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Some Additional Soul Types

Since there are so many misconceptions on the types of souls out there. I wanted to do a complete list and guide to the many soul types out there. This will give you all a good idea of who you may be, and then if you want..we can go from there. There are many otherworldly soul types, and more. In my experience as a realm, soul, and blueprint reader, as an Angelic, in the great Universe’s design, here are many of the soul types who exist.

Souls come from anywhere in the Universe. One would be foolish to think everything originated on earth. All of the vast light of the Universe, swirling around, the different energies, and not simply just light either. There are souls made of the contrast, and of the elements too. All of that light or energy, came from somewhere  in the Universe. It did not just start here. Going back into the creation stories, it started with the first walk-in’s, going into reproduction of the light, to incarnating and then reincarnating. So who is who, and what is what?

Starlight Souls-   Many have everything classified under specific groups, but I do it differently, as they are not, even in similarities the same. The blueprints and energies are totally different. Starlight Souls,  that were stars of 5D energy, and burned out, sending the remaining portion of the light to incarnate..All light branched from the heavens, it had to, as creation formed. But Starlight Souls, are those who were an actual star.   An essence of intelligence, from one of the smaller  heavenly hosts. Now, many would say “The heavenly host are angels, so that makes a starlight an angel”. Not necessarily. It all depends on whether the star was 6th dimensional light or not. Angelic realm ends in 6D. So a 5th dimensional star, is not an angel. So, that soul itself would not be angelic, unless… It was destined to ascend and return back later at the higher 6D frequency, as a result of growing back to it’s original energy in ascension. Not everyone goes back to where they came. Some go on to take their own positions in the heavens, whether in an environment, star, or drifting in the design. All things are made for a purpose. It all depends on what the soul’s journey will include and what they are made for, their ultimate purpose. However, a starlight soul even at 5D, is like a messenger in it’s own right, because they have much wisdom, of the ancient Universe on however long they existed. They lose energy as they burn out and descend, but still have the wisdom in what is left of their light.

Starseeds- Starseeds are  souls who have come from another  star system, but here is where it changes things.. If the soul came from a star or planet. Was the realm physical to them, no matter their dimension?  If the soul has been a part of an environment, living in a governed realm, out there.. Then it is considered a starseed if it has come from somewhere else in the stars. The soul, that was existing in the star system, coming here, is a starseed. There are billions of races.

Incarnated E.T- To be honest with you, anything not from earth, is considered E.T. But, what I am speaking on here, is if a soul has lived in a physical environment out there for a long time. In that case the soul is an E.T soul.  Many species, another article is needed for to describe appearances.

Elvan SI- The Elvan SI, are a group of intelligence, who reside in the 4D layers of planets who are using 3D as an atmosphere for growth. This race is full of purity, magic, and alot of the ancient Universal teachings of the matter in the 3D planes, the 3D akasha. Sometimes, to experience what they know first hand.. they incarnate from their existence in those planes in the celestials, to the 3D planes in many worlds, all over the Universe. These are mystical, pure, and philosophical. Tall, pointed ears, and human looking, in their worlds.

Angelics- All planets have dimensions of their own. But the angelic realm is a plane all it’s own, with it’s own 8 dimensions. Earth’s goes up to 7. 5D within the sphere, and two more dimensions outside of it. It is in the planes of 8-6, that angels exist. It from those higher planes, that they observe all things known to the atmosphere they look after. It all connects on those channels though. So dimensions 6-8, all run into one another somehow. It is form those planes of existence, that angels can choose to visit, or incarnate. The difference is, in visitation, they project a hologram of themselves, or speak through a random person for that one message. In incarnation, they have to lessen their vibration to 6, or if they were at 6, keep it at 6, to fit in an earthly body, and be born here. They are born awake, powerful, and all knowing. Different ranks bring different gifts, as do different legions as well. Different purposes and missions. Every message is different too. Pure, innocent, honest, loving, and giving up their lives to service the planet. They live for the creator, and give up their free will during the start of their mission, to the finish. With many species of angels there are quite a few energetic appearances, but in our world we look elvan/feline looking.

Earth Angels- Now, like I said, Angels exist outside of the confinements of the different planets. However, in earth;s early history during a rebellion, as ancients called it, some chose to lessen their vibration and reside in earth’s matrix. They did this to rule the realm, closer than the original angels in the higher planes. As a result, they had closer access. Some of them incarnate, or manifest physically since they are closer to matter, to create bloodlines, or implant them into human genetics, in order to have a body they can jump into to use.These are fallen angels. Fallen as in, they lessened their vibration. Earthbound angels, many who incarnate or spawn bloodlines, will be obsessed with money, wealth and looks.

Fae and Elementals-  These souls are souls who make up the elements of earth, air, fire and water, or some of them are the lesser souls in nature, and insects. They can also be souls who work for the angels in higher position, to relay magic, wishes, dreams, inspiration, motivation, love, and virtues. Close to earth more, these souls are fun, free spirited, magical, sometimes mischievous, spunky, comical, and full of emotions.

Angelic Humans- These are souls who are earthbound or otherwise from dimensions 3-5, who incarnate as a human to learn first hand, through observation, trial and error, contrast, duality, and wisdom of the ages here, to take it with them to eventually become an angelic later, when they ascend. It may take a few other environments, and alot of wisdom first, but ultimately they will ascend to 6D at some point and become an angel. Mother Theresa is a good example of what an angelic human would be doing to practice becoming an angel, also a good example of what an incarnated angel should be doing too.

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Earthbound-  Souls that are earthbound are souls who were created here long ago, from just genetic consciousness, without a soul to incarnate on top of it, like the otherworldly souls I mentioned above. They started here, and grew through the ages, through living human life. They are a part of the design of earth,and will be until earth’s end. Also, any one of the types of souls I listed above, who have been on earth for a long, long time, become programmed to the consciousness of earth, and thus become an earthbound spirit. Those who are otherworldly or other dimensional,  can always grow back to their original state, but with the earth program embedded, it will be hard. This is why some angels who came here, ask why they were not awake all of this time, or why they have a hard time awakening. It is because they are now considered to be of the earth. Unlike incarnated angels, who come and go in between every few lives, or only have a few lives, so that this does not happen. They gather data, but do not reincarnate too much. Earthbound otherworldly souls, sometimes feel confused, lost, and like they do not know where to belong, as they know they do not belong here, but they do not resonate with their origins anymore. I had many readings where I told someone who they were, and they said “I do not resonate with that”. Well after so many lives, I guess not. Earthbounds who were created here are fine with things as they are. Being programmed to the earth, they follow the times. On earth, out of the billions of people here, there are only 2 million otherworld souls here.  Enoch is an accurate account, and it states: The rest, earthbound, but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.] 11. And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them.

Dark Souls- These could be, any one of the souls above who were influenced by the other side too much, that they conformed. They can be human souls who did so much wrong, that entities of a darker force sucked energy from them so much that they didn’t have any more light left, as it all turned dark. They join with their lost darkened energy, after life, and either go on to reside in the lower realms of darker nature, or they reincarnate as someone awful in their personality, thinking and deeds. They can be the fallen earthbound angels too. Many are deceptive, manipulative, selfish, out for themselves, psychotic, narcissistic, or sociopathic.

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Mermaid or Unicorn Mythological- Some from other worlds altogether, some from this one. In the early days of earth, there were many of the creature now documented as myth. Wise, and full of advice, magic, and intuition, they went to the spiritual planes after the fall of earth, as their wisdom was not wanted anymore. It would have interfered with the “agenda”. They incarnate to assist in fixing the earth, or helping people. Those still in spirit, inspire, and protect those they choose. This includes dragon souls who were also wise. They were beings of great wisdom, who left due to being suppressed, as archons and humans treated them as animals. This group includes Centaurs, Minotaurs, Unicorns, Mermaids,  Harpies, Brownies, Griffins, Phoenix,  Satyrs,  Sirens, and many more.

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Elohim- Many have this title misconstrued.  There are two forces of Elohim.The first force of Elohim. are all souls who are from dimensions 9 who rule. In their huge consciousness and vibrations, they help all planets and environments created, from their homes, only seldomly ever incarnating.  The second set are the angels, and I already explained that some incarnate. Deities and high ranking angels mainly make up the Elohim, but anyone in the higher matrix of the Universe 6D and up is considered a part of that family.

Cosmic Fairies – Just like there are faeries here on earth, there are fairies who live in other star systems too, making them cosmic fairies, as they come to earth incarnated to live in a world not their own, to experience a physical life, and then return. This way they do not have to have their own kind seeing their physical experience. They seem to unlock the powers of the magical forces in astral magic, astral travel, dreams, and animal consciousness.

Wise Ones-  Wise ones are angels who rule the fairy kingdoms in the 4th dimensions of earth. They are angels who dropped their vibration to reside in the 4th. Like I stated, angels have elvan ears, with very slight feline attributes. Lowering their vibration, they lose their wings, so this take them to just having the appearance of looking elvan, only larger. They are like the governors of that realm, the teachers, the counselors, and the spiritual parents of the fairies. All fairies answer to the Wise Ones. They incarnate as people who are wise, have a wide variety of earthly knowledge, interests in the supernatural, and paranormal. They sometimes have a gloominess to them, only because as former angels, they struggle with the lower vibration in their new domain, and as a human. They incarnate with intuition, and strong instincts. They are healers in more ways than one, sometimes even just in their very pressence. They have a fashion preference of loose, flowing garments in their human lives, and an attraction to Earth’s medieval period, for they helped humans alot in that time, from their realm.

Sidhe-  Sidhe are spirits of the 1st subplane of the Earth’s astral realm. It being that they are right there with humans just on a lesser vibration, they have been said to be caretakers of the underworld, and earthly matter, lesser lords of it. A mysterious race, dark, and full of ancient earth wisdom, these beings have their own book of rules, where as many of the others abide by the laws of the Universe, the Sidhe have their own laws, of earthly casings. They incarnate as people who have a deep interest in nature based practices, old magical teachings, and usually are very whimsical, but in a darker, gypsy like way.  Earth worship, and  quite intelligent, you see these people in Wicca, and living by the “Old Ways”.

Banshee– Souls of women who have gotten lost in the spirit worlds. They were confused at their own death, and so have become anchored to the veil. Living halfway in this world, and the other half in spirit, they cry whenever someone is heading towards death. The lords of the veil, have made them the harbingers of death, so that everyone on the spirit side of the veil will know someone is coming, so that the appropriate spirit can meet them, to welcome them. After some time, they do reincarnate, as a result of being so close to this realm. And when they do so, these are people who do not do well with loss. Usually they have crazy emotions, hypersensitivity to grief, and are an emotional roller coaster. They fear death, in a phobic way, as they know what it feels like to be lost to the veil.

Jinn- Now many will say that Jinn can not become human, because they are right. They don’t, but they can perform a  walk-in.  When the spiritual and astral realms were opened at the gates, they all flooded with many beings, like a huge fish bowl of different types of beings all on a similar vibration, not the same, but similar. It crossed good and bad spirits, as the negative tried to over dominate the positive.  This included Jinn.  Jinn always existed there though, as they were made, in the beginning, to reside in that realm. The Archons wanted to be able to send in any reinforcements into the human world that they could, whether by spirit, or by physical body. Jinn do not incarnate all of the time. It is a rare occurrence, but they have, and they do. Jinn are entities made of smoke like energy. They are lower vibrational beings made of radioactive decay, geothermal energy, and they manifest  using their heat, to rise into the static within the astral realms frequency. When doing this you will see them in orange, red, and sometimes yellow. Even gray or black.  When they are around, or within, people get irritable, upset easily, panic like, and very egotistical. They often stir up arguments, jealousy, and contentions so that can fuel up on the negative energy.

Demons- Many will tell you that Demons are the same as Fallen Angels. In truth, they are but aren’t. Let me explain..Fallen Angels and Jinn were always here. Like I explained, when people submerge themselves in mistakes and dark deeds, those entities suck their energy out them. Excess energy  goes into the realms of the entities sapping from them. It becomes a darker version of themselves, as their light, has now been slowly tapped out and transmitted into dark energy. Therefore, they are now lower energy, as a result of the negative energy they have now become. When they die, they go right towards their dark energy, mini me’s so to speak. They now are a part of the lower realms and vibrations as a result of being consumed by their actions.. Evil people in other words, become dark energy, and take proper position in those realms. Enoch: 15:9  Evil spirits have proceeded from their bodies; because they are born from men⌈⌈and⌉⌉ from the holy Watchers is their beginning and primal origin; they shall be evil spirits on earth, and evil spirits shall they be called.  but as for the spirits of the earth which were born upon the earth, on the earth shall be their dwelling.] 11. And the spirits of the giants afflict, oppress, destroy, attack, do battle, and work destruction on the earth, and cause trouble: they take no food, but nevertheless hunger and thirst, and cause offences. And these spirits shall rise up against the children of men and against the women, because they have proceeded from them.)  I refer to Enoch because alot of it is accurate according to what I know in the context of the Earth’s history and shifts. Notice how it said spirits born of the earth will be on earth as their dwelling? Go back to earthbound spirit types if you need to re-read it.

Succubus/Incubus- Forgive the selected photo I chose to represent this soul type. These are hard to envision here. But they do look very human like for the most part, and have some distinct features of being different. Like, wings, horns and other energetic attachments that they use to reach out with. They are horrific and sexual beings, who incarnate to become sex addicted people, who thrive on it.  In spirit, they at times rape or sexually violate people in their sleeping hours, and even in astral form. They live on sexual energy, and many of the rituals from Aleister Crowley were worship to Succubus/Incubus,. The teachings were derived from Dr. John Dee, when he stupidly tried to  master Enoch’s account. Like I always say, you never know what you will get when tapping into that realm, when you do not have access to read blueprints. See? His channeler Edward Kelly, got an “Angel” who gave truth, but in reality was a succubus who led them to orgies. Any dark spirit will pretend it is a good one, and give some truth, but later want a price. Your energy mainly being the toll. In Dee, Crowley, and Kelly’s case, it was sexual energy. All of the psychics and channelers out there need to smarter when reading.. That is all I got to say on that matter…

Reptilian- First of all, half of the crap they have out there on Reptilians is ridiculous. I have heard people naming them off of TV shows Krylon, etc. It is hilarious. These people have no utter clue about anything. They make videos of people having rows of teeth, and strange eye malformations in the pupils. Let me tell you, if you have common sense, you would no that video and even photos are made out of radiowaves, and static. If a person moves too fast when a photo is being taken it can drag the teeth, eyes, pupils, and other parts up or downward. The same goes for video, as it is already in motion, if you slow it down on ANYONE, you will see the same. Real reptilians, the real ones ladies and gentleman, are far more disguised that something as simple as a small glitch like that. These are souls from another star system, but who have now joined the matrix of earth, in helping other networks, like the fallen angels and etc, in dominating the world. They look alot like the above photo and the only way to tell is not by the pupil, but by the look of the eye. Incarnated angels if they are seraphim, also have slit pupils, like myself if you ever caught that in my photos of videos. A true angelic knows how are eyes are feline like. But there is a difference here. Reptilian slits are super thin, and seraphim or feline star races have a wider slit. Please see- my article: Reptilians- Truth

Animal Souls-   When animals are taught well, and observe the human ways, behaviors, and intelligence, they can raise their consciousness up a bit, to where they are big enough in understanding to become a human in their next life. We are meant to teach all things to ascend. Sadly many think ascension is about disappearing due to the vibration raising and going off in some other plane. Sure, that happens, but only when you are above the spheres of Earth, so with earth fitting into 7 of them, to the exterior layer, that means you can raise your consciousness all you want up to 7, but it still resonates with earth somehow, and you may be here still. It isn’t until you pass on, with a high vibration like that, that you can decide to go into another place of that vibration, or stay and become an ascended master. All of the life on earth is meant to ascend at least one level. Animals, with a good human teacher,actually start to think they are human, act human, and think like a human, and with like attracting like, they will then go on into that form in the next life, if the vibration fits. Or, they can be animal spirit guides, which is beautiful too.

Vampires-  Many have asked me on this one, like “Alura, what do have to say about Vampires and Werewolves”?  Well there are people out there that have blood lust, and even some who drink it. Something we psychologists call Porphyria.  They have a blood disorder that causes them to have the urge to drink it. And, yes they are in the reincarnation cycle too. So, whatever a soul’s consciousness has embedded in it, will go with it. Most of the time. These soul types go on to be spiritual vampires too, psychically sucking energy out of people like they would blood, but in fact all entities of lower vibration do that too. So, it comes down to those who are used to blood lust, and if they have been drained of enough light that made their soul dark, and if they gain enough rank in the spirit realms, then they can manifest and try to do the same, just like succubus/incubus spirits who you feel sexually, you will feel the suction of this entity as well.

Werewolves are a rare commodity. These are wolves who have been trained by Natives and who have developed a consciousness close to humans, In spirit, the Natives used them to exact vengeance on their enemies making them negative too. They are spirits who do not if they wolf or human due to the confused state and can shape shift in between the two. In human form they also shape shift a little in certain parts of their appearances.

Now, all of these, can go on either side of the spectrum, all except demons, jinn,  vampires, and dark souls, fallen angels, and reptilians. Those all have dark forces behind them. However, the are positive and negative fairies, and Mystical Souls, who can come from any place and position in the cosmos or the earth.That is why people who claim to channel, need to be careful with any spirits for some of the dark ones are very manipulative and deceptive. And, some of the other spirit on a negative light spectrum, can be very mischievous. It is a dangerous thing to step into these realms, any realms without experience, without verification, and without protection. Remember that to get to the higher realms, you have to channel through the lower realms, and who knows who you will bump into, that may try to pretend to be who you are trying tot reach.

I do not think people out there realize how dangerous of a job this can be, draining, time consuming, and how much accuracy needs to go into it. I have so many people say “I can channel”. But when I ask them what the energetic code of the spirit is, they say “I don’t know, I am just communicating”. At that, I say to myself, “Oh boy, this person is in a dangerous position”. It is fine though, it is their own chance they are taking, but every channeler must recognize that they also place their clients in danger too, as any trickster they channel, will not only follow them but their client as well.

Those are some of the soul types for now, by category. Some of them can also be hybrids too, a mixture of a few types if they had many changes in their vibrations, or changed place or realms. Souls have all sort of experience sin their journey. The one thing I must say though, is a person must be happy with their soul type no matter which it was, and work with it. Those of a dark nature can try to expand their light, the creator is always willing to try with them, Many want one soul type, some want another, but what it all comes down to, is being true to who you really are.– Find out what you are!