Lion Man Spiritual Esoteric Knowledge Teaching Ariel

Archangel Ariel

ariel Archangel Ariel has many listed things under her name. They say she is a man, like Gabriel.  This angel  is both.. Masculine and feminine. They say that she rules over Leo. Yes, Leo represents the image of this deity but it is the constellation Lyra, from hence the energy comes..Appearing as male or female. I say “she” because of the nurturing love I got from this angelic being, as my Creator.. She has a golden light energy with white specks in it. She appears as a huge white orb, with gold trim all around it, and white sparkles in the gold.  When in imagery, she appears in  feline features, and long gold hair. She has a reddish undertone to it, and is fair complected.   Her wings are  six, a seraphim, with a trail of golden fire behind her. She is a Principality angel. But also an Archangel, because even though she owns her own territory, she runs her own legion. Ariel is ruler of animals. Any kind, but having a connection to the animals,  also has a special place in the heart for the cat family. She loves all animals the same, but cats seem to be attracted to her more.

Her Rulership:  Ariel rules over the domain of Lyra, or better known as Alpha Lyra. She is the angelic power of Lyra. There she has many other angels in her legions, who help aid and assist her in caring for the planet, while she also has precedence over Earth. She rules only after the animals, and the some material plane. As a creator of Earth, it says in the Nag Hammadi:

“Since that day, there appeared the principle of verbal expression, which reached the gods and the angels and mankind. And what came into being as a result of verbal expression, the gods and the angels and mankind finished. Now as for the ruler Yaldabaoth, he is ignorant of the force of Pistis: he did not see her face, rather he saw in the water the likeness that spoke with him. And because of that voice, he called himself ‘Yaldabaoth’. But ‘Ariael’ is what the perfect call him, for he was like a lion. Now when he had come to have authority over matter, Pistis Sophia withdrew up to her light.”

The reason it says this, is because the energy from Lyra, is masculine, and the material plane is considered “masculine” in the spiritual world. Therefore, this leads us to the knowledge of Ariel having sent material substance to the Earth in some way.. But how? It was through the explosion of energies from  Alpha Lyra. Rocks orbiting from an explosion that had happened there, circled the sun. Eventually leading to the co-joining with other materials from other place too, in the energies of chaos, which forms, gives birth to new creation.Each star, each planet, all are a from of consciousness. Only too big to see. This is who the angels are..the heavenly host. This is truth… The Gods of Earth, do not want you to know truth.. Ariel, still has ownership to Earth, as a corner stone. This is why most of the worship on this planet, is all materialism, and why Ezekiel says he saw the Ring Nebula in,  Ezekiel’s Vision. The throne was from Lyra, with this deity claiming to be YHWH, who really was the father of Ariel, Samael. People have been lied to. During project Babel, pieces of truth were scattered, from Sumeria, and so on. Each book, of scriptures has truth, but human rulers and their alchemists and scientists tried to fill in missing pieces. This is why no religion, has the full truth, leaving its people still wondering, still closed minded to the real truth.d0d5caca65f7188fa614dd7b7b6d7fc7

Legion:   Ariel has 7840 angels in his/her legion, from Lyra to here, and then he/she has an additional legion within the stars too. His/Her main star is Vega. The cataclysmic boom, that helped Earth to form in matter, is the vibration of Ariel.  The mighty roar.  Ariel rules a huge place in all of this, but was dismissed just like other important figures. The rulers here make people believe the reverse, to keep them from truth, or they hide it.. This legion of Ariel’s is huge. Even if some of the other angels have more int heirs, size and vibration makes a difference. Ariel has many rulers, all are huge. However, there are many souls that were created by him/her somehow.

Numerology: Ariel’s number is 8. 8 represents the Universal laws of cause and effect. Thus the saying “he causes to become” as is the meaning of the semetic’s God, YHWH. Ariel was the first revered, but then it was given to his father, Samael, who took it over. I still liken Ariel to a feminine energy though, even though there is a masculine tone there. But yes, 8 is symbolic of authority, strength, creation, and chaos working together.

Colors: Ariel’s color’s are gold, white, indigo, orange.

In comparison:  Ariel has been likened to YHWH, The Lion of Judah, as well as Maahes of Egypt, this is why he/she was revered so much through creatures part lion, like the sphinx. Stories like Hercules and the Nemean Lion, and Samson fighting the lion in Samson in Delilah, is symbolic of man taking over the material world and power of it. As Ariel really represents the Material world. If you are wise, you will see that from the visions of Ezekiel, the animal Gods of Egypt, and the Norse legends etc, that there is always a snake, lion, calf, lamb or fleece, in the stories. Can you see what it means? 7vZyct3

 Crystals and Stones:  Gold, Ruby, Topaz.

Please research……

Even though Ariel has an androgynous energy, this angelic being is still, a son of the heavenly host who rule the principalities and dominions in the Universe. On Earth it is hidden. Ariel works under the Most High, having the ultimate Creator parents.. Not only this, but Ariel chose a people, a bloodline, to be the people who were loyal. They eventually went on to worship the serpent in disguise. The bloodline would be through Sumeria, through ancient Egypt, and through the Canaanite, Semetic tribes,  and expanded down into those who migrated and became the tribes of Israel. The main tribe, was the tribe of Judah. This was done through altering the programs in the genes, making the true Priest bloodlines, the meek, 1% of the world, who are AB RH Negative. Research a bit, and you will find it. I am an AB Negative,  I have Ariel as my parent spiritually, and physically. Half of my bloodline is from the Tuatha De Danann. There are many truths to uncover.. I hope to reach many.

Ariel can appear as male or female, depending on what side of the duality is being used to resonate with the person receiving a contact. Let’s read a message from Ariel below.

Archangel Ariel Message

“I AM the Archangel Ariel, prowling the Universe in hopes of finding goodness. I operate the light golden and white rays of divine light, and give energy to nature. This includes the metal Gold, and sometimes the stone called Ruby. This represents my royal lineage.

My job is large. I have many people, and animals to care for. I also look after the nature within all planets. I care for the animal species living there, that have no verbal communication system. I AM the patron of Earthly elemental spirits.

My message is concerning  these creatures, these animals in your world, whom are so greatly mistreated. The woe! Ask me, how many animals did I find in your planet,that were beaten, abandoned, depressed, suffering from malnutrition, and hunted? How many animals were deliberately used for target practice, or set ablaze, all in the name of a good laugh? Millions! How treacherous! They embody innocence. They bring within their hearts a love that is unconditional. Humans were put on the planet to be the care givers, protectors, and the leaders of the lesser species. It was expected of them to care for the children of the Creator who are not able to care for themselves. Instead, mankind has dominated them to their injury. Many animals have lost their homes in their natural habitats, and so many cease to even exist anymore. How could it be, that an entire species of animals were wiped from the face of the earth under their care? What shame! What despair.

Hear this people of Earth, take heed to this message. Care for the creatures that we placed just a little bit below you. For you, yourselves, could have stayed in that state. But instead, we cared for you, helped you to evolve into what you are today. Do the same for them. The scientists need to stop trying to alter the DNA, and experiment on the different animals. You yourselves are God-like, but not God himself. The torturous state that you have left those creatures in, is an undeniable abomination. They have feelings, they have thoughts not different from yourselves. Treat them with love and respect. Or, the elementals who reside over your world of nature, will fight back! That is my word, as dominion of the nature all around you, that you have very much abused and destroyed.Do not think that we are always angels of peace, for we will exact vengeance, when directed to do so, by the most high. Love all of the life around you, and respect it.”