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Exploring The Angels and Heavens

Welcome. Come and enter heaven as we explore the mystery of the spiritual and celestial worlds.  I invite you to learn  that which has never been taught this in-depth on Earth ever before.  The information is enlightening, entertaining, and most of all sacred. Knowing about heaven and those within it, can help you to build your closeness with those of divinity and purity. Their knowledge is life changing and inspiring. With over 300,000 views here already, you can join many in their soul’s journey to find answers about the world of the unseen and unknown. You can learn many things about the heavens. Learn about the beings who rule heaven who are called messengers.

Exploring Heaven and it’s inhabitants

Did you even know that souls come from all over the Universe? It is said the God has many rooms in his mansion. Well, the mansion is the universe and the many rooms are made of the many worlds beyond within it. Did your soul come from some place beyond? Then read on! After all, light is consciousness, consciousness is energy, energy is intelligence, and the intelligence is the soul that drives your body!
Not only does this site include all of that, but you’ll find information on all types of spirits and animal totems, demons, angelic numbers made simple, and mini lessons on the virtues!

In the pages of this site you will find many of the angels and each has a bio of their own. In their bios you’ll discover what they really look like, their jobs in heaven, and what they are like. You will also learn about other souls beyond the physical world who play a huge role in helping mankind and creation, as well as those who destroy it. Do you question whether life exists beyond Earth, spiritually or physically? If you do and want to learn more then you have come to the right place. On this site you will also find the largest resource for information on Starseeds unlike anywhere else! Alura originally introduced many races from the celestial worlds, their traits, and what those other worlds are like. After all, angels are not the only heavenly beings. Alura has had many take from the information contained in her work throughout the years, as a result of being inspired.

This site has it all!


More importantly, the world should have access to the words and predictions of Alura herself and the angels. Located in the Angelic Herald column, you’ll even find messages from the heavens that have predicted the world events of 2020. This included the quarantine, virus, economic collapse, and many natural disasters throughout the United states of America and worldwide. You’ll be amazed at Alura’s prophetic ability. Each and every message has the date on it to prove authenticity. Never on Earth has there been anyone who could precisely predict very specific events and the time of when they would happen, except Alura. She not only predicted specific events, but she also predicted them in almost exact order of happening as well as the exact year.


Because of the extent of the information on this site and the prophecies themselves, some of this content does have to be protected. To bypass restricted content, you will have to subscribe to the monthly membership subscription, if you haven’t already. This is to ensure protection over the information and that it does not fall into the wrong hands. Enjoy the site!

End Note

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