Angelic Herald- The Eye of the Storm

As a member of the nether syndicate, I rule a branch of hierarchy through my legion, down into the netherworld from above. I see much, in the past and well into the present, that is forever changing the future. However, somethings are changeable… Still we find that the decrees made are usually ones followed through as you can see, from the predictions made by my kin. I, Sabathiel, am the angel of networks and connections. Speaking of this, there is much to know. My grandfather Metatron, my father Sachiel, they are the rulers of the interconnecting lines of the great matrix. They see all, above and below. With that, I am made to see as well.

I have information to reveal. Firstly, prepare yourselves this year for hurricanes like never before! A monster of a hurricane is on its way and the trials it will inflict will be disastrous. There was once a storm named Katrina, and the one to come… is like the one which already came to pass. Several spiraling storms are in the making. And all, are a part of the same network of weather which produces them. Even the pacific coast shall be affected by the tropical rage.

Another network to be aware of is beneath Texas. It’s a crossroads of underground lines of fault in the Earth. Or… is it? There is a very huge epic center that seems to be responsible for the triggering of these events. In the largest state in the United States of America. Be aware that there will be a domino like scenario where one quake triggers others across the nation. But with these insights for the modern Babylon, I have to also focus on other locations on a global scale too. While there will be more, I focus on 7 major earthquakes will bring destruction needing great financial help. And while poverty stricken lands are being assisted, it’ll be hard to provide the same for their own. Many earthquakes will be 7 in magnitude. Some will be smaller due to their being aftershock. They will be many and scattered.

There is going to be a global depression emotionally and economically. Trade will suffer as it gets hard to maintain sufficient funds after disasters that need relief. Most of the wealth that remains, is being used for new weapons and the testing of them for there will come a World War as a result of owed funds in trade itself. Trade. Another side of war. 7 countries will go head to head. South Korea, North Korea, Japan, USA, Russia, UK, China… as well as war alone… in the Middle East. Recession approaches. It will last for 7 years. Trade issues will create traveling issues and diversity.

Additionally, new information surfaces from networks who were in their own right, self appointed spies in a game of espionage. New revelations come to the forefront. It will effect the internet, and shock many, while for others confirming the truth that they felt within all along.

There will be 7 years of difficulty in farming as well as in the rise in the prices of food.

Much will fall into those categories. Therefore, time will reveal specifics… There is a major coverup world wide which it’s truth is too shocking for mankind to bare. Alura had said it, portals opened and others entered and the truth is hidden in plain sight. But if it were not hidden at all, humans would had not sustained any level of sanity, even though most of the world is even now still slipping away in their mentality, morals, and conduct. Be prepared. Just know that there will be a need for you to have supplies and to ensure you and your family safety. We are looking at worldwide weather catastrophe as the earth screams it’s cries of need for help. As the angel of networking, this is no time to be enemies or go against one another. Now more than ever before, there is a need for people to join together to help one another in providing support, comfort, and assistance. Mankind has been forever growing further and further distant from each other, to where it now it seems that even brothers are enemies and foes. Let us now put aside the past and any grudges to lock hands together in a attempt to supercharge the earth with positive energy.

It is also essential to understand that there are two networks associated with those in great powerful places, that have been involved in some very dark things. How can people trust their leaders if they are guilty of horrific crimes that in danger and disregard human life? These dark things shall come to the light and surprise many in the revealing of many acts that were associated with that network circle. You will be greatly shocked and surprised do you know who was associated with it. This surrounds two different networks, One surrounding Jeffrey Epstein, and another surrounding the truths about another network revealed by Edward Snowden. These will need created diversions to take the public eye away from the focus of the exposure of the darker deeds involved. Explosion, power outage… etc.

But as you know… all things that will come to pass are things that need to come to be. There will be a new time where a new kingdom will rise afterwards. Every phoenix shall rise from the ashes. But first prepare as many of the prophecies from my kin come to prove themselves true. After you hear one message do not dismiss the one before it. Spread the word so that others can also be aware. The truth is that the earth is in danger and the danger comes from Abaddon, Shiva, Apophis etc. Don’t be surprised when these things come pass.

There will be talks of this asteroid about to hit as well. Please do not be fearful. It is a diversion. It actually is symbolic for something else that is happening such as the “bomb shell” that is about to drop, this September 2019, as news will be very revealing. There is an actual asteroid but only fragments of it will hit earth.

The 7 seals will be opened fully for those of righteousness and virtue who in those traits and lifestyle, in that balance… can keep them open. Worthiness to open the “scroll” locked with the “7 seals” is based on extreme purity, belief, virtue, and devotion. The wisdom found helps one to enter the new kingdom of heaven on Earth. But as each soul finds their way to the seals being lifted… their former things pass away and time as it was known, changes forever.

Please do not be frightened. Many of you will still fear but you don’t have to. If you are in any areas where hurricanes have been known to come through, try staying somewhere else for a few months or prep your homes. Be sure to have your important papers, birth certificate Social Security cards, deeds the houses and cars, bank statements and account numbers, all inside is safe with any of your savings, close by, as my kin had pre-warned you to do. I stand by it strongly, because this is a better way to always hang onto your things in the event of some disaster or even an issue that could just involve your own personal home. Be sure that you’re safe is fire and waterproof. Additionally you also want to make sure to have a life jacket just in case of flooding if you live in areas of hurricanes. Trying very much to look for survival kits and first aid kits as well. It’s never quite known if it will be you that will be affected byA tornado, hurricane earthquake. Do you want to always be better safe, then sorry. Try to source some canned goods, rations, and gallons of water in crate close by your safe… that you can easily grab with your should you have to evacuate quickly. Have an evacuation route for you and your family. As soon as you hear what an earth hurricane earthquake is on its way, be sure to get out fast. You will know that it is true because of these words written here today.

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