Angelic Herald- Coronavirus? Alariel’s Message

Dearest friends,

It’s all here! May 3, 2019 need I say more? Archangel Michael does not lie nor do I!

I am…even as of now, am taking care of some personal things but still can not stop the revelations that I receive. It doesn’t matter where I am, or what is happening… I am shown visions, I am shown them…., under heaven’s discretion. I would not leave anyone without word. As an obedient servant to the heavens, I am always open to comply. I remember mentioning on Facebook that when the ball dropped on New Year’s and hit 2020, I was not excited. In fact, I felt the sense of incoming doom and then again… I know many felt it as well. Although, many of us were trying with all of our hearts to keep up on the positivity. “Right on” to all of you!

I often feel like the apostle Paul. He was disliked by so many people, persecuted, and his revelations and letters always cast to the side, kept underground with just his circle of people. and then those in higher authorities saw his message and how it rang true and they took it, and made it their own, changing it around for their own sake. I believe that this message was earlier posted yet incomplete by mistake? Perhaps technical issues or a divine intervention that those above felt an urgency? All things occur when meant to.

Perhaps, the foundation of the message was good enough for some, while others needed more? Well then, lets go deeper. Getting back to 2020, my father had just died in October 2019, a few months before. It wasn’t a surprise because he was amongst the members of the generation which are to die away before the coming of the new so called kingdom of things. Although, like I have always said what is good is bad, and what it’s bad is good, so to speak. Now that falls into very specific areas that I wouldn’t go jumping into believing that Satan is good all of a sudden just because I said that. What I’m trying to say is that what you have been led to believe in being positive things to look forward to, starts out very dark, corrupt and it’s not because of God. It’s because mankind twisted God’s agenda into an agenda of their own which brought destruction and chaos before the rise of their new self built, and self-proclaimed order of things. But it will only be temporary. For things built in such a harsh way, cannot last. And that is why age after age has crumbled, and each age after the other has been full of more disharmony, corruption and greed then the one before it. It does not get better, it only gets worse. That’s because every new age is built upon bloodshed, warfare, depopulation tactics, and so on. Now there may be some crazy people that say “well that’s what has to be done for people to learn and for evolution to begin”. I disagree. So when the ball was changing for the new year, I had already been told of many things to come that I had been putting into the angelic Herald for a couple of months now. Some of that I had already known about previously years before. I was always reluctant to be very direct about things because people have always had their different opinions of me.

Some thinking I fed into fear agendas, and some feeling that it was appropriate for me to warn everyone. I tried to stay somewhere in the middle. I just want everybody to stay positive and have the very best outlook that they possibly can. Still, that ball dropped and changed the new year and if you really looked, many of the people in the televised audiences didn’t seem very happy until the camera came upon their faces. It seemed like they were trying to force themselves to have fun. It was almost as if everyone in the world could feel something overshadowing them. Channeling into even some of my friends, family and extended fans in my circle, I could feel that a lot of them were not really feeling the happy vibe of the new year to come. So before I get into the information let me just say this. I am not trying to promote fear or negativity. I actually refuse that. I want everyone to try to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You’re going to be OK. For those that actually listen to what I have to say, take the proper precautions and have a great deal of faith… You’ll be just fine.

Do not allow yourself to mentally feed into the hype surrounding this virus. You have to understand that everything is “mind over matter”. They know this, and that is why many things in propaganda are repetitive over and over again. Right now this is the only thing you’re hearing about isn’t it? Well there you go… don’t forget what I have taught you about subliminal programming. Even just continuing to think about it or worry about it could manifest it for you. Keep that in mind next time you get yourself worked up about it. Heaven will help you.

Throughout my career, I have mentioned a few major corporations who are responsible for the creation of the virus that is spreading as we speak. I can not repeat them here. Things have gotten dangerous and they seek to shut me down. I hope to keep going strong, but to do so… they will only allow me to speak so much. I am willing to comply as I am no rebel. But even so.

My predictions were made years, months, and even weeks, before anything happened. I added them to the blogs before any trending channel got to broadcast, and before any fraudulent psychic piggy backed off of my stuff. I’m giving this info for free. I heralded the roar of the lion, the purging, the tribulation, Archangel Ariel’s opposition age of Leo…since. 2014. If you go back to my videos on YouTube you will remember that I was always the one that was honest with you and telling you that the world was not ascending. Many thought that they were going to float on back up to the stars with a higher vibration leaving the earth in a golden age as was the promise by the gurus of that time. Not me. I was the only one who was brave enough to tell you the straight up truth. But many of you laughed me off. Many out there waved their hand as if I was just a conspiracy theorist, or a fear monger. No. I told you true. I put it into free blogs and vlogs too, I did not charge you for the info or try to sell you survival packages as others did.

Listen, we are living in the times! They will annihilate one generation and mind control another. The new generations have man made viruses that are placed in immunizations that older generations were not cleared or protected of. It’s a biological, mental, spiritual war. Adding financial struggle, what is left to attack? As soon as they use this propaganda for this virus to close down businesses, the government, schools, and other jobs, people will have trouble paying their bills. That’s going to make the economy fall down which leaves everybody in a very devastating place. How many of you though have met somebody with the coronavirus personally? Like the actual one that’s creating all of this hype? There is something more to all of this that many cannot see.

We will be forced indoors. The oncoming of the indoor generation I spoke of on YouTube was a part of getting everything prepared. The economy will fall down. A new one will rise up. Why else do you think a majority of the world lives on ordering online from their homes anyhow? If you shut down businesses that have to work from other locations, then people will be forced to work from home, as others are forced to order from it. 

Many people don’t even want to talk about this subject because it is such a controversial topic. Some blame our leader, some blame foreign countries, and it just goes back to all of the media circus that surrounds this one individual from the beginning anyway. It is something that needs to be talked about and it is something that people need a deeper truth on. It’s very important to stay updated about it. People cannot close their eyes and ears to many different things just because it bothers them. Then they are just living in a state of self made illusion. Instead, for those of you that say you are truth seekers, seek it! But keep your head up high as you do. 

Still, I saw some claim that fear was being instilled in others for those of you who were sharing about it. I myself tested what people thought. I asked; “How can it be deadly but said that it’s no worse than a common cold”? Many say that the flu is even much worse. But yet people are dying by the thousands in other countries? How is that actually known to the people here? Just because the media tells you that? How do you know that the media is reporting accurately? How do you know that things that are being broadcasted in clips are not from things of older situations before. I’m not saying that that is the case, but it is a good question to ask yourself as to whether you could really trust what you are being shown.

Expect this instead:

The new order of things will come soon. There will be more public and residential control, as I said in the past. I specifically said “there will be Marshal law, but in an unexpected way”. How many of you remember me saying that? Can you find that article? How much did you listen?

Anyhow, prepare yourself for lock down. Mass illness will still spread even with precautions. More is to come! It doesn’t end here. Never fear! Fear is how they get you. Be full of cheer and knowing that our heavenly host will care for those who need it. The coronavirus will not kill you by itself. It’s those of low immunity who get pneumonia of real young ages, elderly, or those with HIV or AIDS. Or those who focus on it too much. War is found in a number of ways, psychologically, biological, chemical, nuclear, and triggered through civilians in riots and protests. No, it’s not just through a declaration of troops heading out to fight. But you all already knew this. I prepared you in many of the articles previously before this one, that we were going to enter world war. I said “not as you expect”. World wars always start with pandemics when it comes to the apocalyptic notion. I had said also, that there would be things that happened concerning one countries doing, but blamed on another which would then trigger the blamed country to react. That is also to come. That is what the angels were speaking of when they said that. It will more than likely be that which triggers the actual fighting. They also mentioned Megiddo. It will have to take place in the real holy land because that is really where everything stems from, and it is more like a renewal area to recharge for things to reset. Obviously everything came from the Fertile Crescent down into Sumer, Babylon, Egypt and Canaan. This is where all religion has come from, and it doesn’t get any more holier than that. So what you can expect to see is that the economy will drop, stocks will drop, as it was said in previous articles months ago before any of this even started happening.

Then they will try to shut down the Internet with power outages etc…because many people will try to base their business and exchanges online since that will be all that there is left. Alas, many businesses will go into debt though. If people are smart they will conserve what they have. It’s a shame that they encouraged everybody to start their own online business is when it was never in their intentions to keep everybody afloat through that. I still have people wanting to jumpstart their own and while I give them my heart and soul and support for them to try, I do have to warn that some may not be as successful as they truly hope them to be. And that’s because “”they’re” trying to get things back to the way that they were… from before all of the trends were used as a way to distract everyone. Yes agenda and propaganda take years and years to build up. So everything that’s happened within the last 10 to 15 years, was a part of the foundations of what they were building for, for today.

Additionally, there will be time to rebuild. But before the time takes place, there will be a little bit of a struggle. You’ll hear more talks of more diseases coming up, there will be more talks of war, and there will be more dark practices pushed in a religious way. I see it more and more every day. People that claimed to be light workers are now swearing their allegiance to Baphomet. You will also reach a time when you will see more crime hit an all-time peak. It may be a good thing by that time that we were forced indoors afterall LOL 

Listen, I have to be extremely careful and I think I’ve already said far too much publicly. But like I said I would never leave anyone without any advice or information. But this is about as far as I’m willing to go since most of the predictions that I have put up there, are already happening if people would really look and pay attention. So let me leave you with some advice instead of repeating myself.

At this time, I would suggest that everybody follow the following advice.

At this turning point….

If you fear the virus, or any to come at that… wear a face mask when you go outside to just be careful. You are walking out in CO2 emissions anyhow. If you go places, wash your hands and bring a bottle of sanitizer with you. Don’t touch door knobs or door handles in the public. I usually bring a little washcloth with me and I will use that to push doors open or turn handles with. I will throw it out at the end of the day, or you can just use a paper towel or even a disposable glove. I think having a handkerchief in your hand when you go to open up a door, looks a little less scary or obvious though.. When your kids come home from school make them sanitize at the door and wipe your door knobs off at the end of the night to avoid any kind of germs. Do not allow anyone in your home to drink out of the carton so to speak, or one another’s soda bottles or juices. In fact, I wouldn’t really share anything with anyone at this point. They are trying to come out with Ebola too.

All of that there should help you to prevent getting sick. Don’t hang around hospitals or overly populated places like the mall, library, schools etc. You don’t have to stop going to them, just make sure you follow the protocol above for precautions. I would also disinfect your house once a day. I know there are some women out there who are mothers and have a lot of children and get tired of having to always clean and may take a day or two off if their house is usually very tidy. But I recommend that you just keep up on it anyway. I do a load of laundry every single day too, to wash the germs off from the outside.

Boost your immunity. Vitamin C. Be sure to take lots of vitamin C, drink a lot of water, make sure that you stay active so that your metabolism and your immunity work together to fight off any germs. Try to inspire your children to do the same. I know it’s kind of hard as they get set in their ways and they get kind of lazy but it’s very important. And children will look for love and attention from their parents especially if they’re trying to be a positive role models.

Also pray. It’s very important to keep up with your prayers and to keep heaven and goodness in your heart. Don’t allow what’s happening in the world today to take your virtues from you. That’s another part of what’s happening. It’s supposed to become a godless society built on science and philosophy. God can be anything to you but in truth God is what you put your faith in.  Many put their faith into hope, those that they love, and their dreams. Well my friends, those things are just a small fraction of what God source is. Don’t give up.

Additionally, if you have any extra money on you right now, go to Sam’s Club, get yourself a nice membership and bulk up. Buy non-perishable goods and lots of water and just keep it laying around. You could always use the extra, no matter what happens. and that’s about it. If it was stated that it has reached your area, just stay calm and follow the advice. I’m also here if you need me for healing or anything if you or a loved one has caught anything. If it has been proven that you have the coronavirus just shoot me a screenshot of your paperwork from the hospital and I’ll send you a nice healing for free.

With that, if you really care, help other people to find me? Don’t make me the apostle Paul hidden in the background of the New Age. Reference the Angelic Herald articles and Angel Messages that you find here on this site. Look at my previous blogs at World of Soul Types and at Church of I.M . You will find prophecies and hints throughout. Spiritually Awkward has many too! Please Spread them?! You can also refer back to many of my YouTube videos as well. In fact, I’ve always been the first dimension many things but always the last to be acknowledged for them. there are many teachers out there riding off of my stuff and I think it’s just terrible that anyone would use such a crucial time, and such a pure person, to try to boost their own careers. Have some morals and a conscience will you?

Anyhow going back to 2020, just to conclude my letter here… I have always said everything that I say for a reason. Nothing is without a deeper hidden meaning. Even in just a normal every day average conversation there is something hidden inside of it. People used to catch on pretty quickly but I think they start paying attention. That is what an Oracle does. Even one just talking to a friend, we are always speaking in some kind of riddle or parable even if it sounds like it’s very direct and to the point. But I had said 2020 didn’t feel right to me, hoping that others would understand what that meant. Maybe now people will start perking up and paying attention no? But there have been so many people that have just given up entirely. I admit things are not the same. Supporting me has actually driven people away when it should’ve brought them closer. But that’s OK if they’re not strong enough to hang on. I know of many others who came before me, who had it happen to them as well. It’s just a part of the job. Like I have always said it’s not all that glamorous to actually be a real master or oracle. It’s very hard to find anybody that’s trustworthy or for real. I mean, there are still others who are even still to this day lurking around waiting for a chance to maximize off of their connection with me.  there are others who just use me like a genie in a bottle. And then there are others who were there to investigate and watch. Some even hang in my circles to get the information to sell off to other spiritualists. Or to give it to them at that, if they’re close enough to them. Some have hired hackers against me! Shame on you! But in an up side, a friend of mine just contacted me today on my personal leave. She’s not on social media right now, so she did not know that I was taking some time off. She had made the statement that she was seeing a lot of the predictions and prophecies come true. Now that’s what I like to hear. People that are actually paying attention! 2020 is going to be a hard year. However, for the tarot card reading forecast for this year, I tried to make it pretty personal and as positive as I could. I want you all to focus on the positivity OK? Stay aware of what’s going on in the world around you but don’t feed it.

For those of you who are still around and for the right reasons…,

This is the time. I would never fail you. Please comment kindly under other videos, blogs, news videos and articles with my links. Help me spread the news! It’s just as easy as saying “hi I know a person that predicted all of this before it even happened”,and simply leave a link with it to prove it. People will be interested and they will find me. I already know who really supports me that will do it, versus those who claim to support me but don’t mean it.

And my friends, please, don’t get worked up or upset about things? I always have said that if you have faith, if you believe, while doing the best that you can to stay virtuous and strong, that God’s heavenly pure divine light will shine upon you. He knows what’s going on and he is allowing men to dominate man to their own injury so that he can send someone to later make it all beautiful once again at some point. Of course things are not as they are explained exactly, and everything is said in a code or encrypted. But that’s what I’m here for… To teach everyone.

I send to all of you my undying love and friendship. To any of you out there who don’t know me personally, I extend my hand of personal friendship to all of you. I hope that you know that I value each and everyone of you who still carries that great spark of light of goodness within.