Amaitiel, Easter, and The Holy Grail

a0b1b71f876faccc9f5f88bcf4bb1ebdEaster. Many people, for a very long time  believed that this day was associated with Christ’s death and the Passover. However,  that is not entirely truth. My ancestors worshipped a goddess name Eostre. According  to them, she is the goddess of spring and represents everything that comes with spring such as new life, and new beginnings.  Bunnies, eggs hatching, flowers and the position of the sun and stars.

However, it is not only the ruling goddess of spring, that cares for this special season or day. There is an entire legion of souls in this kingdom. They all act for,  and on the behalf of the lesser Goddess of this area of Earth’s cycles.   Angel Amaitiel (AMA-eye-tee-el), is one of them. She is responsible for assisting in the areas of spring. Like, for an example, she will help in assisting new births to come to life. She also aids in helping eggs to hatch. She is the princess of spring for many different types of flowers. She also is responsible for there being inspiration to get up and do many things. If you notice, when spring comes, the weather changes. People feel a little bit more motivated and inspired. Especially earth angels them selves. That is because whether you are an angelic human, or in incarnated angel, the warmer weather suits you. We like neither hot, nor cold, but somewhere in between. So spring is a wonderful time for us to do a lot of work, because the weather is just right. In the summer, the sun is too heavy in energy. In the winter it’s too cold and everything is sleeping, so the energy is not as strong.

For many years they had great celebrations at the beginning of spring. They had a huge bonfire, where they burned all kinds of spices, herbs and flower petals. They danced and made a lot of music, and this was a special celebration all over the world until Christianity took it over.. Eostre (Yowster) , was a pagan holiday. Since Christians believed everyone who did not come from the beliefs of Christ, were pagan, this was actually banned at one time. But the Christians always had the tendency to adopt other holidays if they felt that they would gain more loyalty and following, through adopting them. So, May Day, became Eostre, and later Easter. As years went by, the date moved back until it reached Passover, the Jewish celebration of when they were set free from slavery. That is what they say in any case. The holiday actually has a deeper meaning than that. However the word Easter in its original form means goddess of the dawn. And that is another reason why they associated it with Jesus. Because the feminine planet associated with being the morning and evening star, is Venus. And Jesus is associated with Venus, being a bringer of light. His story detailed him as being born under Virgo The virgin, with the three stars of Orion’s Belt vertically in the sky. Those stars represented the three Wiseman. So as you can see, all religions really believe in the same things, just with different names. But they wanted it under the name of Christ and so as Christianity started to dominate the world, Easter became a part of their many adopted holidays.

This angel comes forward every beautiful Easter Day. And she says not to celebrate death, but does celebrate new life. According to the Passover traditions, they were celebrating the first born sons of Egypt being slaughtered in the night. God does not believe in killing and punishing people this way. All people are precious to him, as all our creations of his. Every ounce of breath and life here, is a child of God. Therefore, he wouldn’t be very happy knowing that many innocent people were killed as it was depicted in the story. While Egypt did persecute a lot of people, what did their young firstborn children have anything to do with that? Regardless, Egypt would always be oppressive towards others, first born son or second born. So in this message, The angel Amaitiel is bringing lots of inspiration to worship our true creator who is about peace and love. Not about war and destruction. But if you wish to associate Easter with Jesus, then at least do so in celebrating everything coming to life as he was a healer, a compassionate teacher who believed in resurrection and rebirth. It is a great day to mark down your goals for the rest of this year as well. Our angelic guardian for today represents all of the spirits associated with spring.

Now if we get very deep and technical about this, the goddess Ishtar is also associated with the planet Venus. She is the goddess of fertility and new beginnings as well. In ancient Sumer,they worshipped Ishtar and even dedicated temples with sacred prostitution involved. This goddess was all about the art of seduction and war. If you notice in all of our religious stories it always includes either a male or female representative for Venus and a lion. in the below passage you will see:

‘Thou has loved the lion, mighty in strength’, says the hero Gilgamesh to Ishtar, ‘and thou hast dug for him seven and seven pits! Thou hast loved the steed, proud in battle, and destined him for the halter, the goad and the whip.’

As you can see the sacred number seven appears as it does in the Bible as well. Venus and the number seven as well as the lion, all have strong spiritual significance according to the creators here. Many believe that there isn’t a God, and that these are extraterrestrial beings who came and created the world and altered the genetics of mankind. I think we have a little bit of truth mixed in, and a little bit of truth left out. If you are familiar with my teachings, you will remember that in the beginning it was the elohim that created the earth. It is the same in every story. A group of creators that made the earth, and then somehow altered the genetic makeup of humans. And this is true! However, it is who the species are… that matters. The creators, along with other visitors all together, our world had became as it was, and into what it has grown to be today. So regardless of whether you believe in aliens who created this planet, or if you believe in our creators, it really all goes back to the same point that I’ve been trying to make throughout this article here. And that is, that regardless of what your spiritual belief is, or the stories with in it, they all match up together in just different cultures and languages. Whether it is the goddess Ishtar or Eostre, or Yeshua of Nazareth, our angel who appears with this information says that it is all the same. Really the birth of Jesus was in celebration of the feminine essence anyway. It was celebrating birth through purity. And that is why a lot of depictions within the churches have hidden symbolism of a woman’s sacred areas. It was basically indicating that, a physical body may carry the messages, but it is only through loving, nurturing  care that they will reach the people.

So as you can see, females are very important even in Christianity. Mother Mary and Mary Magdelaine both symbolize the same thing. Why else would Jesus have found two Mary’s?

The truth is this. Even though, Yeshua brought the message from the heavens, it was not only him who had been destined to promote it. Mother Mary and Mary Magdelaine, their names mean the same thing. Rebellion, and bitterness. As well as, “wished for child”. Mary Magdelaine, Magalene means a “reformed prostitute”. So if you put it all together the truth is that Mary Magdelaine was the one who changed her Ways and reformed herself, in order to embody the message of the Christ consciousness. To become anointed. Think about it. Many of you out there who claim to be stars seeds, enlightened, angels, and awakened,  are all according to your claims, carrying the Christ consciousness. The word Christ means anointed. So this means that you are anointed with a new consciousness. Even despite some of you who were great sinners in life. Mary Magdelaine was also. She reformed herself to become like a virgin. Meaning without blemish and pure. And when the Bible spoke about the battle of the serpent’s seed with Christ’s seed in Genesis, they were speaking about bloodlines. The serpentine bloodline versus the holy Grail bloodline. The meaning behind the name Mary comes to life. She was needed in the missionary work, in order to bring forth the holy grail bloodline in her association with Christ consciousness and Yeshua. And that is the “wished for child”, behind the meaning of her name. The child meaning “offspring”, the bloodline of our lords.

This is why there is a lot of feminine symbolism throughout the world, and also even in Christianity. In magic, a dagger or athame represents the male genitalia. A grail or cup, always represents fertility and feminism. And that is why in sacred rituals, we dip the dagger in the cup. To represent the union between male and female. The holy Grail was female. In a males world, female rulership  was unheard of. In Jewish society, they believed that the male gender, was to dominate and rule. They did not want to accept the Messiah as being any offspring of a woman who worked with Yeshua and the Christ consciousness message. They knew that those who were anointed and of that bloodline, would be sent here to change the world. The bloodlines are specifically for bringing certain forms of consciousness into the world. Each DNA in every family is encoded with a very specific intelligence. Those born of lion and the lamb, feminine and male wisdom together, would be just the right type of programming so to speak, if they needed to anoint or awaken the souls for their work. Holy divine souls of the heavens, would also be able to incarnate within these bodies. And that would activate DNA even more.  If they indeed had the incarnate soul too.

You see, humans have 13 strands of DNA. However,  only three of those are active, for the third dimension. Each strand pertains to each plane of existence and knowledge. When an angelic soul incarnates with in the holy Grail bloodline, it triggers an awakening of all of the strands of DNA. That is why a lot of us have the insight that we have. However, this does not exclude others who are not of that bloodline, from having the Christ consciousness. Anyone can become anointed which means chosen. Really our creators would love to have anyone on their side who is loyal, full of unconditional love, and is willing to work goodness in the world.  That is why teachers are sent. We are sent to teach and to lead, so that those who are chosen can learn more wisdom and knowledge, to not only change their own lives, but the lives of their family and friends, and even for some who will become protégés to their teachers and go on to teach others. Those who are sent, will know who the creators have in mind.

This is a very dangerous time that we are living in indeed. The angels come through each and every day with wonderful messages of wisdom and hope, for others in the world to change and to grow. This way as the world gets into its preparation for the great tribulation, they will know how to live in their own secure reality with their loved ones. Sort of like the Passover. In that story which really represents a lot about Easter, they talked about how a great spirit, full of vengeance, traveled throughout the land of Egypt smiting out the enemy. In the meantime, those who were faithful and loyal to the Lord of hosts, were safe within their own homes with their families who joined them. This is symbolic for our day. The antichrist spirit, moves into many people and makes the world even far more corrupt than it is already.  It  will increase gradually throughout time. Those who are anointed with the Christ consciousness, will have learned under their teachers, and that helps them to be be safe within their own secure reality. They will make happiness and enjoy abundance within their own home, and family life. There will not be any fear, because they will know that their vibration is rising, and that the world in it’s corrupt state, will not be anything to worry about. They will either raise their vibration into another dimensional State of existence, or when they pass from this world, they will go on into a better one.

We live in a world that is mainly possessed. As you look around you, we have The words of the Scriptures coming true. While the Scriptures are distorted, and changed by man himself, there is a lot of knowledge to be found in them. For an example, how they said that the enemy was cast down to the earth, to walk the inhabited earth for all time? That is true. But how can they do so if they are not physical? Well that is an easy answer. Earth in it’s symbolic meaning, represents the flash. That is why in the book of Enoch and throughout the Scriptures, it mentions that the enemies are bound to the earth, being inprisoned by it. What that means, is that the spirits walk amongst us every day. However, they can mentally, spiritually and emotionally influence humans, but to get any real work done, they will have to use a body in order to actually experience the reality more clearly. Demons are being invoked deliberately into people for power, knowledge and fame. If you look at these types of people who have had things like this done through ritual, they are wicked, cold, and heartless people, who merely only care about themselves. They lack emotion or empathy. Everything is about money, when money is such an empty thing.

People are now being influenced even more so today to get involved with the darker side of the Occult, through television, and media. Right now, they are influencing younger generations to get involved because they know that it will open them up to spiritualism. Once someone believes in spirit, they are susceptible to be confronted by it. Both good ones, and negative ones. This is why I tell all of my fans, clients, and students to be careful in letting their children learn too much, while they are learning them self. Many will have seen shadow beings while growing up as children, those especially who were born chosen for some kind of knowledge, or mission. But those who are chosen will adopt one side of the spiritual battle, or the other. If you notice those who have been chosen suffered greatly through self-destructive habits and behaviors while growing up. This is because spirits know of their being chosen, and did not want them to ever be worthy of it. So a lot of people have been misled and influenced spiritually and mentally, to get involved with a lot of self-destructive things. Now it seems like a normal thing, as on television they promote sexual immorality and many other sinful things that are harmful to our youthful generations. Children no longer need to be harassed by spirits, because the ideas are already implanted for them to adopt when they grow older, through media and trends.

I know that everyone seems to think that I am some kind of doomsday prophet here. That is not the case. My message is very clear. I’m bringing some truth for everyone to learn and grow from. No matter what type of soul you are, or what family line you come from, you are still important to the creators. They want to raise the vibration of earth and get rid of man’s control. But every time they try, there is some kind counter action that is forced onto mankind invisibly, through symbolism and propaganda. People who feel vulnerable, inflicted and outcast, will tend to adopt the newer trends to have a feeling of belonging to something. This is why today, everyone wants to be a psychic or a lightworker. There is nothing special in the title any longer, due to it being adopted by so many. This also takes away from those who are really those things, and confuses those who simply only want to be those things. The world follows the masses. Being a psychic, starseed, or angelic soul, is a sacred thing.

That is why in Jesus’s teachings while he was here, and his female counterpart Mary Magdelene, it was taught to help those who were inflicted. Especially because Mary Magdelene knew what it felt like to have been persecuted, and then to take part in actions that resulted from conditions in life. It seems that those who are in poverty, neglected, or abused, always tend to go down a tougher road. The names are all changed within the Scriptures, and in….  a great truth was hidden…

The truth is, that the Christ consciousness was to be born in many especially in those of the holy grail bloodline. The holy grail was never a real cup. Jesus was a humble man and would have never used a cup of gold. He came from a family who had money in their day. Carpender’s made good money especially if they had connections to the temples. But yet he lived as if he were poor. And that was to show people, that worldly things do not matter. Easter is meant to represent rebirth and resurrection. As was the message of the Grail. To be reborn means to die of your old self ,and to rebuild your self into someone who is the better version of your old self. To become faithful, honest, trustworthy, pure, loving, and humble. To live, for others and not for oneself. And in the meantime, to be the master builder of your life, so that as the enemies arise, you can be safe within your home, just like those involved in the passover story. In the meantime, while we celebrate this blessed day, celebrate it for its true meaning. Rebirth, and new beginnings, all in the name of our heavenly messengers, and our messenger for this day Amaitiel. It truly does not matter what God or Goddess’s  name is behind it. The true reverence goes to all of you, who have used the message of  the anointed consciousness, to rebuild themselves into those who are worthy to carry it. Continue working on your life and becoming the very best version of yourself that you can be. As a result, not only new beginnings will occur, but goodness will be brought into your life each day into the future. Happy New Beginnings, and Happy Spring!