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The beings from Adhara. I have only met just one in human form, but hundreds in their original state. I had a visitor once, which is how I knew them. Oh, the confusion by others, in the topic of angels, demons, and extraterrestrial. Many do not realize that all three exist, and in different environments and frequencies. One of them, is called Adhara. This is located in the star system of Canis Major, very close to Sirius. It is a star of Ultra Violet light, and a beautiful atmosphere to have an experience, while the beings there project their creations.

Insight into their world
I came upon the Adharians, while in Out Of Body experience. I was 11 years old, and I was traveling between the worlds, and I got lost. To be honest, yes I was a bit afraid, I had not expected to be in a place that I had never been to before. I had many encounters with all types of beings before, and I had felt I was aware of many races. however, this experience had changed that outlook and taught me, that even though I may be the soul type that I am, I may not know everything. So I hunbly accepted it and explored. I did not know where I was. I had to ask when I happened upon one of the beings there. In this, I was told the name of the civilization, but not where it was located. I felt a bit intimidated, so I continued exercising the merkaba, and eventually after viewing, I had left.
Later on that year, I had happened to travel there again. When I did, this time, the shock was already had from the first time, and I felt more at ease. I saw a beautiful brightly illuminated sky. It was of a lavender and indigo swirl, with a slightly whitish pink cloud, clouding up the view into space. The filter of their world so that the outer rims of their star world would not blind the inner residents. Things had seemed to had changed.

The city itself was beautiful. A city of silver, for those in Adhara to feel the strong but divine pressence of their people. The towering Silver City was in the background up in the mountains. That is because it is so bright and really is the main focal point. But looking down at the world below you, you would see that there are fields of beautiful bluish green, with the conical old homes that were once lived in, being used now as a bases for military, and for storehouses for the crops of food grown there. The old models of the homes were conical but rounded on top. Later the military took them over so that new towns could rise, and the new architecture was made to look like huge metal trees that lit up with lights on top. The military tiook the older models of homes. Although, no military is needed, and so instead of them being fighters, they were working as scouts in other worlds, and dimensions. Their group of scientists have a way to interdimensionally and intergalactically travel. Crafts that look much like airplanes here but without wings, flash across the sky in this beautiful world.

That is amazing. Have you ever seen one of these purple light beings before? Or even a small particle of bright purple sparkle? That would mean that an Adharian being is prbably visiting you. It is a beautiful world where marriages are arranged, and there are a few different species of people. They are transparent with UV light running through out their bodies, and their animals are the same too. To the North, there were beautiful Avian beings human but feathered with wings.  In the West, there were human like beings with conical shaped heads with patterns all over them. To the East, there was another humanoid race, who were very human in appearance except they did not have hair, and purplish tone in skin, with bright violet eyes. To the South, there were being who had small horns going down the center of the head. That is how it started there, and later on the races started to blend, and beautiful new beings were born and they were beautiful.

Example of close resemblence.

Everyone in Adhara lives for one another. There is so much order and peace, and conservation of the resources that a superfood was made for everyone to only need to eat but once a day. Everyone moves through time, and as the next generation arises, the elders are moved from the cities and villages into the Silver City to live out the rest of their life span. Time is different there. It seemed to go by so fast. A different time for sure.

The people of Adhara live in Canis Major. They are quiet but sweet people, and have no intention of ever having war. hose who are born from having Adhara as a place of origin for their soul will be:

1. Creative

2. Highly Imaginative
3. Have the ability to perform telekinesis and telepathy
4. Have great knowledge in scientific and technological development, architecture, and healing.
5. They are very content with life and being alone, although they will have larger families that surround them so as not to be totally alone.
6. They have a great attraction to fantasy
7. They are smart but do not learn well by the confining school system or conventional ways of learning in society. they are better self taught.
8. Sensitive to energy and electromagnetic energy (most starseeds of any kind)
9. They have the ability to learn through their observations and first hand experience. They are extremely observant and seldomly take all advice as they seem to like learning by trying things.
10. Adharians are very giving once they have seen loyalty from someone.
11. They are peace keepers too, and try to avoid confrontation as they are so peaceful in their nature.

Adhara is 570 light years away from Earth. With only a few souls who end up in Earth’s reality, they come here with a passion to meet people like them, so that they can learn in a higher state of learning, without judgement. They desire to learn from first hand experience, and have very quiet and sweet personalities. They do have a bit of a double emotional personality because here, they get very depressed because of how time seems to make everyone feel like they need something to do all of the time, and without being kept busy, they begin to miss their world where time moves more quickly.

They are also very loving, and affectionate. They have a great hope to help the world in some way. and in all that they do, they do in mind of others and how it makes them feel. They are very mild natured and considerate. They seem to take to more natural lives in the reincarnation process too, as too much glamour and wealth seems to be a bit too much for them.

Since my last time visiting, I had two visits from them, myself. However, I gained even more insight when I found a soul who had incarnated from there. In reading her akashic records, I had seen much. They do not come to Earth very often in their original state. However, they do every now and so often, so keep your eyes to the sky for their crafts. You may just see one.

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