Angelic Herald- It’s very Pacific


Yes that’s right the Pacific coast is in for trials. Earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, flooding, and hurricanes will bring devastation. Tornadoes will be a common theme in the summer with more than ever before! But, the same happenings will take place on the East Coast too, as well as worldwide. Expect these things to take place between now and the end of the year. The economy will also be in a state of turmoil anytime between now and next year. An important death will also take place that will devastate the world between that time too.

Birds will also be seen dying or deceased already due to the radiation and confusion in global warming. Time will seem to slow down, then quicken at great pace after the 2nd week in July. The oceans will be sickly.

My brethren Michael, Arayel, and Asmodeus all called it! And now I add to it. Safeguard yourself by listening to our earth angel who acts as a mouth piece for us. As a matter of fact within minutes of channeling a prediction already came true with an earthquake in California. See? We are truth.

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Do not dismay or fear. We know those of you who are true and we will care for you!

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