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Angel Alariel


I do many posts on the many Angels. Now, I do one from another perspective. The Incarnated Angel perspective. Another Angel, who is working out the creator’s mission is Angel Alariel.  There are trillions of angels who make up the heaven. An angel is pure, loving, powerful, and never mean spirited, immoral, or jealous. An angel is a being who is innocent and knows love. There carry no competition in their hearts, and they love others unconditionally. As an angel, they do not get to live their own lives. What makes them an Angel, is the fact that they have a message.

Angels truly are on Earth. Some come to live as a human, to act out a sacred order that may take a lifetime to do. Why a life time? Because humans already are programmed to this world and its ways. The world’s history is not what the books really say, as it is implanted with what the powers wanted it to say or not say. People have been tricked. Humans believe in free will, and as long as they believe in that, a human’s freewill can not be broken by an angel. But they can be led to have a new one. One that is more aligned with their higher self.

Angels who come to Earth, are considerate, giving, all knowing people. They have no desire for ego. No desire for the material things. However, living here as a human messenger, they have to survive in a world that is full of greed. Therefore, they must have money to buy things, like everyone else. But the Creator helps. The Creator does. For an example:

I know when I do readings, it is for the greater good of others and to deliver the Lord’s personal message to those people through their readings. At times if I struggle financially, I pray for help and reading requests come piling in. I know that it’s because I have asked the Creator to help me financially with my children. My request was answered. However, there must be an exchange in every plane. Here it is a physical monetary exchange. I give gifts from above, healing and insight, and in turn, I am able to survive through the purchases made for those services. But I only take what I need and try to live modestly. I also, in thanks for the Creator helping me, give to charity as a way of exchanging more. To give, because I was given to. No one ever thinks to pay back the Creator. I do.. I give to those in need on the Creator’s behalf. Even though I already worked for my living. It is a circle of light here. An even exchange, in all realms. Here physical, in another..something else.

Nothing comes without giving in exchange. I have been criticized for it, but why? I think it’s just a lack of perspective. Taking care of others is a lot of work. If others went to work, would they not want to be paid? For their time, devotion to their job, and energy? If  they are living in a world that requires payment to live? We give in exchange with our gifts. But alas, the phone company will not let me provide insight, for free phone service. The food store will not let me do a healing for free groceries. It does not work that way here. I supposed to just starve and die? Because people are looking at things from the wrong, close minded point of view, merely just to try to find something wrong with me to judge me? The point is, to give, and be given to you. Sometimes you will not have an abundance of anything at all. But if you still keep giving, there will come a time when you are in need in the universe gives back to you during that desperate time. One day though, I hope to someday do this for free.


For those who wrongly judge me, it is okay. I love them all. I know they can not see yet. I know they wish to, but no…they do not really see. They see what they want to see. They pay attention to all of the things that they should not. They have an opinion on all of the things that do not matter. Where are they? Are they above this world? Or still a part of it?   To have an ascended perspective it requires being all about the higher planes of consciousness and what is seen from those heights. It’s like living in many places at once, and being full of the wisdom and the light of those planes, while doing it. The Creator is not happy with this world.  But still loves everyone here. The love that was once held for the Creator, no longer exists. Many say that they love the Creator, but they say it only to gain power or to look good, or they love something else in it’s place. It hurts heaven, the hypocrisy and lack of real unconditional love here. However, he would never hurt not one of them. The fallen ones think to keep the souls here hostage, and to not allow them to grow or wake up. So they set traps. Delusional teachings to confuse and inspire grandiose thoughts of self or to enhance ego. They cause people to get lost in the shifts that come with a surface face or goodness but under their mask there is hidden vanity, greed, and sexual immorality. Even in spirituality, I saw that they compete, and deceive. This was all a part of the agenda. The spiritual hierarchy knew the creator would not destroy all of the Creation here, as long as the light still existed in this world through the souls here. So the Creator waits. Watching them ruin themselves instead, and while staying on the look out for those who sincerely love. Heaven seeks people who exist without judgement, without condition or reason, without jealousy. Then, we will taken home.

So angels are sent to earth, to be “like the people” physically by incarnating here on Earth. Many cannot hear spirit, but if the message is delivered through a physical vessel, the message is guaranteed to be heard or observed. Physical proof is delivered through people being able to hear the words, and feel the healing. The changes made in the people by the messenger’s influence in their lives. They are changed, but why? Because they know in their heart that, “That is a real angelic”. They know from the answers, the passion, the spiritual knowing and insight, that the messenger carries truth. They see the true love. They feel the power in the angel’s message. Even family and friends who know them, are made to look at them-self within due to the beauty of their love, kindness in their actions, and their unconditional ways. It is through their life and personal example that everyone who is in their life feels compelled to change. It’s inspiring. The respect that the people around them have, makes them think about their choices, “Will this Person/angel approve?” Or, “What would they do in this situation”. They will even think at times when making a mistake, that the angel somehow knows and may be upset with them. They connect. Or, they disconnect. It’s the presence of “God” in the angelic human that people notice. The loving teacher and authority figure who is used as tool energetically to inspire change.

But there are evil spirits too, who are sent to provoke others to snub them. Everyone will feel one extreme or the other.. They’ll be loved or hated. One or the other. Angels are kind, never self focused, and they do not have ulterior motives or agendas. That is how to recognize an angel incarnate.

I AM, Alariel an angel of strength through realizing truth. The name Alariel is derived from Ariel. Ariel means the “strength of God”. It takes alot of strength to help others in this world, and take on the mockery, the insults, and the hate. It also takes strength to help an enormous quantity of people being only one person doing so on my end. It takes strength to know what to say, and how to say it. Strength is important when it comes to promoting light in a world that is about self. If you say my name in reverse, is says Leira, or Lyra, which is my origin. The word Ariel also is like Aerial which means an “above view”, which I teach from. My message is, for others to take the strength which I display in all of this, and to use it to continue seeking a connection to the divine and bettering themselves, even through the hardships and obstacles that may come.

Divine beings only become messengers when they are sent to Earth or any other place with a message to give. I have many messages, for many individuals who need guidance. I also have many messages for the world. As a messenger, I can relay many heavenly messages from heaven while I am here. I can not give a message when it is demanded. I can’t have the vision or sight upon being asked. It comes with my connection to the heavens. I listen to them, not any Earthly man. I know that it must be hard for anyone to take in the fact that I am otherworldly. But why can people believe in starseeds, and not in an angelic? I have been denied by many who they themselves claimed to be from the stars. I never deny anyone their truth at all. If I am asked, I will provide my insight but it is not only mine, it is from above.

I am an angel over animals,  children, people with the inner love of the heavens who just need that brought out from within from under their lifetime of hurt. I also care for the underdogs and outcasts, as well as the unloved. I’m here to give the love that they were deprived.

My rays of light come from a mixture of two sources of consciousness. That means that,I was born of two oversouls who came together, Ariel being one of them. I was created by Two fire spirits, which is why my birth chart is mainly pointing to the need of mastering fire. This is also because I am a seraphim. I also use Earth in my birthchart and zodiac to understand the ways of this world as it is ruled by Saturn.  However, I worked with another angel who went by the name of Baraqiel, while in heaven, and for my early childhood in this lifetime and in past ones. I was then mentored by Metatron by the ages of 18 up until now.  I’m more proud of my spiritual “mentors”, Metatron, Baraqiel and my soul’s mother… Ariel.

Soul Creation, and celestial genealogy, is definitely interesting to explore and if you are walking the path towards enlightenment you definitely want to understand parts of you that connect with the pillar of Boaz. There is duality in all. That is until they transcend duality. I have transcended mine, many still have yet to do so. There are some who walk the tree of life and end up at the top in darkness (Boaz) as their illumination, if that makes any sense. They are not made of total light but they are fully knowledgeable of the evil and dark. Then there are those who reach the tree of life at the top, and they have reached total truth in the light. But it is when someone has reached both sides of the truth, that they go beyond the tree itself. However, we are all created perfect at the start. It is the soul’s journey and how it defines itself through it’s choices, in which it decides as a higher self whether it will be on either side of the tree, or if it will go up and above it. 

If you want to transcend the tree of life to illumination, find out your soul’s blueprints, or connect with higher self, please come by the website to find out more… In the meantime…

 Being the messenger that I am, my messages are not of pure science or mathematics though, only of wisdom disguised as riddles and to also decode the riddles of this world. This is why I am called an angelic oracle, not really a psychic. My ray is indigo, but now it is crystal. I absorb the auric energy of others around me, so I can actually be any color aura due to being so empathic. I read the energy that comes into my aura, and sometimes take on the personalities of the people whom I have absorbed. Some would say this is a bit of an energy vampire, but I do not do it on purpose, and it does help me to keep in touch with others who may need me. It is hard on me at times though. I take in the energy all around me and it does build up.

My flower is the carnation, mum, and tigerlily. I work with the stone Apophyllite and at times clear quartz. I can find truth in any religion or teaching but I can also spot the deception from my heavenly knowledge. I am also here to walk people through their tree of life and for them to discover who they really are, no matter who they may be, and for them to come to accept themselves, love themselves, and to find a love for God in that.

In spirit, I am seen sometimes with golden blond hair, almost a shade of copper. I have a violet colored halo, with 6 wings. My wings are two up top, two at my waist, and two smaller wings at the base of my spine.  In important visitations, I appear with white hair, in a white gown, and a white aura, with a violet halo just above that. I come in a human form but with a more feline like mouth and nose.

Many times, I hear prayers, and visit people OBE to check on them. I am an oracle while here as a human on Earth. Here,I am known as Alura Cein. The name means “divine counselor”. I have healed over ten thousand people in my work, and have made over 100,000 predictions and oracle readings, all which have come true. I also have many secrets of heaven and earth, and of the future.