communication, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and sympathy toward one another too, which are things needed in making it work.

Archangel Chamuel’s ray of light comes from the Pink ray. There are many shades of this in this area of the light spectrum, and Chamuel’s is more on a deep flourescent

Her legion, and those descending down from Anael, will all be in the pink ray, just different variations of it, due to the vibration and frequency. This is a beautiful neon darker hue of pink, and is warm, inviting, and comforting. I love working in Chamuel’s ray, when performing healing on the emotions.

Chamuel can be compared with a few deities here such as: Min, the Egyptian Goddess of love, desire, pleasure, and beauty. nShe has also been called Sjofn in Norse beliefs too. However, the Romans called her cupid, although they were not able to tell whether she was male of female, and in their male dominating thoughts, called her..a him. She is a cherubim, and responsible for delivering these virtues of love, desire,  and setting up couples. She is also involved in leading star crossed lovers to one another, settling lover’s disputes, and giving a person the self love, to love unconditionally. If you ever had an argument with a lover, and it just jumped right into heated passion afterwards, that is Chamuel. Have you ever looked at yourself, and felt down, but then all of a sudden you like something on your self, and your confidence sky rockets? That too, is Chamuel. In her work, Chamuel is responsible for virtue and messages. Under Anael’s lead, anytime love is needed out there in any planetary system with in a 40 millions mile radius. Yes.. they are that large! However, Chamuel as a messenger can make her self appear at any size, sending her light into any place, at any image.Chamuel

She usually appears as a blonde woman, with blue eyes, wearing a veil. This is because her light is blinding, that the countenance on her face would blind a human looking directly at it, unless she chooses to appear more physical, then in the light is toned. As a good cupid, she is not the small baby looking cherubim, but instead, she is more than that. A huge energy source… Chamuel is a wonderful patron of love, because is all feminine energy and knows what is needed for unconditional love, and partnership. She helps me alot in helping clients in their relationships, and she has a love emitting from her that makes you want to cuddle and love everything. I love this angel’s energy, definitely one of my favorites to work with. It seems her understanding of love, is beyond anything any human could understand, but.. Once you get familiar with it, you start to understand what the love of the  Creator is all about. She always says that loving yourself is important because it is within yourself, that you find the Creator within yourself, as well as your connection in the oneness that is our collective consciousness.


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