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Angels of The Lunar Palace

“In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

John 14:2

Heaven… Indeed the celestials have a home for the divine souls of natural creation and those who have worked toward it. I hope to assist true believers in getting to know as much as I can offer…which is a lot and more than anyone. At least on a spiritual level. Let’s go into the lunar residents now. But first on this intro page, the Blue Moon, its meaning… and it’s special guest (host).

The Blue Moon: The Angelic Jubilee of Full & Plenty

We all have celebrations. And they have them up there too. People can’t imagine, because they don’t look at how things in spirit at a higher frequency, could resemble things here, just differently. Every so often, they have a festival in honoring where they were able to bless those in the planes and their realms below them. Including Earth. That is called the Jubilee of Full and Plenty. Since there’s already an Angel/deity of the moon and many helpers, they call in a special guest to host the event. This is celebrated on a full blue moon to distinguish that it’s not the same deity who is acting as overseer at that time. The second full moon in a month. That’s the indication. But what does it do for us here on Earth?

The energy of a blue moon…

The blue moon, and the jovial energy of the celestial host as well as a few other elements that come together, determine blessings or deliverance of Karma for a soul here. For the year 2020 as we are in, the host of the jubilee is Angel Jamiel who is from Hyades star system. She is honored because she is being promoted to a virtue. Congrats to her! She’ll get her own Angel bio on this site soon!

It’s very special that this particular blue moon of 2020 actually falls on the celebration of Samhain. That is an excellent time even more so, for attracting abundance. The veil is nice and thin. On the other note, those who have had a lack of faith or difficulty, may experience heaping serving of karma. This is to help them to finally work through it somehow. The blessings or the karma, will continue throughout the next month. until the next full moon. This means, that for those who are getting the karma, the month of November will be full of great obstacles. For those who are experiencing the blessings, they will have a lot of great luck. For those who are in between, I try to encourage them to get a blue moon ritual spell as I am promoting them on my website. They don’t have to though. They can say their prayers and see what happens. Exciting! 

Another meaning for this blue moon is that it’s happening right before the election which falls just a few days afterwards. If you recall the COVID-19 virus had one wave and so the Bluemoon also represents Karma in the form of a second wave which is to come. Blue, the moon both equaling to emotions and spirit shows it’ll hit everyone on a deep spiritual level. They will do anything to distract the public. You can see more in all of my predictions in the Angelic Herald and the newest addition to come by November 1st. It’s light will subtext shine down exposing truths.

“Is not God high in the heavens? See the highest stars, how lofty they are!” ~ Job 22:12

The blue moon is a great omen in many ways and unfortunately for some, not good in others. But that’s just one event of the moon. There are many and what’s more, is that there are many angels associated with it as their domain. Come with me on this adventure of meeting and understanding the angels of the moon. Some advice? Be careful with any full moon including this one. You may experience some intense emotional moments. Be cautious with communication. If you thought Mercury Retrograde was intense, this is something else. Ascended people will feel positively charged instead.

Merry meet and blessed be!