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Angel Anassia

Embraces and warmth! Welcome to not only The website but also to this angel’s profile page.

In a place where time is unmeasured and far outside of the reality structure of Earth, there exists a beautiful world that is stationed in the higher planes of divinity. It is there, that I once resided. Ariel and one of my soul sisters lived there together with many of our race and celestial lineage. I recall a specific moment where Ariel had been called upon for a task in the star system of Orion. When returning, she had with her a new visitor, named Anassia. Ariel introduced her as being given to Ariel for training. She was to become an angel of promise and in order inspire promise, keeping promises or forgiving broken ones… she would would to learn strength. Who better than Ariel to teach it to her! Archangel Michael had appointed Ariel as the guide of Anassia’s training for strength even though Ariel was her self a master of all things too. Strength though, was her expertise. We all have our own expertise. Michael and others had already trained her somewhat. But she still had a ways to go. Ariel would be one of many to educate her.

During her time in our home world, Anassia and so bonded. She had become such a great friend to me. All of us in the planes of existence from 6D and higher are all unconditional in love and become close naturally. But there was something deeper in true friendship when it came to Anassia and I. She and began to get so close that we became so much alike. There were even times that Ariel allowed me help in Anassia’s training since we spent so much together. We may as well get some of her training done while spending time together too. We did many things together. There were times that we traveled into the lower planes of our world to look at the population just on the other side of the veil. We did this much like angels and guides do from the Spiritual curtain of your world. We even went back to her place of previous visiting in Orion. It was really an adventure. Never had I known anyone that I had really clicked with so well, but outside of my soul family they became like a soul sister none the less.

She represented everything beautiful in hope and even vows kept. I saw great things between beings who made dedications to achieve something amazing for one another that were kept, where tears of a joy not known on Earth was shared. Anassia’s magic and virtue surely imprinted on me to adopt it and bring it within myself wherever I should go.

Later we parted ways as she went on to other worlds, As did I. I only just recently connected with her is she appeared for a client of mine. But she not only brought with her a message for my client but one for myself and for the world. And her promise she spoke to all of us about there being a time when humans could possibly change and that she vowed within herself to be the influence in their consciousness to move them in their hearts to do so. I look forward to that since that is partially what is needed to make the world a better place.


Anassia pronounced as (Ah-Nay-see-ya) is an angel of promise among many. She leads in influencing promises wherever she is guided to, but she was mainly a resident in 6D Orion. She did transcend to 7D at some point in heavenly time. Since she hasn’t visited Earth much, she isn’t comparable to any deity or figure here but as she works more and more with us as she will, I have hopes for others to get to know her. Therefore, Anassia is her actual spiritual name and not an Earth or human given name like Michael, or many others.

I am told that her corresponding stone is actually a metal. Her vibration will work well with natural aluminum. It’s actually extremely beautiful when her rays of light reflect off of the aluminum when you are calling upon her. Whether it is aluminum in its natural form or even using a piece of man-manufactured aluminum, the vibration created through the reflection, can reinstate hope in the consciousness of your aura surrounding you. This angel fluctuates throughout different frequencies of energy because she has to inspire and motivate promise within many people. And promise is a form of hope. Even in promises that people make to one another, the person making a promise is leaving a person that they are promising, with some form of hope in the end result. Therefore, she has to change her frequency in order for it to work with the frequency of those individuals or environments. She is actually very versatile when it comes to any stone usage, and could also especially work with emerald.

I am told her number corespondent will be 0 since cycles of events have to come about for promises to manifest. She also will be represented by this number because sometimes if promise is not found and hope is lost then sometimes we have to go back to the very beginning in order to find it. She can also correspond with the white lily flower.  but really she is represented by any flower and I will tell you why. She will reside in Earth’s plane of elemental essence as a lesser floral deity. In the flowers that bloom all throughout this year, she hopes that anyone noticing one or many… Will remember that there is a message from her in it. That message is:

“It’s a truth that nothing is ever truly at its end because all things are connected. What seems lost will come back and blossom again and again.”

Anassia appears in the form of gold orb of light with a pastel rainbow encircling it. Or, she takes on the appearance of the Blue Avian race that she belongs to. Already elvish in appearance, her wings add the flair of Earth’s fairy world that makes her new home temporarily. She is truly an angel who brings a great deal of inspiration back into life. I am thrilled to have her with us. You can also work with her energy through fairies that she will have working under her. You can call on any of the floral fairies who will then in turn, know just where to reach her.

She leaves us with one last message that:

“You can have hope even when hope isn’t visible by looking for it hidden in plain sight”.