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Angel Mistariel


Angel Mistariel…

This is an angel who is highly steeped in riddles. Like our beloved patriarch Metatron, Mistariel is a messenger who often presents a multitude of meanings in his words or presentations. Angel Mistariel works as  in the heavens overseeing complex issues that many struggle to make sense over. He will appear in many forms, and  is never quite as he seems. I have worked with many angels over time, and in my work with them… this included while in heaven and while on earth. I have met many! But let’s face it, there are billions of angels all over the Universe. Many exist in the spiritual planes of the Universe itself, and in each and every heavenly sphere, of every planetary reality. However, as I have said so many times before…  people only recognize the messengers in which were mentioned in the Scriptures. They do not realize that there are so many more. It reminds me of how many people do not even believe in Earth Angels. They do not believe that there are any other messengers except, the ones that are listed in their religion. If you think of the many spirits that exist all over, obviously there are a multitude of different kinds. Including, angels too. You can learn more about their races, their species and roles in another article of mine on this very same site. For now, let us talk about this messenger here.

This is not the first time that I have met this particular messenger. When I was a little girl, he had appeared to me in the middle of the night during a moment in which I had been very upset. As I had explained, I had a lonely childhood because of my psychic abilities and my wisdom. Many children did not like me because I was eccentric and different. I often would cry in bed at night, unable to ever sleep. I would sit and think about how hurtful my day had been. I would pray for God to bring to me new friends, people that could understand me, and those who could accept me. During those times, I always had someone who could provide me with comfort, knowledge and reason that had been sent from above. This was usually my heavenly father, or some messenger that was sent in his place. I’ve worked with so many of them in my physical life, meeting new ones, as I grew up. Each new Messenger, had brought some happy tiding of a new celebrated event to come, or some devastating catastrophic change that was to appear for the future. Sometimes the messages were  personal. Sometimes the messages were for another person. Sometimes they were for the world.

On that one occasion, I had been so used to seeing so many different types of spirits by that time, at the age of eight years old. I definitely still had some fears, but I knew that it was always to be expected in some way, or the other. When I had felt the presence, I turned around, rolling over in my bed, tears in my eyes, and rolling down my cheeks from some bullying that had happened earlier on in the day at school. When I finally got him in my sights,  I was astonished at what I saw. Although I may have been used to these very strange and random visits, knowing it could be anything…I still felt some fear.

I saw standing before me, a brilliant blinding light filling my room, and as it cleared… a startling figure stood in the midst. A male energy. Angels, spirits etc… they do not look as we do. It was not a type of fear that made me close off, horrifying, or gripping. No. It was merely just spectacularly stunning. His form, was merely symbolic of its self, not his true form, but an additional message in the image, in which he had displayed.

He spoke only in the languages of light, and he introduced himself, using the salutation that only those of the divine know…. He snnounced himself as coming in the name of whom those on  Earth call “the ineffable name” of he who resides in heaven. Many here, do not know this name, and you  can know an angel is real when they use that name. this is a name in which only many of we, who are connected to the divine can know. Nevertheless, after his introduction and comforting gesture to quiet my innocent anxiety… he spoke to me calmly. His message was one in his appearance, and in his words. This message had been about the future. But  like many of my clients, I too did not realize how far into the future to expect it. Nor did I really fully understand it at the time.

While I can not discuss the content of that particular message, it did connect with this one some years later. I can go further into the recent one more. He had delivered this to me in our second encounter, on April 29th 2018. It was at 5:00 am in the morning hours that I had seen him again….

I had been on the phone with someone very special to me. I usually do not take many calls, unless they are around 3 o’clock in the morning and up. That is because I am always trying to fulill my services upon the request of others who had ordered them. I am only but one person, with many people who are looking for answers, healing, and wisdom. If there are too many, I may have to put any personal time in my life off to the side, to try to make sure that everybody gets what they are seeking. Therefore, that happens a majority of the time. It only provides me with a little bit of time to talk to close friends or loved ones, around early morning hours when I am taking a break. It’s a little difficult, because many people want to speak with me during the day, but those are the only hours that I am available, due to not having to sleep like others do, and working all throughout the day and night.

However, it is also around that time that I take my own interests in life into consideration. That is when some of my own messengers appear. Although, they will appear any time throughout the day for me. However, I have asked that they only appear during waking hours for the people that I am trying to help, and save mine for last, as I am selfless. I was on the phone talking about working on a personal issue taking place in my life at this time. Suddenly, I started to trance out. This took lace in the middle of the conversation, which I am sure that the person on the other end of the line, had been totally baffled and confused by. That happens randomly all of the time, and at any given moment in time. As it was happening, I could see this figure appearing in front of my very eyes. I was a little startled and taken aback, as I did not particularly expect it since I had been on the telephone and they do not usually interrupt. It can be quite embarrassing when that happens. That is why I usually do not do services in person too often, unless for about an hour each time. Standing before me, was the same messenger who had appeared to me so many years ago.

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Again, he took the same symbolic form to provide me with insight. He appears in a multitude of different images, but his main image is that of a man, with two large wings, dark hair, and very pale skin. He has beautiful eyes that speak of innocence and marvel, and he has a glow about him. He appeared first, in the form of a stick bug, insect. I know that it sounds a bit peculiar but it is true, that he had used this imagery in order to provide me with insight about something that I needed to be aware of. Obviously, a stick bug, is an insect that has the ability to camouflage itself so well, that it remains invisible. It is always safe from harm because it disguises itself in its original form, in its natural habitat. When speaking to the angel, it definitely humbled me back to a child like personality. It brings even more of my innocence out of me, and it definitely humbled my heart. He told me that I needed to beware of people who have the ability to blend in, and disguise themselves within the environment or atmosphere. Those, that other people will have difficulty ever seeing truly what they’re pure motives or intentions are, or even who out of everyone they are, due to their ability to camouflage and blend in. They blend into the surroundings, and people around them. This means that that those types of people can seem like one of you, or like they fit in, but in truth, they’re intention of being there is not pure of heart even if it seems that way. The fact that it seems so sincere proves this messenger’s point of how well blended that these “stickbug” like people, can be.

That message is quite frightening because, obviously it means that there is someone in my own life that has the ability to blend in with others. They are able to take on such an appearance and character, that they seem nonthreatening and almost unimportant or unseen. However, they are there. Obviously, adapting and blending in would mean that they are right in the middle of everything, some knowing of their presence, but yet they are still often overlooked because they seem to be a part of the atmosphere or setting. They look as if they belong. My group and I experienced this once, and if you think about it, we have all encoutered this at one time or the other. Perhaps, some of us more than others.

His first interpretation: We have had a lot of people in my personal life, my family and I… Who have tried to many times act as if they cared about us and adapt to our setting as if they fit right in. I always felt and seen into their true intention. However, I am probably the most accepting and unconditionally loving person, that I often just simply try to change things instead of avoid them. That has also happened in my group of following too. Many times, we have had individuals who have joined us and appeared to be a part of what we were all trying to do. They had gained the trust and friendship of many of us, but really they had motives of their own. Stick bugs are obviously also a predatorial species like the praying mantis as they are in the same family. Very calm, peaceful, and still. Watching and waiting for the right moments to move or strike. This is why, I always try to advise my own family, and friends as well as following, to be very careful as to whom they let close to us and with whom they will trust. We have been hurt enough. None of us certainly need to be hurt again.

His second Interpretation: another way of looking at the symbolism, is that perhaps the lesson is that I need to be more like the stick bug at times. I need to be more watchful, still, and peaceful… Waiting for the right time to react to situations that may be harmful or unhealthy. Sometimes instead of running from an issue, it is better to just sit in the background, remaining unheard and unseen, to collect more data. Then, make the right move slowly and gradually, that results in the correct action having been taken. Also, this could represent that I definitely need to be more adaptable, when I try to bond with others. Perhaps maybe, my very strong presence needs to be toned down, in order to allow others to present themselves, and show who they are too. It is a wonderful lesson.

His other message, was that I needed to start distancing myself from things that are brought into my life through people who have not transcended yet. He tells me that even though I am advanced and wise, that everyone can be affected by any type of subliminal implantations of negativity and sin. Obviously, this is true because somebody had said a naughty word, and I had noticed that even though I do not speak like that myself at all, that I had accidentally said it once. This was after having heard someone else repeatedly using it.. for those of you who are curious as to which word it was, it was the B word lol… i’m not judging anyone who does speak that way, but I simply myself choose not to. But I had heard someone use it and I kept telling the person not to say that around me, and the next day I accidentally slipped out that “life can be a B*^#h”! I was very ashamed at this, but I realize, that perhaps it was not really my fault. Life presents many repetitive things and while trying to always be aware of one’s actions and words, it can sometimes bring us to a point where we are speaking about things or saying something, that may be right around the area of something we had heard from someone else before. I noticed this in my clients a lot because, there are many times that I will be teaching them something for telling them something they need to be aware of. Later on, they will come to me and say, “hey, do you know what I just realized?”… then I think to myself, but “I’ve been telling you that, this whole entire time!”… LOL

I even notice when sometimes, my teachings rub off on people so much, that they begin to subconsciously act like me, or tell stories very similar to the ones that I have told in my blogs. Therefore, the lesson was adaptation. He was trying to explain to me, and anyone that I share this message with, many things, including how important it is that we always be aware of how much of the world we actually emanate through our actions and speech. Even our own thoughts at times. The message was also pertaining to, how much we need to be careful that we do not allow the world to cause us to adapt too much to it. The message could have so many potential meetings, but those are the things that he explained to me, about his intention of appearing overall.

In an interpretation that could be used for the world of spiritual people…He had said, that we must at all times become, still, and peaceful as spiritual people. Let’s try to blend in as best as we can in the world, and try to camouflage ourselves with the rest of society. But at the same time, we must always be watchful and aware enough, that we do not allow ourselves to be harmed, or affected by people or things around us, that could potentially put us in any kind danger. And he meant that as far as emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically too.

We must always be aware of everyone, and everything going on in our environment, through observation and intuition, know when and how exactly to react the right way. He is right though, because, many people just jump to react to things, whether it is over something that they heard someone say, or something that they felt I need to do. Many people jump to conclusions or assumptions, or they simply do not think before they react or speak. This type of awareness that is needed, is that of the ascended Master. The stick bug definitely represents the awareness of an ascended Master, just in the way that they adapt, and go through life.

The last thing, is that I had said to Mistariel, “This world is lost and knows not how to truly love. If they all knew how much I love them, how much the heavens love them, would they change?”… Mistariel said: “We all here working for them to see love, and in this Angels above, and below, need to take on the lesson of the Stickbug, as silly as it may seem…in order to find a way to do so.”

Mistariel is an angel of great power. He is not accustomed to working with others on Earth yet, but he is learning to try to relay messages here and there, in his ability to help others recognize lessons in nature. It is a beautiful thing when nature speaks. He is also responsible for the color lime green, and brown. He is represented by the number 106. This is a number that relates to a person who is in their infinite cycle of the energies cooresponding with both above and below. it represents those who are in the process of reconciliation with others, and working on karmic issues, within themselves, and their connection to others. The number speaks of a person who is trying to perfect their intellectual creativity through using their imagination. they can only do this when they realize that it is through unconditional love, and the collective coming together in a perfect completion of unity.  It is trying to see how all relates. It is also symbolic of one working hard toward taking responsibility for choices. This will all come to full circle, in repeating old lessons in order to reach that state of perfection.

He is an angelic virtue class responsible for the idea of unity which comes through the other virtues of humility, understanding, and kindness that bring it.

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