The Griffin

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The mythical Griffin! The griffin or “gryphon”, goes back to many of ancient days. Their tales originated in Asia. Later, they spread throughout Asia, and into Europe. Eventually, they became predominant mainly in Greece, Ancient Egyptian, Persian, and China. Similar creatures to the Griffin are the Hippogriff, Simurgh, and the Sphinx. There are so many mythological creatures, and even where various  creatures were mixed into hybrids who became similar to the griffin.In my days of viewing Earth, and than learning when a young girl, I have seen the changing of the times, as well as the changing and new development of many beings, symbolic and real. Most all creatures, exist in all cultures and civilizations. An example, the Lamassu was an Assyrian mythical creature, that had the wings of an Eagle,  the head of a man, and a body of a lion or bull. Asia’s trade routes brought many stories, especially to Greece during their time of using the main trade route back than. It was pretty amazing what one would find on those paths towards larger cities and kingdoms!

Griffins entered into European stories for many reasons. The Greeks told tales of battles over treasure.  The traits given to griffins from all around the world, also built onto their legends, as do many legends and myths. In all stories though, they are incredibly smart and powerful. A griffin pulled Dionysus’s chariot. Most of all, Scythians spread the legend of the Griffin, and stories quickly spread to Greece and throughout the ancient cultures, even to the Jewish people. The Torah mentioned “don’t eat griffins”. The “New Testament” uses a griffin as a metaphor, for Jesus. But in reality, was the griffin was both real,and symbolic. Even krishna was spotted with Garuda in Hinduism, a Griffin!

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Yes! The Griffin legend began in Mongolia. This part of the world has a very rich fossil preservation and is notable for the abundance of creature fossils. The creatures, they say are dinosaurs. They call them Protoceratops, which are similar in appearance as they have a hooked beak and clawed toes.…it would appear to be likely that Griffins may be related in this. Griffins are a wonderful legendary tale but what do they actually mean? Obviously, we’re looking at a multitude of meanings because, each Griffin is different. And, it really depends upon the circumstances as to why the Griffin is appearing in your life. What is your story at the time?

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But obviously, griffins are a symbol of strength, and being sharp and witty. They see above the surface of different matters and react smoothly, swiftly, and with grace. The Griffin is a strong being in character and, they represent having the ability to be free, as well as unowned and uncontrolled. The Griffin represents having the ability to live throughout life and your journey, but with the freedom and the lack of limitations, as you deserve. They symbolize, to see from a higher knowledge and perspective, and to deliver it to those who need it, with a wonderful message intact. They represent being protectors, those who will shield others in times of need or trouble. They also represent been great defenders of those who bring messages of truth, and even messages of truth from your own higher self.  The angels in the above depiction try to tame the griffin, which was symbolic for the way that the world tried to tame knowledge. The scales are on the ground meaning, this was injustice but… a part of the plan.

The Griffin, is also responsible many times, or showing courage, and knowing when to defend in the name of honor. They are great fighters with their sharp claws, that can shred deceit and lies. They will pick apart a matter, to the heart of it, laying bare it’s bones, so that a person can see all of the elements of truth underneath of the surface. But they also represent with their beak, the ability to attack back with truth, speaking sometimes with truth so directly, that it hurts. The griffins tail, represents it’s great balance, symbolizing your own balance in life. The wings represent soaring to great heights with wisdom and knowledge, and never stopping at just one level or height. But they also know when it is time to come down to the ground. And that is why they are half air and half earth. They represent knowing when to be of a higher knowledge in things, and to leave no piece of land unseen. Basically, leaving no piece of information left unknown. They see all things and live at a higher perspective, but they still know to be down to earth, and went to sometimes blend in with reality all around them with others who live on the surface sometimes.

These beings are strong but destructive. They can be tamed on the surface, but deep down they can never be owned by anyone. These beings are their own. They will come out of nowhere, with a heavenly message. But they will fight if needed, coming down for justice!




Higher Truth



Deep picking of information

Sharp truths to expose a man to the bone.



Seeing above situations divinely

The griffin is definitely one with many stories to be told. Their strength like the lion is unparallel, but their wings and sharp beaks of truth, add even more fierce energy to the messengers of the mythological world.