The Ellerwomen are a group of many souls consisting of women who have died utterly of a broken heart. During the last remaining time in their lives, they lived mourning the loss of their beloved so much that they are said to have cried themselves empty within. Whether it was from a lover who died or simply left, they could not get over the loss. There are others too, who reincarnated many times missing their lover even well into the next lifetime that it left them not being able to find a new love. There are also female souls who had broken hearts for many reasons too, who left them mourning for their lifetime or many such as; they way that the world was, feeling unworthy in themselves, bad circumstances of living, abusive families, and so much more. These souls hang onto the pain too much that they became first numb, and then empty.

That is why they are described as being beautiful, normal-sized women, though inside they are completely hollow and without hearts. They live in the spiritual veil, because they neither belong in the realms of consequences, nor do they belong in the world of the living. In old urban legends by the sea, sailors say they see women at times in certain locations who died from suicide by jumping from a cliff into the water due to losing their lover. They forever roam the cliff seeking for his return still. Their ghostly figures seen through the fog of ships coming to dock at shore. That is one example. The term Ellerwoman originates from Scandinavia, and I am not sure as to whether they have any other names as I do not research these topics. I merely channel the many spirits when entering the veil and into the other worlds on the other side of it. I accidentally bump into them and discover them. Most of the references that I obtain in knowing what to call the many spirits, are when excitedly telling someone about what I had encountered and then they tell me if they had ever heard of it, in cases that they had in their studies or stories told by their families. Me, I called them “Hollow hearts” to help me recall who they are. A friend told me about Ellerwomen though and it sounded pretty similar.

These souls have much to teach if you get to even speak to one. Most of the time, they live in a residual loop of when they lost their love, or had the traumatic experience… whatever it was that took their heart from them and broke it. Angelic, I snapped one out of that purgatorial trance and learned much from her, in the fact that they learn so much about life, situations, and the deeper meaning. The idea, that life indeed is short and we must love hard, but also safeguard ourselves in that process. However, those with a broken heart have the ability to learn strength, and to love themselves. Without loving themselves, they could not see love in their situations or a love for themselves to avoid the pain.