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Starseed Race: The Garnetians

Starseed Race: Canes Venatici

In my exploration of the spiritual plains, realms and falls in realities that are beyond this one, I have come to discover so many races of beings, that many would have never had any access to otherwise. This is because a lot of the truth was being covered up. Even when the idea of a starseed was introduced, they had stuck mainly to fixed stars and astrological energies in determining where a soul had come from as their place of origin. Like I have always said in my soul readings, a souls origin cannot be determined based on their astrological chart in this lifetime. The reason for this is because it is just one birthdate amongst many that a person has had in their journey through reincarnation. If one was going to determine the overall origin, then wouldn’t they need to include all of the birthdates that that soul has ever had? While that may sound as if it makes more sense, and yes it definitely would… there is still a huge problem with even that idea. What is it? Well think about it. If a person’s soul comes from some other world beyond here, and that makes it in otherworldly soul. With that being the case, no birthdate pertaining to this world would even have any significance to where that soul comes from whatsoever. In fact, any saw that is otherworldly with certainly have otherworldly codes within their consciousness from their places of origin that someone native to earth would not even have the capability of understanding, to where they could even determine the source origin at all. You would need an angelic blueprint reader. I’m going to discuss a bit more about blueprints a little bit later in another entry. For now, I would truly like to share yet another star seed race of people that I have come to discover and get quite acquainted with throughout the last few years. I would have shared this information earlier on when I had first come across them, but I did not want anything to be dishonest and so I spent more time in getting to know them first, in order to better provide honest details. 

I had come across this particular race while doing an Akashic Record reading for one of my clients. However, while I have discovered some new races and realities in doing such, this time it was actually a pure accident as to my discovery of these people and this place. You could imagine though, how overjoyed I was that my mistake has not been so much of a mistake after all. I am always so excited to discover more and more about the universe and creation, so that I can have how much information as spiritually possible for the purpose of helping others to locate their spiritual origins and get more familiar with their higher self and soul families. But there have been on very rare occasions where I had come across a client that had a blueprint which was unlike anything that I had seen before. And that had led me to discern that it was from a reality that I had not come across yet. It was not in moments of feeling proud of myself and having to tell someone that came to me wanting to seek for their soul origins that I had not yet come across a reality matching their blueprints . Therefore, I would not be able to provide any information until I had.That was truly disheartening because I know that the individuals that had company in which that had happened, had really placed high hopes and faith in me as an angelic reader, that they believed I could basically do anything and everything. But even I have my limitations because I am not God even though we angels are a part of a spiritual family that are gone and it does make those of us in the lower heavenly realms a lesser theory. Being a lesser really means that we have something to preside over such as day, cause, an element, a plant, a particular sound or hour of the day. There are many things that we are given as gifts to have rulership over retard gifted to us as rewards for missions that we take on and complete successfully without error. Still, even having something reside over as a smaller deity, it did not give me total in full access to everything yet. I actually took on this particular mission here on earth in what I am doing now as well as a few additional things, in order to earn a larger space in something to roll over or even in gaining my own reality at some point in time later on when my mission was successfully completed.

This mission entails saving several specific souls and then leaving behind information that people will grow and learn from that hand and available before. That is very similar to what some of the others have done before me in coming  here to earth to prove themselves that  perhaps maybe it could lead to a grander position in the heavenly hierarchy. I had only ever really wanted just to be in the presence of our greater theories, queen of heaven and our heavenly father. I didn’t really care whether I was their footstool or if they actually treated me like a granddaughter than I am. I just really wanted to be in their loving presence as it is so pure and it’s love and it’s truth, that would be worth spending an eternity at their feet for. Trust me, after being here in this place which is full of hatred and violence, I definitely need to be in the presence of true unconditional love in order to heal from the grotesque things that I have come to witness while on this planet here. I can’t stress enough to others just how traumatizing experience was, and being in a world that people pretend to love each other but really don’t even know what the definition of love truly needs. Later on, it leads to getting stabbed in the back and brokenhearted almost every time. Truly people don’t know how to be a real friend or even beloved relative to one another here. They love with specific conditions, not even self-aware let alone aware of what their conditions of loving other people are at all. I hope one day I will either get to preside over something really cool or have my own reality that I can enjoy through having earned it in the service that I have provided to people while I was here. I am almost close to completing my full mission, and honestly I did take on a couple of other purposes for the sake of getting a chance to stay here just a little longer, for my children. I honestly just didn’t have it in my heart to go earlier when I knew that I could bring two more beautiful people into this world and raise them up to a certain age to be righteous. I want to leave the world with more than just secret information. I want to leave the world with my offspring who can always be a walking example of what I stood for, in regards to heaven and in wanting others to be Influence in a divine way so that when this World finally has fully embraced and entirely corrupt way later on, people will see that kindness in them and long for it in their lives once again after having witnessed what it’s like to live in chaos and destructive forces such as will be predominant in the world at that time. If you think that it’s already been at that level for a while now, then you are greatly mistaken.

Please read the articles in influence in a divine way so that when this world finally has fully embraced and entirely corrupt way later on, people will see that kindness in them and long for it in their lives once again after having witnessed what it’s like to live in chaos and destructive forces such as will be predominate in the world at that time. If you think that it’s already been at that level for a while now, then you are greatly mistaken. Please read the articles titled “Trumpet Blasts” and “The Angelic Herald”, to discover more about what to expect in the future. But certainly a part of what I will leave behind, will include information on races of people that have never been heard of before. I wish that there were far more methods of communicating between the many different realities because, people just don’t know what they’re missing out on to having the opportunity of knowing some of these beautiful races of people. Angels or lesser deities that act as messengers, always set a good example of righteousness and divine behavior. But there are many others out there, That sometimes act as angels or messengers to, when they come to a planet in order to share information about their home world or things that can actually help see this planet from itself. And yes, there have been many times, visits from different species of people out there that this world is aware of, that brought wisdom solutions on how to fix climate change and global warming. But you don’t see any of those methods being applied do you? Nope. 

This particular species is one of such a benevolent nature, that maybe it’s best that they stay away for now. They come from a star system that the scientists here likened to being very similar to that of a pair of hunting hounds. Surely, where they come up with these ideas from, I can’t imagine. It actually isn’t even close to having anything to do with dogs, or hounds at all. The race of people that exist in the star system, are ones that have a great deal of wisdom and knowledge that definitely could play a huge role in saving a lot of the nature that exists here in this one. They are extremely protective over their own environments and have truly developed new ways of conserving their natural resources, as well as the health of their world and one another. This is a place that uses only natural plants that are native to their home world, for the sake of healing and providing vitamins. They are of a fourth emotional frequency in existence and that provides a good reason as to why humans have probably not had any interactions with them all of this time. They also are very deeply spiritual in regards to developing techniques that can help expand and open the mind.

I would love to live in a place that is always like this.

Imagine if you will, a beautiful world that has a sky full of colors like tangerine mixed with hues of pink, red, and yellow. Trying to visualize, in that beautiful multicolored sky, picture three moons that all rise and synchronous the one with the other. All of them always rising in the same size, color, and the exact same phase. The moons are a bit on the orange side, which really complements the tangerine color scheme of their beautiful night sky. It is truly breathtaking to look at and without so much pollution such as what earth has, there’s stars are brilliant to look at. Their star system is also home to a spiral galaxy which you can get a good look at from the land down below while residing there. It’s actually one of the greatest attractions that they show to their family as they are raising their children. Also, they do not produce children the same way that humans do. There within their world, they decide upon wanting children and how many they will have. For the sake of the children growing up to have companions in one another and always be at a similar speed and learning, they will deliberately have the set amount of children in which they had decided, all at the same time. There is actually a specific species of beings that exists there which is responsible for carrying a screen once they have been conceived.

These are very large beings that were created for the sole purpose of being a surrogate for those who are having children there. There are hundreds of them located all throughout the planet. . The people within this civilization, will have their children all at different times throughout life from one another so that each and every family can have the attention of people celebrating in raising their children with them and so, there will only be a few sets of parents in each village, that will go on to have their children in the same year. This way everyone will play a role in helping these kids to grow. They are a very beautiful race of people in the fact that they have A very slender body and are very tall as well. And comparing them to my own height at 5 foot three. I would probably guess them to stand maybe about 6 foot five? It could be more or less give or take but that’s my estimate for now. They’re very slender and very flexible as well as graceful in the way that they move. These beings are always climbing the tallest trees, and jumping from great heights into some of the lagoons found in their world. They are super fast runners too. If we compare, them to anything on Earth, we could say that they are almost as fast as the cheetah. Their long tails help balance them as they run. The tails were created on them for grabbing things, swinging, balance, and for affection. The tails act like an extra arm for hugging as the tails will spiral together during an embrace.

The people on that planet just love water too. They enjoy water sports and even meditating on the water. However, there seems to be an avid skill at sensing things to come in the future but they look for a second confirmation in the sun and how it’s shadow will fall when observing a vase to see which side the shadow lands, how long or short it appears, and how dark the color of the shadow is. They communicate telepathically and through sensing hormones and chemicals released from the body. They also can see always 15 minutes ahead of any event or situation. Truly though, they are very loving, friendly, and a bit dare devilish. They can be extremely logical in their ways. And, they are exquisite warriors too. Still, they don’t fight often since they can’t stand violence, or confrontation.

Their rules contain a lot of advanced technological equipment located within their scientific laboratories that are hidden. They are hidden for this specific reason of their not wanting any visitors or invasions to ever disclose where those laboratories may actually be located. They protect what they have in regards to the equipment and even in the secrets of what some of that equipment does. It is always in the left just for those a great sorry, to have access and knowing exactly what some of those devices actually do or are really truly used for. Who can blame them? All throughout time there has been a lot of rumors that earth has kept certain species of visitors that have come here in Goodwill, just for the sake of trying to replicate their technology when found in a crash ship here. It’s sad to think of a friendly race of people coming here to greet and meet earthlings and see if there could be an alliance or something that they could do to help or the other and then to be held captive and treated unkindly and left in those conditions eventually until death, is just horrifying and greatly inhumane. Nevertheless it has been done.

These people though, are gentle and very quiet. Remind me of angels in the fact that they really do not speak any specific language but rather talk to one another through their thoughts or emotions that they are projecting back-and-forth. When you go into their world or even into any of the angelic or lesser dearly kingdoms, you will find that it is so peaceful, quiet and serene, than anything you have ever experienced before. And honestly, it should be that way. Why do humans talk so much anyway? There are other worlds nearby, all friendly and in communication with each other. Still, with the planets that have their own distances from the Sun, this world here is furthest and takes 6 days to rotate in order to turn into nighttime, making a reason to have a night ritual every six days. One day is actually six days long.

They are very human in the way that they look, but they are much thinner than a human could possibly be. I have even seen some humans that have suffered from anorexia nervosa here in this world and I still couldn’t even compare their slenderbodies to even someone as soon as having that particular disorder. This people, our very tan in their skin tone, but when the sun hits it it looks as if there are use of a rustic color underneath. A copper tune of sorts. It is absolutely beautiful as their skin has taken on resemblance to that of their tangerine colored sun. They also have thin, long tails even though they are human-like, and I have to mention how awesome it is that they can also breath under water too.

There are many trees in that particular world as well. Many of them are of a flower variety. I know that with all of the beautiful flowers that exist there, that well earth has some beautiful species of flowers too, nothing can quite compare to the flowers of this particular world.  They don’t have many no flowering trees. Many of the trees result in fruit.  The people have very long hair on both males and females. Their hair is of a golden brown but is more on the course aside such as African-American people‘s hair here on earth but it grows extremely long and they keep it in three very thick twisted breeds that start from the back of the forehead over across the top of the head and down. They usually put a type of honey inside of their hair in order to keep it smelling nice. Why they take on more of a tribal like appearance on the surface of things definitely proposes questioning those of us who are aware of the advanced wisdom and technology that they have. They even make sure that they use even hand me tools while they are out and about on the surface of their land. However, while there are many villages set up throughout the planet, there is a large advanced city located on the planet as well which holds a huge population of more of their people. However this advanced city, usually only contains those who are considered to be the elite on their planet. Elite are determined based upon how long a person’s bloodline has been on the planet itself and who happens to be related to any of the leaders. There are several leaders and then one overlord. 

The humans of our world have wrongly named this particular constellation in the sky as Canes Venatici. They, like many of the other worlds, have a name of their own according to their very unique language. I always get rather excited when discovering their tone, but unfortunately because I just discovered this one, I have not been able to decipher their language as of yet. I’m hoping to work on this throughout time as I communicate via channel with one of their representatives who goes by the name of Yiyaike (Eye-Eey-ka). She is truly very helpful and loving and wants people that when it comes home with them to actually reach out and make sure the contact of the leaders of the world, they are of benevolent energy and prepares no threat. In fact they would like to share resources of how they can teach humans how to conserve our planet as I stated earlier I think we desperately need that information at this point even though most of the damage is done to earth or irreversible.

They are really very proud of who they are as people and they show it and not proposing any kind of competition or straight other. Many of them are nudists but they do wear some clothing as far as transparent gowns made out of a native silk, and also sometimes kilts that are made through some of the woven material brought to them from other closely neighboring planet or star systems nearby. This is truly how they provide kind acts to one another and showing courtesy and love from us while I stay close, actually are light years away but still have as they are closer to them than any of the others. They are an ancient race of people and even though I have a little difficulty in speaking their language or understanding them, they had used some hand gesturing in order to try to communicate as best as they could and they did reveal to me that their star system’s name. It was a little hard to understand but they did show me that it was very similar to the stone that was on my head dress when I had arrived. And the stone that I happened to be wearing at that time was that of a Garnet. The leader based calling their planet by the name in which is what they call the stone we have on Earth, known as Garnet to us.  only because I am introducing the people to human world. Therefore, it has been determined that they will be called the “Garnetians” (Gar-nee-shens) and their Planet…. Garnetia (Gar-nee-sha).

There are more features to their world, and the people are skillful musicians and hunters and would probably get along very well with any of the tribal people here on earth including Indians and some tribes in Africa, but they are far more advanced in scientific knowledge then really anyone on earth at this time. It may propose as a threat to them by others who may want to steal what they know by forcing information out of them, and people wanting to steal their knowledge. In the meantime, their variety of animals and insects will make you look at the  dinosaurs, ants, and tigers as being very beautiful but no big deal in comparison. 

The world of newly discovered Garnetia is one of giant tropical, fruit filled pleasures, music and villages full of feasting and dance. Even the village homes are spectacular in that they look like the little huts built in the resorts of Bora Bora. It’s an exquisite place and the weather is so perfect! They live in a consistent 70 degrees with rain twice a day, once in mid afternoon and again at night. Additionally, they know how to have fun by feasting and spending leisurely time in handcrafted hammocks that are also like swings that you can also tie over the ocean or by a waterfall to enjoy or meditate.  I wish Earth could be like Garnetia and our people as loving and accepting as their people who without a romantic relationship, still hug, affectionately lean on one another and even lay close to one another in groups innocently out of love. Right now, a few babies are going to be born to the surrogate who is helping my new found friend Yiyaike and her husband to bring them into the world. Out of courtesy, I’ll wait for them to contact me again, as I am sure that they will now that the long awaited contact with a Earth has finally happened. I pray they enjoy their new little ones. 

The traits of a soul born on Earth, from Garnetia.

1. Souls from Garnetia will be outdoorsy and fond of all kinds of outdoor activities like Kayaking, camping, hiking, gardening, rafting, snowboarding, mountain climbing, rock hounding etc. This is because they spend most time outdoors in Garnetia. Even their homes are more like a wooden awnings than an actual home. They love creation.

2. Garnetia souls will be hardcore planetary conservationists. They will be huge in activist work to protect the Earth, find free energy, liberate animals in captivity, saving trees, cleaning up the water, and other causes that relate to the efforts bringing about a positive change environmentally.

3. If female, these souls will be the ladies that never wear cosmetics, a lot of accessories, clothing in bright colors or clothing with sparkles or glitter. They are very natural in their upkeep. The males are the same in wearing clothes like cargo shorts, sneakers or flip flops, with a plain t-shirt or even ones with a subtle print, quote or saying. They won’t have too many piercings or tattoos either. They are very casual and always ready for any outdoor adventure.

4. Garnetia souls are very quiet. It’ll take a lot of prompting to get them to open up. They would rather observe and listen, which they do with great ability to analyze or see what others can’t. They love aesthetic styles of music, and are musically inclined themselves. Many will be drawn to play instruments, sing, or write music. They also love theatre, dance, and arts.

5. These souls are lovers of excitement. While quiet, polite and reserved, they will never back down from a thrill. They love heights, speed, and amusement parks.

6. They are genuine, warm, honest, helpful, and loyal. They are extremely affectionate and need a lot of attention in relationships. They make very sincere lovers and friends.

7. They have natural survival instincts, skills and knowledge.

8. Being of love and hating violence, they can battle if needed but you’ll see them trying to discuss things first, being very diplomatic, and using wisdom to problem solve in any situation, at any time.

9. These souls will pick up on the thoughts of others, and will get many premonitions about things in life.

10. Garnetians are souls who when born on earth, take delight in art, music, dance, theatre, and crafts. They are very eccentric in their creative creations but very unique and original. That originality is in every sense applied since you’ll never catch them following the crowd so to speak, or allowing themselves to be like anyone else but themselves.

11. These souls are very generous, hospitable, and will do anything for anyone. In that regard, they may get hurt easily because they are so pure in their motives while others may not be.

12. They love being social and are family oriented. They will have quite a few children in their human lives, while also working on things as a team. They will strive to be in many group activities throughout school and link with their community committee too.

13. They are honest, and have the gift of knowing when another person is not telling the truth.

I use to say that I was a living lie detector. However, I know that the heart will reveal a lot more of a person’s truth and their real intentions. But, I can also read their minds too which says it all. The Garnetians are very good at these skills.

14. They seek spiritual truth in life and others and the lessons that they find in those places.

What an amazing race of people!