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Other Soul Types As Messengers

SpiritualInteractionMany believe that only angels are messengers. While Angels have the pure, divine, unadulterated truth from the highest of realms, it is a humble service to be an angel. To only live for the will of the Creator, and others. It is a great responsibility. But does this mean, that only angels bare a message? Are angels the only ones who have something important to say? The word “angelos”, is where the word “angel” comes from. It is a Greek word, and translates as Messenger. In this, they believed any spiritual or being not of the physical world, was an angel. Angels live in the high heavens of Earth. And, they come from higher realms in the Universe’s dimensions, as well as from other heavens in other planets too. They are deities. A species with a few realms, all their own. So there is a specific race of beings who are actually angels, the humanoid, light beings, who have extreme extensions of light which look like wings. They came many times to earth, to help aid in speeding up evolution, to teach, and to speak with humans on the Creator’s behalf. But what about others?

It was said, “Be kind and generous to everyone, as you never know when you are entertaining an angel”.  This meant, that the Creator, spirit guides, and other angels, star beings etc, can all use another form to speak. Even just one word of kindness, encouragement, advice, or wisdom, could be delivered through anyone. However, there were other agents of the Creator and the benevolent angels, who were made in their special qualities, to be magical aids to humans. Mermaids taught magic, healing, and emotional wisdom. Fairies taught about the nature, how to communicate with it, and care for it. Unicorn taught how to use telepathy, and inner wisdom, to be successful. Gnomes taught the magic of the earth, and its ancient wisdom and energy. And so on.

Long ago in the beginning of time, some humans evolved with help, from apes, and from fish. Then beings from the  heavens came, in a human form, as they watched these species struggle against time. They thought, “why wait millions of years of evolution, when we have the power to do something for them now?”  Angels considered now to be fallen, were only called that because they lowered their highly vibrating bodies, to match the 3D physical world, to interact with it. Why else do we hear of stories of them as men? Marrying human women? Some disobeyed the Creator, did things that were against the laws of the Universe and of Earth, but those legions are another story. The issue with this world, is if one does something wrong, all get judged.

Mermaids were altered by the Angels, from the beings growing from fish. With half a human form and half a fish tail, they were left this way, to see how this beautiful form would fair in the oceans and seas. Unicorn were made from horses, rhinoceros, mixtures. Fairies were made of elements and light.  Dragons were dinosaurs, who still existed and flew. And many more…

Earth is not the only place that had many of these magical creations  either.  They were magical, spell binding, and enchanting.  They loved being with the angels, but when the angels took their place back in the higher vibrating realms, they had no one. Soon, beings from the stars came too. Not only had the angels helped life speed up in growth, some, not all of life.. the star beings were now here to help build harmonious peaceful utopias for them. The  magical beings, yearning for higher vibrations, sought them out, and found them in the few Utopias built. Atlantis and Lemuria. In Lemuria, an earthquake that brought with it a great Tsunami, (Flood Days) was created by the sons of the Creator who did not like the fact that life had been altered. He felt that life should have its time in growing naturally. In other place sin the world, the “humans” were now getting corrupt. This world was a great place then.. I will speak of this in my next video…   So, anyone effected by the Tsunami, moved on. Those who were from the stars tried again, this time in Atlantis.  They needed a place with a higher vibration on earth, close to the portal so if the gods” did this again, they could leave… And they did do it again.  But not the same God’s, the fallen angelic beings who were now corrupt wanted exclusive power, and they had wanted it for some time.

The Jinn who were the first creations after the first light brought to use intelligence here, were made of Static energy, not illuminated, but a lower programming.  Somewhere in between 4D and 3D, they resided. They too felt the civilizations were a threat. So, they joined the rebel angels in their conquest to power. Atlantis went down.

After Atlantis sank, there were not so many mermaids left.  Small groups swam off to hide out there in the world. Much of the mystical beings created with angelic magic, had died in the first floods, only small remaining groups of them remained stretched out over the earth too. Only to be fantastical legends, told by few seeing them. Once this world contained dragons, Unicorn (in the bible even), mermaids, and fairy spirits. Even beings who made to live underground, who were huge and covered in hair, still existed in small numbers. But,man in his growth, wanted no magic. They wanted to own it, but not to have it roam free. In many religious wars, they murdered those magical… Stories of Dragon Slayers, and wizard hunters, were passed down. And soon, the stories were used as a replacement for symbolic hidden messages, not taken seriously enough. Except..by those who knew the truth behind the messages, but the magical beings, they slowly disappeared as fairy tales. The druids knew though, and they kept it with them.. It still exists in Hollywood today (Holly-Wood, a magical wood for wands in Druid beliefs)….


The Creator felt bad for the magical beings, those who were losing their place in a world that was dying, as those beings  still lived forever. Over time, as death started to become a reality for them, their souls started to go into realms made just for them. Magical “rooms” in the spiritual realms where they could have a similar life, and still be called on by believers. The energy of those believing would go to them, strengthening their magical talents, there, in this other spiritual place.

However, some would still interact in human life from the spiritual planes, and some would be born into human form, their souls incarnating in human disguise. All of them have a message of their own. Whether intuitively, or in magic, wisdom, or kindness. Charity, or love… All of the beings who once were real beings here, and now are incarnated souls, or still int he realm of spirit, have a message of their own.  Therefore, no matter what species they are, or spiritual kingdom they come from, all are messengers, and all make a beautiful change in the world in their uniqueness.  If you listen, you may hear them, and if you are lucky, you may know one in disguise.


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