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Angel Gilahadriel

Angel Gilahadriel is an angel who should have been mentioned in the canonical works. Especially in the Bible books of Adam and Eve, and Enoch. However, he was completely disregarded.  Going into the energy blueprint, he was created by Archangel Samael. He is a half brother of mine, and a full brother to Paimon. Gilahadriel is an angel who was amongst the first born sons to Samael before his “fall” long before Earth. When the decision was made to create a new world, Gilahadriel wanted to go to the new planet with his father among many other relatives loyal to them good Samael. They dreamed of a beautiful planet to build together. Many who are in my mystery school The Illumination of Metatron secret classroom, know what happened next though.

At first Gilahadriel was a beautiful angel, tall and slender with olive tinged skin and eyes that were deep brown. His eyes will take you into a place of  love, lust, and even obsession. The falsehoods of those emotions, will never be exposed because he is one of the spiritual masters in something called “projection”. That includes the ability to project what he wants others to see. Some would call this shape shifting, but not quite. Shapeshifting is where you can actually change the physical features. But projecting is when you are taking energy and placing it over the physical features to where it creates a mask. I teach this, if anyone wants to learn how to do it. You may notice many people in Hollywood do this. Everybody is beautiful. But there are some Hollywood celebrities that are quite insecure. So in rituals, they are taught masking. Drake is a good example of this. If you look at him, really close up, he is not as attractive as he projects himself to be. He is a beautiful person of course, but he is definitely masking. He makes himself “appear” to be more attractive through illusion. This an art form in the expanded art of deception.

Gilahadriel is an angel who came during the first rebellion with intentions of creating a beautiful new world. When the “fall” took place, he incarnated into human form in order to escape heavenly punishment. He believed that he could enjoy the physical life and not have any consequences. In his incarnation, his consciousness still held many talents of his former supernatural self but it was then mixed into the human form, leading him to use his talents for all of the wrong things. He was so consumed with the feeling that sex gave, he became obsessed with it. However, women were not enough. He wanted to experiment with everything. That includes animals, and other men. Some of the other “angels” or “lesser gods” as they truly are…also entered human form and they took part in similar choices. It was Gilahadriel that introduced the idea of men being intimate with other men. He even found a native human male partner that sold his soul to him out of his infatuation over Gilahadriel. Gilahadriel joined that humans soul to his own in order to always be able to find him. The soul would follow him even in the afterlife, into future incarnations. If not, then the soul conjoined to his, and gives him the appearance of being two-headed.

As time went by, lifetime after lifetime he continued to expand in his wickedness. His main addiction was and still is lust. He fell from grace in this. Spiritual kingdoms were formed by the beings who were banned to Earth as a result of the fall, and any other souls who followed their lead. All would be a part of another hierarchy in the planes here. Those planes became his residence too, in between lives. He too became influenced in other areas of sin and evil, in his connections to spirits responsible for the creation of those things. The nephilim were the makers of sin. They are either lesser gods who took a human body, or they are offspring created while a lesser god was in a human body. But touching the lower physical world changes the consciousness. He went further and further into his addictions, adding to them in each life. He was trying to prove mastery over the sins to earn a high rank in the Middle Kingdom since he hadn’t done so yet. The other sons of Samael had stayed in the heavenly planes in between with him to gain favor and dukedoms. Gilahadriel had opted for human life instead. He had to prove his worth through growing in his wickedness. And he did.

His thirst for lust and power turned into using any disguise or method to obtain them. He Became a master of the separation. He studied through humans what they wanted and desired . He watched lifetime after lifetime, what women and men both want alike. He studied what they found to be the most attractive in an individual. Therefore, he learned that everybody had different fantasies. With that, he mastered the art of projection. This helped him to wear an energetic mask that seemed to be exactly what the individual wanted. Then he mastered deception and manipulation. He did this through observations first. By observing a person, he would not only learn what they liked physically, but what their weaknesses were too. Then, he would learn about what they wanted in a partner, and in life. He would then study their interests as well. He perfected his skills.

His method of being cunning was to first target someone who he thought had something that he was after at the time. Or, he chose someone simply based on a vendetta that he had against them or someone close to them, just to hurt and spite them. It would be after he had targeted an individual, that he would project himself to look as that person would be attracted to. He would then present himself to them, as someone who had all of the same interests and beliefs. He would also act as if he wanted all of the same things in life that the targeted individual dreamed of. He even went as far as to take on similar personality traits to the individual, to make him seem even more destined to be with them. This fooled so many souls throughout time. And he had many read as to why he chose the victims that he did at those times too. Mainly, he wanted to be with other men though.

He has spent so much of his imprisonment on Earth in human form, that while he has gained status in the middle kingdoms for his wicked deeds, he lowered his consciousness to a human level. Gilahadriel is not a good person when he is in a human body. In his experiences of addicting wicked behaviors, thirst for power and lust and focusing so much time into self mastery that he is a soul who has been given a lordship in a visit to the middle worlds some lifetimes ago. He is a lower lord of lustful deception, combined sins. His victims whom are hell bound for their immorality are part of his legion. They consist of former human souls whom were lovers or other souls that he mind controlled and deceived. Now they linger on the other side, to assist him even if he is in human form or not. After many lifetimes here throughout the ages, the collective of his legion is now at 12,300 souls. Not as large as others but still an awesome number of souls. The more he collects, the closer he will be to ranking up. He has made it now a new part of his mission in human form to add to his sinister traits by deliberately choosing victims who are gifted, pure, or divinely sent. Those who are gifted lose their gifts if too heavily influenced by immorality. The more pure or divine souls that he defiles, the more he ruins the higher heaven’s plans of helping humanity. That helps himself and others to continue their reign. He has gotten so good at it, that powerful organizations on Earth have even initiated him so that they can use him as a psychic weapon. Yes, he has become a weapon used by authorities here, to maintain the global agenda. The scary part is, is that he has forgotten who he is, but still naturally exhibits those traits.

This angel when not living as a human, appears in spirit as a two headed man, with a long tail, two enormous eagle like wings, and small horns. He has had experiences in other star systems prior to Earth, such as Arcturus, Sirius, Lyra, and Draco. He did so, to gain a connection to those races for their wisdom in many areas of great study like lust, magic, seduction, science, warfare, intuition, magical projection, and a few others. He is at times very phoney. But that is when he feels that he has “taken” his victim already and his act worsens into a forced fake kindness with a condescending nature. He loves to control his victims and even returns to the mortal world after death as a walk in, to continue his games.

And only after redeeming himself. In heaven he was sympathetic, considerate, kind, and used discernment to make righteous decisions in guiding others. He was gentle and cared for everyone, and his goal was to live as the example of what grace is. As an angel in heaven, he was full of generosity and self discipline. But not anymore. He has become twisted and cruel. Emotionless.

Gilahadriel is a force to be reckoned with. His mastery in deception and mind control have superexceeded many and even himself since he doesn’t even need to try. In his present incarnation he was given one chance only to redeem himself but he may not make it. He cares only for himself and not others… plus his immoral desires take him far from “the path of return”. He appears with a few spirits attached to him. These earthbound Spirits attached to him after his fall. They are sort of like helpers or assistants to him, although during his incarnations they would be more of a plague and bother to him instead. One of those spirits is an elderly man with a cloak and cane, appearing to his left about 5 feet next to him. There is fallen cherub 3 feet above his left shoulder. He has a smaller second head on the left of his main head, the spirit of his bonded male lover.

On the right, he has a few spirits too. One is in his right wing at the top, and another at the bottom. He also appears with a falcon on his right shoulder. Gilahadriel will bring lust and infatuation as a temptation to see if you are strong enough to endure. But he is emotionless, something he did not obtain while in the mortal world. As a result, without empathy or emotions he will not make his ascension back to heaven but instead he will go on to rule in the middle heavens with his brethren, like Paimon. Watch out for masks that he wears and the energies that he emits to trap a person. In spirit or human form he is never who he appears.

He is a demonic lower lord full of sexual derived power.