Ascended Masters

Every astrological age, there will be a Messenger who comes in the middle to promote the next one, at the beginning of one in order to establish its teachings, and another at the end to usher in the new age to come.

For example. The soul came thrice as he represented the trinity in Hinduism, and Christianity. Siddhārtha the prince of Shakyas. He was a brave, but giving man. In his life of seeing poverty, disease and bloodshed he felt that there must not be a god, for a god to allow these things to exist. But in truth, that was widely misinterpreted. He was basically trying to say that God cannot do work unless it is through some of us at times. This was even mentioned in some of his teachings. Heaven needs humans to cooperate. Otherwise, God is dead here on earth. I add in my own teachings that we are the tools of the Gods for “how can the non-physical touch the physical without use of a physical form?”….

Thus, in his dedication to the ascetic way, his philosophies changed the spiritual outlook of things. Buddha, as he came to be called means “one who is awake”. He was raised on the beliefs of the ancient vedas but abandoned them due to his insights on human suffering and the light that he saw when meditating which he believed to be the source of all mankind. I know how he would perceive this to be. But his insight was based on ancient wisdom of sages, while it was not evolved and like all religious teachings, it was based on what they could liken things to in their day… the world, culture, traditions and life of that time.

Back then, and today…

Many messengers were foretold to come through astrology. Mine was done, as well as that of my newborn daughters, as well as a few others who were predicted to come during this time. There is a Messenger for each time. I am here to cover the last remaining time before the new age for the “firstborn” who will adopt the new way for that age. My daughter will expand on it before this time ends. Krishna came first in human form to lay down the foundations of the coming age of Aries, as he passed a bit towards the end of the age of Taurus. Aries was about warfare and laying down the law of establishing government. He came again near to the age of Pisces to promote and introduce its value of awakening, brotherhood, charity etc. He came again during that age to firmly embed the teachings. Now it’s time for the feminine rule again. The goddess has been dismissed for too long. After the age of Gemini they attributed each age singularly to one ruler under the main deity, but male. Gemini was even changed to a male. It in fact was two lovers in the original stories of heaven. Many secretly knew this, which why the Lovers Card in tarot is attributed to Gemini. Duality. Male and female together. But as above so shall be below, and each age was represented by the constellation it went with and each god that ruled it. The female counterpart was hidden, disguised under the symbolism in Earth teachings as male and then each religion had translated the messenger’s wisdom each to his own, in all four cardinal directions of earth that they had reached. Thus, another meaning to the symbolism of the cross. The four cardinal directions with the leader of the teaching in the center, as if to say that they had conquered all four corners of the earth it with their message. And indeed they had. We see this as Christianity had spread throughout the world, taking over almost 84% of its belief system, it reigned superior. In my courses you will learn a lot more about that, and how not everything is exactly as it seems. But for now let’s continue onward.

What exactly is in ascended Master? Well firstly an ascended master is someone who has ascended or grown a form of wisdom. If you mastered all things in mathematics then you would be an ascended mathematician. See? Okay, now in terms of spirituality, an ascended master in that sense is someone who has ascended over their mastered belief. They studied it and understand it thoroughly but the difference is, they have ascended it because in mastering it they have grown into their own understanding outside of it, above it. Ascended means risen, mastered means completed with all skills or knowledge and use them perfectly. They have risen beyond their skill or wisdom to each level even those not available to society at the time, destined to evolve in the next age, and can use this to its fullest more so than anyone else.

There are many types. There are some who are an ascended master of their belief and every level of it. There are some who are ascended masters of all beliefs. However, there are different souls who already knew everything and even more but needed to ascend all teachings in order to find a way to explain the new unknown wisdom that they brought to add as a new message. They come as a messenger but need to know how to relay it in Earth terms since heavenly things are in another language. Some, have ascended all experiences in life and no longer face struggle, negativity, or duality. Then there are some who are all of those things. If starting out on Earth to learn and ascend, they can then come back again and again to help usher in the evolution of a belief that they’ve mastered each new age. Some come to change things entirely for a new way. Then others will need to ascend that. Ascension is the process of rising up. One may not ascend anything but their wavelength or vibration. If they do, they will need to know how to understand the new way of life As they will see things differently, act differently, and have many different symptoms that they did not have before. It is very easy for someone to lose their new vibration, without learning how to speak it’s language so to speak. That is why it is very important to have training. I’ve seen a lot of self taught individuals end up falling back into their normal way of life because they did not have a teacher to help them understand things. Some things that they thought were negative or actually positive. Some things that were positive, they saw was negative, and this was a very confusing time for them. You have to learn how to now read your book of life on a whole other grade level. But if you are used to reading at one grade, you won’t even know where to look for the information all around you in every day life, at the next. Pride is certainly a difficult thing to have to work through, as many people did not want the help because of it. It is true that even someone who is looking into the life of somebody who has ascended, will not see anything different at first. For an example, I am in a physical body, but I am also in ascended Master. People may see my body and my physical environment, but that is not really where to look. Many who talk to me say that my vibration gets them so hyper. Others say that being around me makes it hard for them to sleep but yet they still feel refreshed. It is truly a way of life, with many other things to it, but one will not see an ascended person really, until they hear the wisdom comes out of their mouth or the way that they perceive life differently.

The other thing is that many people don’t seem to understand the difference between the terms of ascended, awakening, enlightened, Illumination or transcended. Awakening simply means that a person is starting to realize things that they had not before. Have you ever heard the term rude awakening? Any sort of like that. A person has an Epiphany about something that leads them towards a new understanding and a new way of life. Yet this does not mean that they know everything yet. There are many different types of awakening and many levels of awakening for everything. But when a person has come to know all things that is when they have become illuminated. Enlightenment means pretty much the same thing as awakening does, but the difference is that it really just means that a person has now reached enough understanding in what they have come to realize in their awakening that they can say that they truly know. When it comes to a spiritual awakening, The person will strive to wake up or have realizations that help them to change. They are learning new information that really wakes them up inside, as if to say “hey this really makes sense to me”. When they have learned all that there is to know in their spiritual subject of interest, they have become enlightened in it. Some people have become enlightened in a form of knowledge but never change themselves.

Illumination is the totality of understanding and that which leads to ultimate change. Once that occurs, it is called transcendence. A person can transcend a flaw or a habit. But the type of transcendence that I am talking about is when a person uses all of the ultimate knowledge that they have acquired in order to fully change in a way that they now do not really belong to the way of the world. They are now above the world. These are individuals who have no more flaws, or sins. They don’t make mistakes and they experience no more negativity. This is because they now have all knowing information that helped them to rise above the things that they needed to experience in order to learn through life. There’s no more need for life experience. There are individuals who come from heaven already like this. I don’t say it in an egotistical way, but I myself have come this way. It wasn’t easy to live in a negative world like that though. Humans lack understanding. They try very hard to bring you down to their own level. Even being kind and virtuous does not help.

It may be hard for the student but it is not as easy for the teacher either. There was once somebody that I had been teaching. This individual has thought that they had reached a week getting some years ago to simply just meditating and learning from some books and videos they had come across on YouTube. As a result, they didn’t develop a more optimistic approach to life and they were much kinder on the surface. But when you remove the mask that they were wearing, they were still someone had been struggling with a lot of their own demons. It was not to say that this person had not reached some level of awakening. Again awakening means that a person has had an epiphany that has caused realization in their life in someway as if to inspire change or the way that they look at things. I can recall that back in 2012, the whole idea of awakening, was mainly just for the glamour of it. The idea of being higher above everyone else and knowledge and understanding, almost like a God, it was very appealing. Many young people took on the term without really realizing it’s true meaning. This individual had been one of them. Not truly understanding that the path that they had claimed to have taken, actually meant for changes to be made throughout it. Instead, they remained the same person but only outwardly seemed to had changed for the better. Seems that this individual, really had not learned much of anything at all. They were very cunning, and very egotistical. Everything that they did, revolved around manipulating others and situations, to their benefit. They believed that this went along with the phrase, “create your own reality”. It was one of the most selfish things that I had ever heard of. People can create their own reality but in doing so they must realize that we are all a part of this collective together, and that we must align our divine will with the divine will of one another. And that means helping everyone around us first after we have changed for the better. Only then can we go from changing ourselves, helping others, and then changing life itself. But then he had still believed that they merely just had to spread love and that would be all that was needed. But how much of it was real unconditional love? This person had believed that that is what they were doing. However, manipulating others and situations deceptively, is not a form of love. It certainly was not getting them anywhere in creating their own reality either. Everything seems to backfire because it was not aligned with the divine will. I always say that you were either a slave to this world in the ego, or you are a slave to the heavens and the greater self. But then he had still believed that they merely just had to spread love and that would be all that was needed. But how much of it was real unconditional love? This person had believed that that is what they were doing. However, manipulating others and situations deceptively, is not a form of love. It certainly was not getting them anywhere in creating their own reality either. Everything seems to backfire because it was not aligned with the divine will. I always say that you are either a slave to this world and the ego, or you are a slave to the heavens and the greater self. Some say that they don’t want to be a slave to either. But the truth is, that the higher self is you in a greater sense. It is a collective of all things that you’ve ever been through and what all of it has been leading you up to. Why would you have gone through all of your life times and all of the experiences, in vain? To merely miss out on doing what you were being designed to accomplish? That is, minus the influences of the world that came at you as obstacles. Many don’t know how to tell the difference. That’s another part of us sending. Are you at send, you already have mastered so much of life experience that you can now connect to your higher self and the information that they have gathered and the way that they receive it through their multiple experiences. There is so much to all of this.

But back to my story, this individual was very negative all the time. He often dwelled on horrible things that it happened in the past and many times interfered with the way that I did things at a higher level, merely because of the dissatisfaction of the level that he was at. It was like a hidden vendetta. He merely did not like the fact that I truly was who I claimed, while he was not. I could see how that would have disappointed him a lot. But it was not meant to disappoint, but yet inspire him to go down the real path of awakening. It was very difficult trying to teach him the true path. His pride in his ego would not allow him to surrender. He still wanted to do the things that he felt he wanted to do and he still believed that human nature it was a part of transcendence. It isn’t. When you transcend, you no longer have to live according to human nature.

If you are not yet at those levels, that’s perfectly fine. You should be proud at whatever level you have reached. But never claimed to be beyond the level that you are. It is dishonest. Yet, it is nothing to be embarrassed by, if you have not reached ultimate level. That will come with hard work, dedication, and open mind, and open heart, and surrender. Many people believe that they have to be equal to everyone else and spirituality becomes very competitive. It is only someone with an egotistical heart, that is still competitive. And ascended Master who is illuminated and transcended, is not really so much as noon as in ascended Master. They have reached idea the level. However we would never call ourselves a deity. It is something that is not right to ever pro clean in the flesh. There are still so many things for people to learn. Like the individual in my example, he had to realize that those terms certainly did not apply to a person living every day normal life, hurting others underneath the disguise of acting like they were positive and sitting outside meditating. There’s so much more to all of this than most people know. Masters, and Angels/deities come to change the way of understanding and the path of life. Come to help people reach new levels that they have not reached yet in their previous lives before. And for new souls, to have a new understanding of knowledge that traces back throughout history, during their first experiences here instead.It is true that they want to believe earth to be the center of the universe. Therefore all which is called universal in spiritual teachings, really is just Earth-based. There are so many more things to learn, but not really a lot of time. People don’t want to devote years and years to learning. They want everything now. That is the impatient nature of the human being. Ego will never be away towards the path of awakening, illumination, or Ascension.

That is the path of the ascended Master. Those are the reasons why different masters come, and a better understanding to the terms. For help in your path, try out my course with coaching. I promise you that it isn’t easy, but it is possible. I always say that at some point those who are my most devoted student, will have to come to spend some time with me alone. I am working things through in that regard, for those of you out there that have been with me for sometime. Where those who have already had time with me, they can explain to you why, more so. Just in short, ascended masters that existed before always had their followers by their side, to point things out to them in every day life. It’s one thing to listen to something that is being taught, but to actually see it in every day life, is another thing. That is what helps you to transcend overall. I can’t be with everyone all of the time, but a good week or two can at least give me a start.