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Dragon Souls


Some background information on Dragons:

The dragon, is a legend of great renown. The mythical legends of the fantastical creature extend back to the beginning of time. The dinosaurs were large feathered birds, with long tails, and sharp beaked mouths. They were enormous in size. Those who flew above ground, made it longer in the extinction process because while fires blazed all over the Earth destroying the land creatures and wildlife…those who had the advantage to fly were able to fly back and forth to areas not affected, until they were, and then to go off to another. Finally, they started going into caves up on the mountains, dwelling there. Thus, the legends began! Man wandered the Earth, and populated it. As time went by, man became a threat not only to the environment, or to themselves only, but also to any animal or creature that was unknown or different. Even the Gods had stopped interacting after some time.  Anything unknown, unusual, or misunderstood, became an enemy in man’s eyes. The remaining dinosaurs were one of those species.

The first mention of dragons though, was when stories were crafted of Anzu of Babylon, in the 1st Millennium B.C. If you feel inclined, you can find more by researching a story called, “Ninurta vs. Anzu” or “The Myth of Anzu”.  Leviathan, whom we covered in another article here, was also a dragon or serpent of sorts, but who presided over the sea. There is a lot of speculation over the subject of Dragons. But what I know, is that it is a mixture of both truth, astrology, and myth. In ancient times, man was responsible for naming what he had found.

Dragons have been called many things, according to their cultures, but they were a mixture of those things nonetheless. Things got greatly confused on Earth, because, if man saw something otherworldly, he usually compared this to something that he had seen, to give it some identity here. For example, angels or messengers with their wings. These were energy extensions but they still compared to the wings of birds. The same went for other symbols. Dragons got their fire breathing quality from the fact they had long tails that seemed to flutter across the sky, but when otherworldly visitors came to Earth shooting across the sky on fire, the tail of the fiery exhaust had left a “tail” which reminded them of the real dragons or the feathered bird like reptiles and their tails, that remained from the days of the dinosaurs. This started to the legend of their fire breathing. Dragons have appeared in stories that go back to the time of the Gods in mythology. This included the story of Perseus, and the Dragon of Poseidon… who tells of a vain queen who almost sacrificed her daughter to the dragon, had it not been for Perseus. Dragons appear most in fairy tales and myths. In most cases, the dragon is the enemy holding a damsel in distress, or some valuable hidden treasure. Someone brave has to come to the rescue or slay the Dragon, in order to win whatever prize. The dragon does not have a good reputation but still provides us with a ton of wisdom.

The dragon though, was a creature who minded their own business.  They tried to hide away in caves, not bothering anyone until they were bothered by some adventurer who happened to come along them. They felt threatened by man and man felt threatened by them, in their encounters with each other. A lot the legendary tales come from medieval propaganda. They were huge on symbolism in their works and in flattering their egos. In this, they found that they could promote a knight, to seem courageous and brave, but in truth a lot of that was symbolic in comparison with the other works.


Dragons represent great wisdom due to their age, and due to the fact that some of those otherworldly crafts who had come for a visit had been confused with dragons, it was also seen as a symbol of great universal wisdom too. Due to their size, they were protectors, but they were also considered to be dangerous. This was because if one could find his own courage in facing the dragon or aka wisdom within, than he would be able to face anything in life. This could be used to protect, or to destroy as man has a way of using wisdom as power, and that power can be used for good or bad, depending on the heart of the individual battling the dragon aka, ego. Many would find themselves getting burned by the dragon with villages getting the same outcome. This represented that, if the power was used the wrong way, a man could destroy himself and others. The fire spewed by the dragon, represented the anger or passion behind the pursuit, or the outcome of it. Dragons also represented prestige. Obviously, in this world there is a saying that it’s “survival of the fittest”, or “only the strong survive”… the brain has a part of it referred to the “reptilian part of the brain” as the undefeatable.  Dragons symbolize a person’s strength in never giving up, when it comes to survival or their goals. Due to their size and the fact that it was documented in some beliefs that there were races of beings from the stars who were dragon like, that dragons also symbolized power, domination and control.  

However, that was merely based on negative interactions had with them by others who judged them merely by that, without having seen the others who were in more positive duality from their race.  All had been judged, by one group. Dragons are a totem of power and endurance. They fly high to rise above the the surface for deeper insight, they see in between worlds, their skin is covered in scales for armor of protection as they are tough as nails. It’s hard to injure  them, as it is hard to emotionally injure the people who have the dragon as a totem. They have feathers, which represent the air, air being symbolic of the thoughts. Their added fire, shows again, passion and in negative…anger.. The horns represent awakening wisdom and superior memory.

Dragons come in all elements, when talking about them in mysticism.  Dragons are found in every religious culture all around the world. You can read more about those at:Religious Lists of Dragon found on wikipedia. I think you will find it interesting if you take interest in each for a bit. The tales throughout cultures and their beliefs really provide some insight into the world of dragon legends and symbolism.  On top of this, there is a lot of dragon superstitions that still exist today. many superstitions about the dragon, and surprisingly some of them persists even today.

It was for example believed that the blood of the dragon held special properties that could give a person power to see in into the future. On the other hand, it was also said that if a knight dipped the tip of his sword into dragon’s blood and stabbed you with it, the wound would never heal.

Dragon teeth were thought to bring good luck to the person who possessed it.


Draco is the dragon constellation in the northern sky. It is a part of the Ursa Major group. Draco is a large constellation with Exoplanets.    It is a large constellation and those under it with a fixed star in their chart will have traits of great strength, feeling older beyond their years, being able to survive in any scenario, and situation. They have a wonderful head on their shoulders, and often watch and observe their situations first, and than go inward for the solution. They are very strong personalities.

You can read more about the starseed souls, n the link provided above, as those souls are really interesting! Nevertheless, Dragons are wise, protective creatures who in reality were not as the legends have changed them to be. However, they were giant jurassic creatures, who are strong, and fierce. They are winged, long tailed, scaled, with feathers and while they may not have breathed fire, when truth was delivered boldly to those seeking answers, these creature delivered it like a flame for sure. The truth burning down deep.

Dragons became a mystical and magical creature more so when the legends appeared. They were always wise and ancient of days, their souls having been crafted from the realities in the stars.  Every design here on Earth, is taken from some other place, all combined to make a reality kinda made out of all of them, similar things but with them all different. The animals, birds, insects,  and landscaping etc… It is all a combination, making this one special reality. The dragon souls have been here since the beginning of Earth. Aware from where they came from and their places here in time, they are extremely knowledgeable. When man took over the Earth and dominated it, the heavens took what was left of all magical beings, those heading extinct due to fighting, hunting, usery of their gifts, captivity etc… and  gave them a place of their own… in the magical realms instead, where they could remain in this world but still have safety. Dragons exist there now, after many of them were hunted and killed, as many other spirit types were. More on this subject to come!