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The Ruling Archangels




We live in a multiverse. In that multiverse are many dimensions, sub-planes, and realms. Each have their own hierarchy. One major ruling Lord, is selected from each plane of existence to rule over the Earth. They make up the Council of Earth’s Spiritual Planes. In their own rights, they are like Mini Gods, watching over the life not only in their planes of existence, but also in ours here. There are seven heavens in all here. Earth has 7 dimensions here. Each Archangel is like a master of that domain, and any energy that acts as a Source to Earth. The Seven Archangels who should be in ruler-ship here are:

The main seven masters are Baraqiel, Lumiel, Shemeshiel, Tamiliel, Dayael, Elikaiel, Acharayael.  However, mankind may have given other names to these beings. They do not know their actual names. They do not speak this language. In sending messengers, they always sent someone from one of the lower dimensions closer to 3D, since they see into it and have a better understanding and way of communicating. Or, they spoke through a random human for a moment.


There are many beings out there in the Universe, and in Earth’s planes. Billions. Messengers act as powerful mediators between the spirit worlds and humans. Masters, rule, and sometimes incarnate here to aid in evolving consciousness back to it’s original state.  Souls of all kinds, come into this reality to live in 3D.  Many forgot where they came from. Angels incarnating here though? Well, there will not be that many, now. For the star beings and angels who incarnated here in the very beginning, their consciousness is so programmed to the earth, that they have more knowledge from this reality, and have lost connection to their origins, as they became a part of the Earth reality. Some too far gone, they will never be the same again. Disconnected from communication with the higher self, they have lost their way. Others, they are being called to wake up.  There is not many who will. They will have had to have proven that they are worthy to return after all of the negativity that they were a part of here. Some will have lowered their vibration significantly, that they have to start over. Some are being called to just begin. Human souls, who are chosen to leave here too. There is no room in the divine planes of existence, for those whose consciousness has developed a corrupt heart and logic. The divine planes do not allow immorality to escape through. no matter what they tell you , on Earth.  The ruling masters or archangels of the 7 heavens, make sure of it. However, as many of you know, there were others who took over the realm of the humans. And it is of no significance to them, if many are not allowed to make it upward to heaven. They wish to continue ruling over mankind.

The Archangels have many responsibilities as princes. They will care for the plane of existence that they reside on. They will answer some prayers as they travel up the hierarchy. They will intervene with mankind’s issues. They will bless, provide, and chastise, as well. If the need be…Learning about them more, can help you feel more connected. But, this does not exclude, that others and their many legions, have stolen. Those present, lower rulers are:

Sambathas, Yao , Sabaoth, Adonaios, Elaios, Oraios, and Astaphaios, which are all spirits responsible for trying to dominate the world.  In ancient times they had it right. You are made of molecules and particles of energy. They said in days of old, that illness, mental disorder, depression etc, was caused by spiritual interference. Indeed it is. Spirits are a from of consciousness. If it is a negative energy, and it passes right through a person and their aura, or their light body, than it will affect their consciousness. That then, will stream through out the usage of the physical vehicle, in which consciousness streams through to use it. To be apart of this reality. So, if a huge orb of negative energy passes into your aura, and in that orb is a virus, then you will get ill.  That is why contact with the original rulers can help.

Since those rulers are on a higher plane of existence, a consciousness has to be able to elevate itself, to the same state that the Lords are in. Then energy from their plane can be directed to the person in need of healing. That is the greatest of all energy work.

Baraqiel, is the light being brought back to Earth for the world to expand their higher consciousness. Lumiel, is the one responsible for all things hidden. The mysteries of the higher heavens. The lower rulers too, hide and conceal higher knowledge from earthlings, so that they do not ever ascend. Instead they implant deceit into religion, and the occult, so that people think they are getting the truth. C’mon… did you really think they would just hand over their secrets for you to grow beyond them? No. They have fought to keep their truths secret, and within their family setting. And, they will forever try to do so. So, even though the world thinks that the truths are coming out under disguised names of esoteric, metaphysical, and occult. It isn’t.  Instead, it is a bunch of pseudo-scientific stuff that seems to make sense as all of the elements to their stories are added, so that it does.  Basically, do not believe in everything. However, the good merciful rulers, they do want humans to advance, but they will be sure to choose carefully who does. They do not want someone gaining the wisdom, and then using as the others have, for greed. I see many spiritual teachers, who use this all for fame, and cover the basic generic stuff, to make sure that they reach it.


Shemeshiel is the angel of Nature. They know how important nature is to life, in all dimensions. Yes! nature exists in all dimensions. You can learn more in the Truthology Course.  Dayael ensures that there is always compassion. Elikaiel rules over salvation, and who receives it. Acharayael rules over the enlightenment of God. Tamiliel is a Lord of Selflessness. Many wonderful virtues that are provided in their ruler-ship. In this, they guard the seven main gates. Of the spiritual planes themselves. Then, there are gatekeepers gong into the individual realms, and sub-planes as well too. Next, move onto the Angels/Lords under this header, for even more angels.




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