Greetings to you all, who have come.  May you be blessed!

My name is Alura Cein. I am known, world wide for my psychic powers, and the readings that have resulted from them. They have helped others find themselves and their inner truths. I am also known for my  teachings. I was born with my spiritual memory  already awake,  having memory of things before this life and world, and a deep connection to the Creator and the angels. I was born with all of the psychic abilities, an ability to channel the realms, and souls. I am a messenger, a soul from the heavens who came here, wanting to bring down the message of the Creator, and all who work under the primal Source of all life. I want to get others in touch with their inner message, as everyone has one in the things that they have been through, which have not been in vain. Instead, all things in a person’s life are to teach one how to see truth in their lives. I am also a meta physician, Minister, and Counselor. Being an Incarnated Angel, with a great connection to the Creator, a love for all, and heavenly wisdom, I specialize in soul energy and Angels.

I have waited a long time to do this site, after many other websites I have had in the making. I use my own knowledge to educate and draw people closer to the truth and their maker. Angels are not merely just messengers or caregivers, servants.. they are deities. Some ruling principalities, and dominions. This means that they are like princes, governors, and mayors of certain areas in the Universe, and realms of each planet within the Universe.

I myself, am what one would call, an Incarnated Angel. I will go into that a little later through out the site. However, for now, let’s start with a wonderful introduction to the Angels themselves, in the next post. For now, I simply wanted to welcome you here. May this a place where you can learn more, read some angelic channelings, and also find heavenly divine wisdom. Prepare for an angelic journey, you’ll grow from, and never forget. I am about to change the world in their perception of angels. The info is based on esoteric wisdom combined with my own insight and truth on this subject, hoping to help you, to see these truths as well.  Enjoy!

If you wish to have a reading done with love, unconditional understanding and truth, and to not be told what you want to hear as many psychics do, but instead to hear what you need to hear, as if the Heavens are guiding you itself, then you can come seek truth and guidance at my website, Alura Spiritual Services I would love to assist you. In the meantime, I truly hope you enjoy the website.