In the Greek world of the realms and Gods, there exist a type of creature called the Acephali. These beings are said to look exactly like people, with the exception that their faces are on their chests, because most of the Acephali do not have heads. The Acephali are said to have once been human. However, like in my teachings, the deceased take on the forms that lived by most in their nature. Those humans rebelled against the gods and to punish them the gods removed their heads. They are in fact a form of “demon” because they are said to had lived in machismo and egotistical personalities.

Wearing their faces on their chests, represented that these were spirits who had lived their lives in a from of pride, as the saying goes “pushing out their chests in pride”. They are miserable beings but do have a lot of wisdom when it comes to transforming the ego. There are many demons in this species of spirit, who have individual names in that family or legion. They plague people who act out in superiority or arrogance.