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The Pegasus

It’s amazing to me that many people often confuse the Pegasus with the unicorn. They are totally not the same. A unicorn does not have wings and it has one singular horn right in the third eye area. Where the Pegasus is concerned, they are simply just a horse with wings and they do not have a horn. With the pegasus, the story actually originates in ancient Greece, where more stories of the Pegasus were told in Greek mythology. The unicorn was mentioned in the Bible, but they did not originate there. The tale of the unicorn actually goes back quite a bit further. The unicorn was mentioned in the Indus Valley about 3000 BC through a series of seals that were created portraying an animal with one horn. The seals predate the mention of unicorns in the Bible by perhaps two thousand years. The unicorn imagery was used on those seals quite a bit back in the dawn of civilization in the subcontinent. Of about 2000 seals at Mohenjodaro and Harappa that have been found, and just under a thousand portray the mysterious creature.

The Pegasus itself comes later,  and was a tale of a majestic flying horse found in Greek mythology. This creature is traditionally depicted as a pure white horse with wings. The father of Pegasus, is said to be the god of the sea, Poseidon, whilst its mother was the Gorgon Medusa. Pegasus is best known for its association with the heroes Perseus and Bellerophon. In the story of Perseus’ slaying of Medusa, one can find the narration of Pegasus’ birth. This winged horse later became the mount of Bellerophon, and can be found in the stories about this hero’s exploits, including the slaying of the chimera, and his flight to Mount Olympus.

It’s pretty interesting that, both of these creatures have their very own constellations. But where did the Pegasus actually come from? You can find out more about the unicorn itself, and another article here on this website. But let’s go little deeper into the Pegasus…

We know that the world has been very heavily influenced by creatures on the other side of the spiritual veil, and also entities that exist interdimensionally and beyond Earth’s reality. A lot of the stories, fashion, architecture, and science come from those other worldly beings. Also, it is important to add to that at one time the vibration on earth existed higher than 3-D where 3-D was not really used. It was just a foundation like 2D. The earth was actually a little bit further from the sun. I am teaching this in the heaven and hell course, so I will not be getting into it here. However the position of earth, had made the vibration of its dimensional make up, much higher. This allowed a lot of different entities in creation to exist. But when things shifted and 3-D became permanent, those entities existed beyond the spiritual veil, once humans were confined to the 3-D world. Creatures that still existed were slowly killed off because they were different or unknown.

The Pegasus had existed just like horses do, in large groups. Eventually… there had only been just one left and because of its special magical properties, the gods took over in its care and it became a great part of their pantheon. I’m going to talk more about the gods in my course, but for now just understand that there was a time when God’s rule the earth. Then the rise of men took over. However, that was actually just there downfall.Without the leadership of the gods, humans and their pride, destroyed a lot of things on earth that were once very magical and beautiful. They did so, in their attempts of keeping things that were magical to themselves. That included Jinn, mermaids, unicorns, and much more. Due to the dangers of captivity or death, a lot of those creatures hid away or they died away, becoming extinct. The Pegasus had been taken over by the gods themself, because the creature was actually an offspring of a star God who came from the star system of Pegasus, which is where it got its name. Many of those gods are referenced as angels today, to belittle them for the propaganda of monotheism. In fact, it had been all of the gods of our universe, who played a role in creation. Some were given their own planetary domains, to create and rule in. Here, one of the gods had been given earth as a dominion by their highest ranking God, their father. Bringing some of his legion with him, they crafted together a wonderful world at first, using some of the ideas from all over. And using some new ones too!

If you look at the stars of that constellation, it does not really make up the shape of a winged horse. Everything was set into order above, as it had been seen or understood below. The winged horse had been brought from an offspring of creatures from another world. Earth in fact was a combination of creations from all over the universe. I have taught in my earlier courses, earth was supposed to be a great fairytale story where everybody here even the creators, could live out a little bit of everything, joining together in a great harmonious and creative collective. Nevertheless, with the destruction of a lot of the different creatures in creation, especially those of magical properties, they have faded away and have only been left to exist either on the other side of the spiritual Veil, or in stories here in 3-D. Pegasus will forever remain one of them. Pegasus is a great hero in his stories, having helped the gods and their children the demigods, which are in the Bible references as Nephilim.

In one particular story, the Pegasus helps Perseus, by coming to his rescue in providing him transportation on his back when he fights a one eyed creature, for the lovely hand of Andromeda. And that is by far one of the most popular tales of the Pegasus that you will find. It is true that while the Pegasus in the unicorn are very different, they are both horses with great magical properties. Although the Pegasus has been used mainly in Greek mythology, there has been mention all over the world in different cultures throughout ancient times, of winged horses too. The Pegasus is often used in a lot of fairytale or science fiction movies. As it holds a great deal of symbolism to. What does it symbolize?

Horses are often a symbol of great speed, grace, peace but also strength. They have such a great strength that they do not tire very easily. They are able to pull much more beyond their body weight, when working. They run quite fast, but they live with in the nature of their own tranquil state of mind and balance of tranquility in their heart. They are noon to be why is because they know when to take off when there’s trouble, but they also know when to be still. They often stick together as a family, very loyal in their characteristic traits. When alone the horse will roam the earth in peace and quiet, without a thought in mind and just merely in existence. Never any harm to any other living thing. When we look at wings, wings often represent the ability to fly above the nature of things, to see at a great height. Wings also represent swiftness, and having the ability to rise above the surface of the matter. When there is trouble, those with wings are able to fly off up above to safety, with still having the ability to view what’s going on, on the ground. Putting these two symbolic pictures together, we obtain a symbol of great intelligence and observation at a higher state of consciousness. It’s the ability to safely rise above any issue and still have the insight needed for a solution and at a great heavenly status. This represents peace, harmony, strength and strong will.

With such a strong symbolic meaning, that is why Pegasus is often used in a lot of symbolism in movies and stories. TriStar pictures often uses the Pegasus in the opening of their animated logos are there movies. I Store pictures is owned by victor Kaufman and is a division of Sony entertainment corporation. Why would they use the Pegasus as their logo? Well, Victor Kaufman was a descendent of a very wealthy family line. They were Jewish immigrants to the United States, but have a rich history in franchise, clothing and with Victor… Entertainment. This is the Jewish illuminati, with many of their relatives getting into cosmetics, art, Hotels and so much more. The Pegasus obviously represents, the family’s ability to stand in their strong will and ambition together. To rise above many, in their successes, and to do so swiftly, which they did.

Many different corporations use the Pegasus in many different designs for their logos. Regardless of where the Pegasus is used, it is a great mark of strength, success, and wisdom and parallel. Obviously you would need a lot of wisdom above normal worldly people, in order to grow just such a great status of legacy, and legacy is what the Pegasus represents by itself all together.

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