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2019 Prophetic Insight

Magic is in the air. The moon is full and entirely lights up it’s area in the sky. High above the trees, the winter king shines his spot light on a dead cold world below. His wolf lets out his Howl, and clouds cover the moon ever ever so slightly, perfectly… to shield the land below from the magic coming down from above. The atmosphere is full of a strange stillness that gives off a slight tone of another world. A darker world…. Secrets. Hidden players….. The moon edges closer to Earth and turns to blood. It is only then that we can see that the wolf removes his mask and indeed was a hidden lion all along.

We have the full super moon eclipsing now, January 21st 2019. This sign is very significant to many things that have been approaching but now is just right there on the horizon. As you all very well know, many of my predictions throughout time have proved to be true. Even the one about the upcoming martial law and war that I predicted several years back. However, many people seem to think that when I make the prediction that it means that it is going to happen very soon. No, most of the time the predictions that I am making will take a few years for events that will lead up to their manifestation. I have not really been prophesying lately only because, I have run into some trouble in the past as a result of opening my big mouth. Many times I have encountered, interferences such as censorship, and huge limitations that were made upon me to silence me. So for now on I will put my predictions in parables as most oracles have her on time. Anybody that has the ability to get in tune with the spirit and I will be able to interpret them for themselves. The moon though? Find out at the end. These predictions will happen over time this year and into the future too.

1. The water

” and I saw that there had been flooding. It was so deep that it came anywhere from between my knees to my waist in certain areas. Homes were filling with water. As I looked out my window, I was not in my state of New Jersey but it was a state bigger than most. I could see many areas in devastation. I could see that roads had been destroyed, and smoke rose up from the ground into the sky, almost as if the ground was hot. The only places that seemed to be intact, were those that had been gathered by religious groups for their families there. All of the other places were destroyed fire or by water. To travel, one had to travel by air or by boat. The country seemed to had been in a state of distress.

2. The children

” I was shown many children of teenage years, getting involved with men of older age on the Internet or even in real life. Out of fear they would claim having been kidnapped, once they had realized that the situation was not what they had imagined and instead was more serious than it was. More and more of this started to occur. News reports of children having been abducted by older men started to show up on broadcast.”

“More and more children became violent towards their parents. They would even engage in plots of murder. Incest was littered in TV programs. Similarly, inappropriate behavior with the young was giving impression through the use of symbolism”

3. The Leadership

“There were people standing behind a leader of a country who all were wearing masks. The leader was stationed, to do what they had ordered without others knowing that they were doing the ordering. He had been chosen to portray a role. To be a great distraction through the use of constant publicity stunts. Situation after situation would arise, with him at the center of attention. It would blemishes character and create questioning. But all the while he would stay in his position. The distractions of the disputes consistently going on around him throughout the country, constantly drew everyone’s attention away from what was truly taking place behind the scenes. A new government.

The leader thought himself witty and clever and instead pretended to do as they said but had a plan of his own. He in a game of chess, he stationed his players in all of the right places so that his underhanded deeds would not be visible or at least not punishable. What the masked men hiding behind him did not know, was that he intended on staying in his position of leadership, ultimately. He would not go easily. In my visions, attempt would be made against him in all ways, to remove him. All the while, no one knew of the war that was being planned, the economies oncoming despair, or the disruption amongst the people. Each plan that he made seemed to be for the better good, but in truth only inflicted chaos.Making a boundary would take away illegal operations, or limiting them, would cause a lot of infliction. Money would be owed to people involved, by those who couldn’t pay them back. The illegal gain of finances would be gone for those in the law, who corruptly took part. Racial issues would arise again. Those in disagreement would rise up. But overall, violence would increase, murder, violence, and a society would be built on dead slaves.

He would not easily when his time to step down would come. The dream of a One New Order, with one only to lead it, lingered in his dreams. With major world powers on his side,he could get them to join him in his fight to be king. A discreet form of martial law would happen. Anyone showing support to him or to the new ways that were introduced in 2012, will be hunted down and troubled.

4. The www.

The internet allowed truths to be leaked to introduce concepts of a new way through information outlets labeled as “fake, theory, or unreliable. But now that all is over. What was allowed, constructed their foundation but only the amount needed. Now, the spiritual, political, scientific corner stones were built and those new ideas are being disregarded so that people return to the traditional or nothing at all. The internet would be a watchful eye and for a step closer to a society totally kept indoors. The ignorance caused by being closed minded by overuse of the internet would cut people off from each other, creating hostility and aggression. People would not go outside anymore and it would be common age of ordering things on everything that you need from your home.

The age of the deceit.That is what I called it back a few years ago. And truly indeed it is the age of such. The people that you see pictures of on line and talk to, are not really who they say that they are. Any person that you befriend could be an agent or a criminal. Any female could indeed be male, and vice versa. People who are elderly will try to make themselves look younger in order to for others. People who are overweight will try to hide it behind the disguise of photo shopping. People just don’t love themselves for who they are anymore, and they should. Nobody should ever have to hide the truth of themselves or deceive other people. Many people may not think it is a big deal, but it is. Imagine that you have met somebody that you fall in love with online? Going to meet them, they are not the individual in the picture. It’s hurtful. But less and less people care who they hurt anymore. Because they are very cut off from one another. Empathy is dying away.

5. The world of astrology and science

As I had said, more and people who would be a part of the New Age agenda would abandon ideas of God and spirit and rely entirely upon science and the stars. But hypocritically, they would practice magic which uses God and spiritual energy. The years to come will be full of this.

6. Return to the Church

“I saw many running back from mystical things to the church. But people in the church will themselves practice mystical things and slightly incorporate it into their teachings.

7. Disaster and Civil Issues

“I saw volcanic eruptions, fires, and disease come out. Hurricanes at great magnitude worse than the year before. I saw crucial flooding, and reversed weather patterns. I saw, more tornadoes, more school and religions shootings, more hit and runs, more problems between countries as well as Mexico. I saw more assaults, more murder, more illness. I saw society fighting among themselves.

I saw huge things to come with Russia, Israel, Syria and Korea as in destruction and a new king for England other than who was expected. Visitors ands talks about them, from beyond… was also seen.

These things are in the making. The wolf super moon eclipsing means and in Leo means that we have a wolf in sheep’s clothing that I have mentioned endlessly, is here and will be revealed more this year while some of the visions above take place. It seems many wolves are sharing the same sheepskin though. I’ll post more specifically as we get closer to each. The wolf in sheep’s clothing or many, means that many things have been hidden that now will start coming to the surface, Spiritually and politically but in this pre-age of the 11:11 phenomenon. Destruction, death, and rebirth. Waiting for a New World be built according to the propaganda, obviously the old one has to be destroyed first. And that is exactly what is going on now today. Add a wolves in sheep’s clothing basically symbolizes person who is not being they propose them selves to be. They are an evil doer, under the cloth of something pure and innocent. This has been referenced so many times in the book of revelations and in the Bible. This being rare during this age shows, that we are definitely in the age of deceit. And even though it will continue to prove to be deceptive in the behaviors of many people, more truths will come to the surface because all things come to the light. But by the time people realize what has really been going on, there will be nothing that can be done about it but to allow it to ride through its course to the end. The only thing that anybody else can do is to try to better themselves. That is why this year is going to be all about transformation, and new beginnings. For some, starting all over. Hey super work moon is talking about people needing to shed the inner part of them that is hidden, in the dark. To really embrace the sheepskin of purity and innocence. To forget deception and feeling the need to hide. It’s time to break free and to start really living life again and to not go along with the disaster that is happening all around you. Social media Can definitely take your mind off of things and it’s meant to be, believe me but not for the right reasons. I say it time and time again, you have to detach from the Internet for a little while every day. You will feel better and you will have more time to start loving the things that you used to. Think about it, when you became spiritual, you were on the Internet, researching the things that you loved and that you were passionate about but you still made time to practice. It was only when you got depressed from the dark consciousness and started succumbing to the Internet all of the time, that you started to feel empty or inside. That feeling is not going to go away. You are merging with artificial intelligence! By the time that you realize what’s really happening, you will already be pretty far gone. Once you lose that inner drive, that passion, yourself, it’s very hard to get it back again. This age is meant to kill the emotional self and make it nearly logical. And that’s happening more and more as people detach from their emotions and use their mind for the Internet. People are more cool than us understanding. Let this year be a year of transformation renewal, and see this wolf blood moon eclipse as an omen that the truth will slowly be revealed to you,And that many things that were being shown to you guys being good for you, really never work. People And their true nature will be revealed. Activities will be revealed. False teachings will be revealed. Corrupt political powers will be revealed. Hidden agendas will be revealed. And you will truly see that what I say is the truth. But don’t lose yourself too far before that. Eventually, you will end up like another wolf in sheep’s clothing yourself. A wolf only lives by it’s instinct and not by its heart center. A wolf will do anything for its own survival and then for its own packing not for the better of the world or for other living things. While they are in a pack, they are separate. Each in their own hierarchy. No one is above anyone. It’s true we have to act like a family but one that is equal and that sticks together. Because believe me if there was only enough food for one of those wolves in the park, they would attack each other. That’s not the family that you want to belong to is it? The world is not the path to follow. You can see that it’s already in a disarray. The only way I can get better is if we take a stand. The time is now before it’s too late

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