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Archangel Michael Message- 2018

Archangel Michael

Depictions are based on how the angel appears to me and sometimes in symbolism. Here Michael is depicted in his elder years to symbolize his warm ancient  wisdom.

Greetings readers! I just recently did a video on YouTube which will be debuted today. In my video and also in my SoundCloud broadcast called Spirit Rant , I spoke of the dark Energy and how it is affecting everybody. I hope you get a chance to review them, to learn more.

In the meantime, it is amazing, with all of the dark energy that was taking place lately, I was really feeling the emotions coming from everyone who had been reaching out to me because of it. I love everyone so much and often feel so hopeless when there is an issue that’s out of my hands that I cannot help them with. I suffer along with others when they suffer. I needed not only to hear from the heavens that things would still be ok. Not only for myself but also for everyone that I love. Including all of you… I needed to sign. So I reached out to the heaven. Archangel Michael kept telling me that everything would be OK. When the heavens tell me something, I listen to it. If there is some obstacle that I can not to find a solution to you at the time, I will leave it in the hands of the higher ups. I don’t question, and I do not doubt the fact that they will come through and help. For an example, we all go through financial issues at times. Well there are times that there will be a few weeks that go by where I don’t have any money at all. While most people would stress about not having the finances that are needed to pay the bills and other responsibilities requiring a stable income, I don’t stress about it at all. I know that Kevin is trying to teach me something through the lack of income and that I just need to see what it’s trying to say. Once I understand the lesson I also come to the realization that there is an even exchange. When I’m doing well, others are doing badly, when I’m doing badly, it’s a time for others to do well.

Suddenly, on my way back from a full day in nature, I saw a rainbow. And what was even more of a convincing signed if that wasn’t enough already, is that my best friend saw one as well. As best friends with a strong soul connection, we often have very similar things that happen. But yes a rainbow? Let it prove to be a sign for all of you out there, that there is something better at the end of this road, you just have to keep on seeking it!

After seeing this rainbow, I went back into a channeling session to speak with the Angels. Archangel Michael decided to tell me a story as a part of the lesson. this is how usually chooses to communicate with others, using parables. I’ll tell you what he said below…

“Transmissions of divine love being light to each and every individual who comes across my message. I come forth here today, due to many significant things happening in the world right underneath the surface. There are far too many things happening that many are unaware of at this time. I know that it is hard for everyone to be happy, as you look to the future and in your hearts know, that there will be some despair. It is absolute certain according to heaven that we have triggered what is known as, the tribulation. There are also other forces spiritually, who are not on our side, that are working behind the scenes to hold you back from your greatest potential. But do not fret. There is so much more to look forward to, but only if you create it.

Don’t let the world make you feel hopeless. Don’t let the things that you do not yet understand, the unknown, or the negative things in your life bring you down. Instead pick yourself back up, and like the rainbow, see that this is a chance for a new beginning. Maybe you didn’t make it to where you wanted to before? Maybe there are times you feel hopeless and like you won’t ever make it anywhere. Instead of thinking like that, try thinking more optimistically. We angels never had the capability of helping others in distress by looking at things negatively or dwelling on things that we could not change. And trust me! There are things that we are not allowed to intervene in. Just start over brand new, begin all over again. That is what the rainbow represents. My parable here is much like leprechauns in mythology…

The leprechauns were small and meek creatures. They faced so many other beings that were larger than themselves in the world around them. Feeling threatened and intimidated they often had to make their way, by hiding. However when they put their eye on the goal of following their journey to find the end of the rainbow and it’s pot of gold, they did what they needed to do to get there. They did not give up. They did not dwell on their size or their fears. Instead, they continued onward in their journey to find the prize. They crossed so many lands and in such great lengths of time. Sometimes it seemed that the rainbow kept moving further and further away from them. That illusion made them think sometimes, that they would never make it. Even if in the beginning, they thought that the rainbow was so very close and the prize just within reach, only to later find out that that was not the case… They still kept going.

They didn’t go halfway and stop there. Sometimes what they thought was halfway wasn’t, and they still had a whole great length of Journey to follow through with to get their reward. And believe me, they did so. No matter what mountains or rivers that they had to climb or cross, no matter how many fears that they had to face while on their way there, they prevailed. And at the end….they reached a brand new beginning in their new found treasure.

Look at your spiritual path the same way. Look at the journey as your way to your reward. The reward is your place in heaven, and a better life on Earth while you’re still here. The mountains in the rivers that you will have to cross to get there represent obstacles and hardships that you may have to fight through to get there. The fears that you have to confront may be in whatever changes may happen that you may not want to happen. Or… it may be in the losses of people, places, and things that you may not want to lose but need to.

Keep going forward and find that one day you will reach the end of your rainbow. Even if you thought that you were already halfway there, and even if at times it seemed hopeless…. as if your destination was further and further away then you thought. Its worth it to keep onward in your journey. It is at the end of that journey, and even if there is never an end to your journey… that not only one, but many new beginnings are found there. Sometimes the reward is in the journey itself, and the lessons learned therein.

Be full of good spirits throughout, even in the hard times. We are always with you. Just like the story of the footprints in the sand. It said, that there were only one set of footprints. So the person on that path thought that they had been alone without support the whole time. But as the story goes, that person had been being carried the whole way by their heavenly father and guardian angels, that that one set of footprints was never their’s all along. It had been the footsteps of those who carried them through their difficulties. And so, just like that story goes, always remember that when you feel alone, in truth we are always really right there. And we always will be. When you can see your journey as a rainbow that you have to chase in order to find the pot of gold at the other side, that is when you have found your inner will, that will help you to get there. Always remember the one thing that triggered that will, and hang onto that dearly. It will continue to motivate you so that you can continue on even despite the difficulties and hardships in the world that you live in. Farewell to all of you, but only for just a short time.”

Walk with michael in this time of Earth’s renewal phase. It is a trying time, but the promised time of peace will one day come. Be the change that you wish to see in the world, and be there for others as they try to be as well. Together, we do make a difference.