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Archangel Annalies


Annalies, is the precious and divine energy of our lady of the heavens. She is merciful, loving, and compassionate, just as her cousin Archangel Zadkiel is. She is within the same ray of light, just in a different hue. While Zadkiel is the ultraviolet and violet rays of light, Archangel Annalies works mainly within the ray of bright purple. This shade on Earth, is called Orchid. As the rays of light branch out into a wide spectrum of shades, we can understand those in between  place in the spectrum, as sub-planes. Archangel Annalies is situated right beneath Archangel Zadkiel. She uses this light ray to bring  magic and enchantment to the Universe. The purple rays have always been about true wisdom, energy work, magic, and spiritual enlightenment. This angel also has access to blue, and pink as subdivisions of her light. She feels the need to continue the legacy on, for everyone who is seeking these magical energies in their lives. According to Earthly language, you can pronounce her name as (Anna-lessa), or (Anna-Leese). However, in Angelic  language, it is said much different. It would be said (Af-nan-eal-sea), or they would call her Annaliesiel.  That name would serve as a representation of her purpose, which is “The Gracious Promise of the Creator”.


Archangel Annalies has been also known on Earth as, the Goddess Creide, who presides over fairies, weather, and magic. Her orchid ray of light, is given to them here, so that they can continue to do magic. She is really stunning, appearing on Earth, having brown hair, a voluptuous figure, and dressed in a transparent gown, with huge wings. Her wings have emissions of sparkles coming from them, that glitter like huge fireworks of purple, pink, and blue. A lot of her energy was used to make a specific race of fairies called the Asparas. These are female spirits, who are also known as sky-dancers. They bless humans at important stages in their lives, and are often seen at weddings. They live in fig trees, and trees rich with flower blossoms in the spring months. They even sometimes appear to scholars or scientists,  to seduce and exhaust them, making sure they don’t venture into areas that the spirit world would deem unfit. She has a legion of them all her own, as well as a small crew of angels under her orders as well.


Archangel Annalies is not one of the famed angels, but in the heavens she is well known. She is a benevolent angel, who gives beautiful gifts to people who are seeking their goals by surrendering tot he high heavens. It is she, who ordered the Asparas to make the manna, which rained down from heaven for Israelites who were in the wilderness. She did so, under the direction of the Creator. This was to provide food of sorts to the Israelite people, to prevent them from starving. Obviously, Annalies is an angel of the air. She is sometimes seen in the sky, making her face in enormous clouds that drift overhead, during great magical ceremonies. ruling over magic, and the Asparas, she also is responsible for the weather, especially wind storms. She is truly stunning in her glory, but in most tales, she is never mentioned as having wings. They only merely describe her in the gown that I mentioned. There have been other accounts of her wearing a floral wreath around her head, and at times a cloak. She is a great angelic being, who can be called on when trying to make some idea manifest into your life, or to ask for a good storm to come your way, for a snug and cozy time inside, with your loved ones. Her presence is felt sometimes, as a pang of love in the heart for on coming storms or even spring. I have felt her while outside with an oncoming storm on its way, and during the huge rituals I perform using Angelic Magic.. There is a certain youthful innocence to her energy.


This angel does exercise her superior Archangel Zadkiel’s, energy of mercy. She delivers this in her fulfillment of requests sent in by magical rites, because she pities people. She truly feels bad for the human race, knowing that the physical delusion in which the ruling Archon of this world, had imprisoned humans to great limitations. She wishes for all to be free, and for them to have their desires come true. She would grant every wish and request, but she still has to go by the decree and laws of the hierarchy. archangel Annalies is a wonderful being full of the mysterious power of the element of air, and has a wonderful inspiration to anyone who seeks for her help and assistance. As an angel of the Air, she is an Elemental Angel. There are more than one, and they work under the Archangel Raphael, who is the final chief, of this area in creation. He holds the watchtower of the elements within air. Although he is in the green-yellow spectrum, he still rules this area. It is because yellow- green are the rays of inspiration, thought, and intellect. These are needed for great magic. However, in the light, as white light passes int he prism, it expands in all rays and subdivisions of light. Fushia, Pink, and Purple mixed together makes Orchid.  Yellow and blue make green, which is Raphael’s ray of light.  However, taking blue and mixing it with red, will make purple.  All three of those colors, blue, Purple, and Raphael’s Yellow, are all in the equation, somehow to make the orchid ray of Annalies. So you can see how they correspond with one another distantly. The hybridization of the light rays, to create even more!


Archangel Annalies is a powerful being of the air. She holds within her, a great wisdom for causing things to come to be. She loves her fairies, and they love her. The spirits of air, including other angels, even those in Raphael;s legion directly, still help Annalies in carrying out orders and tasks, given to her by the hierarchy, to make magical intentions become real. Her main officer in charge is Zadkiel, but she also answers to Raphael who is right above her. He then goes upward, until reaching the Lords of Karma, who then with Zadkiel, will determine which wishes should be granted based on the karma and judgment that are discussed by his fellow team members, Asgobah, and Haliliel. Then it will go back into the domain of air, through Raphael, until it reaches Annalies. This is how it is, and how it will always be. Annalies has some very distinct energies, let’s have a look.

General Facts:

Archangel Annalies, is the angel of the orchid ray. She is in charge of fairies called astaras, who reside int he Air. air is Annalies’s element. She is a powerful being of magical, enchantment, and also of merciful renderings, and wishes granted. her superiors are Archangel Raphael, Angel Aurora, Archangel Uriel, and Archangel Zadkiel, in the hierarchy. Her number is 36, as it expresses manifesting one’s goals, and desires, as well as having the intention to set out to embark on a path towards more. 36 speaks of communication, which is provided through the element of air. It is also an expression of the mind, emotions, and spirit, coming together, to bring the greatest wishes into the reality around you.


imagesHer stones are, Peacock Ore, and also Magic Aura Quartz, as these stones are wonderful aids in bringing her magical energy to the holder, and manifesting the dreams from the vibrations therein. The person must have a great faith and belief, for the wish to actually come true. Patience, faith, and trust, in the Universe. Annalies will bring results, but the person must be prepared to accept whatever amount of the result, she and those in her hierarchy permit. She will deliver, but it may not be as you expect. Sometimes, more. Sometimes, less. It all depends on your karma. Other angels that she works with are Uriel, whose red, also fits into the pink, as pink comes from red and white. He is a great magician too. Although Annalies has no cardinal position, she can be found in the center, under Angel Aurora, who is also an angel of magic. All of these powerful angels in the “Ladder”, all work together to make things happen.


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