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Conversations with the Goddess 2018

October 2nd, 2018

The Goddess, so pure in her creatiro abilities to want to bring forth love and life to every place that can house it, int he Universe…tonight she was full of bittersweet sadness. It was not really sadness but more like a silent melancholy that you can feel around you. It could be compared much like to when someone in your home is saddened by loss or grief, but yet does not speak out to express it. Everyone coming into the home can feel it though, and it weighs so heavily on their hearts in the shared empathy. I felt her lingering sadness when she came through for a message for a client yesterday, so much so, that the feeling of it made me want to tear my heart out and cry. She was right in everything that she had said in her analysis of things. That is what I think hurt the most.

Many people have seen me talk about optimism, working through things, seeing the positive in the negative, but sometimes even I admit that it is hard to do that. Especially under the terms that she presented as having to weigh heavily on her shoulders. Many don’t want to hear the truth, I understand but for those who do…I will always have some place for them to find it when they search for it here. The goddess told me:

“Alura, I may have no perception of time myself but when viewing things as humans in your world do. With that, I came to seek on your planet briefly some comforting light. However, I did not find as much as I had, back some yeas ago. My, how times have changed. People too! I think that my favorite period of time on Earth, happened during the middle ages. Much like yourself, as a woman…I appreicated the romanticism of that time. It was  a fantastical time. While the medical field, nor the scientific fields did not exist, it was only story telling of legends, and long journeys taken by men in love to claim their other half. It was a time without technology and quite boring, but the boredom  helped the people of that time to appreciate the little things like love, fairy tales, and even the belief in the unseen. Imagine, I once witnessed a couple in love, bathing in a river under a water fall, while their horse drank from the river under a beautiful tee blowing gently in the breeze, just a short distance away. They made love that day, and a family was on its way intot he future. Their bond was beautiful. Now, those times are gone. But even into the 1990’s of your time, imagination still existed, and people held onto the fun of the traditions of the past times. Ice skating on the lake. Sledding with an old fashioned wooden and metal sled. Women cared for beauty but it was more natural with some cosmetic applications, and families still spoke to one another.

I looked at your world now, and I was almost grief stricken. The serpent led a movement that lured many into their ego and feelings of superiority. He is neither dark nor light, for he is every disguise. He wears every face, as it was foretold, “beware as he comes as an angel of light”. And he did indeed. When the heavenly bodies aligned in 2012, it marked the beginning of the biggest kundalini shift of all. The portal of energy that all of the planets made, being lined up for the shift. Many were promised Psychic abilities, wealth, mastery over their experiences, and ascension. However, after several years, Alura… you had told them all to beware, but yet still some did not listen. Now, many see that these promises never happened. Even those who truly wanted to believe it, see that it was an illusion, deep down within. While many worldly things took place during those times up until the present there in your world, many were distracted that they failed to see yet another prophecy of yours happen. The prophecy of Dark Consciousness. You had said in Spirit Rant, and in your courses as well as blogs, that this would lead people to feel down enough that they would lean upon social media and technology, getting lost in the internet to forget their issues. As a result, they would stat to lose their inspiration. This is where another form of tickey entered the world, through projections of dark magic and the allure of satanism. Like shows on aliens, the Mayans, Doomsday, and angels were broadcasted back then…. Television just over the last 2 years,  played shows that surounded vampirism, dark witchcraft, horror, and satanism. It was made to seem like a fun and interesting new thing. Look at how crystals and healing were special back then and now you can find them in a store anywhere.  The point is, many are being misled again into another form of spiritualism, and afterwards all that will be left when that fails fo them too, will be emptiness and confusion as to what they believe as each side will have bought them nothing.  by that time, people will have lost themselves so deeply, that they will not have much to hang onto. Depression, confusion, obstacles, feelings of loss and dread without knowing why, hopelessness, failed situations or hopes… it will all come from within. they will not know where to turn, leaving them in an empty Godless world around them, as many will be affected by the mass consciousness being projected at this tiem, just like before. And many will not even see it happening, just like as you said in 2012, everyone became suddenly spiritual as if a light switch had been flipped to “Spiritual Mode”. Even you had said that people who bullied and criticized you from childhood into adulthood for your beliefs, suddenly had interest but no ecollection of a time before that, where they did not believe. You had to remind some, that they had ridiculed you. The same is happening now, but how many are truly awake enough to see it? There is the mandala effect, and many hidden things taking place int he matrix of your world, that no one can see, except those who are awake. Doing lightwork, and being good, is not the “in thing” to do anymore. The lack of empathy, selfishness, greed, and thoughtlessness is coming to the surface, as the ego finally takes precedence. This was what you referenced when you had said Jupiter would take his place as King. And while Jupiter is a anturally positive essence of will power, when the vibation reaches Earth, it becomes about ego and self.

Many fell back asleep for a bit, and now so many will falsely awaken again, to a new vibration that will be responsible for changing the world and people forever. It pains me. I used to see interest in exploring past lives, exploring humanitarianism, joy expressed in people from simply meditating outside or finding a natural but unique stone that sang to them. I saw many who used to care about being a positive change. Now, I see the opposite as so many feel disheartened that they keep to themselves.. Things will only grow worse. So many teachers, psychics, shops, healers, and occultist exist now, that everyone thinks to know the answers. But they are only partial answers. And still many have given up, lost interest, went back to normal life, or are affected by the dark consciousness so much so, that they turn to the darkness to find what they could not in the light, and they will be utterly disappointed again. It will be a life made all of pretend again, self deception, illusions, and to find that neither side of the duality was correct or could offer anything, because both are illusions. If they coudl learn from you, how to transcend duality and truly hang on to the illuminated state, the real illuminated state, then perhaps they could defeat the control around them. I wonder how many will escape in time to see, that it is all just a huge distraction fo something larger. Enjoy life, explore, learn, but why be another piece on the matrix’s chess board? Awareness will be needed to get through the time that is coming.

I so wish for the beauty of living to come back to your planet. The enjoyment of holiday seasons, and the real seasons themselves to also return. The very existence of the full seasonal expeience is all but lost due to global warming. I wish to see love actually last, and couples communicate with one another. I long to see childen behave again. I long to see music have actual meaning again. My heat buns for people to leave thei phones and homes, to go outdoors. I long to see kids outside playing in the leaves or riding their bikes again. …even enjoying a real book. My heart burns to see people take interest in heaven and seeking in their souls. To actually put an effort and interest in the magical world of the unseen in a positive way. I hope to see children learning, smiling, and being polite and helpful. I so hurt inside to see that the world stops caring so much about what it looks like for there will come a time when none of it will matter anymoe anyhow. They are using celebities to promote surgery and makeup and all in an attempt to distract people from what will happen in the upcoming future.

The people behind promoting all of that, are not happy. but they do it for a price for now. Later on, you will see more and more weather disasters. Disease, and even a new one.   More talks of warfare will proceed, but when it will actually happen… it will be unexpected. This will be during a time when it is last minute in a ditch attempt to hold a position. I also see that many will continue to venture out into darker terrain. Many will be so consumed with doing whatever they please, that they will not see their own fall coming, until it happens.

There will also be some visitors to your planet as well, not fully welcomed due to fear. I also foretell of there beinga rise of a generation who will be responsible fo the fall from grace in mankind, as in the days of Noah so to speak. It will be a lawless generation and for anyone to want to go along with that, is besides me. It hurts my heart to its core, and I fear that my pressence and the pressence of my male counterpart will no longer be able to visit your world, due to the lack of supporting consciousness to allow us to anchor into. This is what your world’s powers had always wanted. For the total disappearance of us.

I see also not only darker spiritual practices, but the condoning of sexual behavior that is too gruesome to mention. Photos, shows, and ads, of inappropriate subliminal positions of humans with animals, relatives, and even those who are underage to the extreme. Nothing will have creativity to it, as all will be neutral. They are robbing children of their imagination even now as we speak as kids can not even have stuffed animals in their beds or cribs anymoe and social services are called on paents who are good, because they are willing to do anything to fight fo their kids, whihc makes the money for the branch, whereas parents with issues do not care enough to fight, whihc makes the system no money at all, from the funding of the completion of their suggestions. This is most upsetting. As a ruler, I see this happening now, and into the future. As a mother to many tings, I hurt to see my child, the Earth, hurt, as well as everything in it.

Darkness may leave many people alone who have made their choice as to what side they are on, but for those unsure of where their heart really is, they will get swept away in this storm to come.  I also say that many will need to be careful having children during this time, as it will bring with it many woes. My loving childen, I am always with you, but do not allow yourselves to used, or sheparded toward a time where one’s self will be lost. In that, it will come innocently, behind the disguise of people that you trust to lure you, and even from your own ambitions. We in heaven judge all aspects of each soul, even the ones hidden to the individual soul itself. Be made worthy at the judgement. Forget the biblical predictions fo a minute if you do not believe in that… and see that all that I say will happen, has already begun and ponts to those things. I so wish the innocence and love would come back though. I truly do.  Farewell for now, until the time comes for us to depart Earth entirely.”

With that the Goddess left, and I knew what she had said was right. It may be sad to hear, but the tuth is not always the most pleasant. Heaven still caes and wants to help but people have to care enough to want to have patience, endurance and faith to want the help or to be a pat of the help. Please don’ t give up. find your passion again.  It begins with seeking, applying insight, and seeking deeper knowledge and not giving up int he face of adversity. I think you can do it. You deserve happiness, and if you don’t like the content of this message than I apologize but I have never lied to any of you, and what I have said has always  come true, I will not start lying to anyone now.

Namaste and think things over, isn’t it time to start new on a better path again.

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