Angelic Herald: As in the days….


Attention to all, while this particular herald will not include too many prophecies as there are still so many yet to come, let us elaborate on what has happened so far to bring the realization of everything more into focus. It was said:

As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man”.
Matthew 24:37


And this is what is happening now. I have many times reference this phrase in my courses although we have not had too many who were able to handle the intensity of the forbidden knowledge contained inside of those courses, but those who were students…are very familiar with it. If you go back to my videos on YouTube, I also used images in my awakening movie, that also were hinting around of what would take place in the future. The video is called Awakening. I also discussed it here in Age of Aquarius.

So many of the prophecies are taking place and we are looking at it like it was in the days of Noah, because there was a flood that had wiped out animals and people alike. But we look at it symbolically, and not in the form of a flood of water. This is a flood of energy, like the dark consciousness that I have spoken about many times. This flood of dark energy comes in, and the planet shifts with it. Whether natural disasters, or the way that people interact… all of that changes with it. Even when talking about war, it has been made into a joke when there are so many young men getting ready to put their lives at risk. People certainly do not have the same care and concern that they did in the past. It is a heartless and crude world around us. Just look:

So much more has happened as well. Even moments after predictions were made,prophecies heralded happened such as earthquakes, tornadoes and even crimes. I have very specific predictions that I can make too, but I think that it would be going to far. I need a bigger platform to gain bigger support to be heard but I don’t have one. While we have hundreds of thousands of views all over the place, it never seems as though anyone really helps in spreading the messages but instead uses them for their own personal use. That’s never going to help anything. The point is is that nobody wants to help, they want to take the credit. This takes away from the support from those who are real. Then how will any truthful messages be spread instead?

There is so much more to happen, such as problems with the Internet, as the Internet needs to undergo some construction. It’ll be blamed on foreign countries and made as a result of the foreign countries both… As war will not only come physically but also on a Cyber platform. Honestly, even with my predictions I have to be even more and more careful because not only are people stealing them after I post them, but it’s also getting me silenced even more because it’s leading to the idea that perhaps maybe things that were said in religion and spirituality in the past, actually are true. They don’t want that confirmed. But think about what has happened and how this flood of energy is taking over the world? This is going to affect this new generation in taking away from any kind of morals and values. The war is going to start with small things and then escalate into bigger ones, and we are going to have a great deal of natural disasters upcoming in the future. I keep saying for everyone refer back to the other prophecies in the articles, littered throughout this blog.

So in the days of the coming, it shall be just like it was in the past as it prepared the way for a new system of things to rise. The earth is reshaping itself. But will it be for the better? Will all of these natural disasters and crimes be enough to show people that we are not heading in the right direction? Will the devastation be enough to bring humanity back together as we have been living so separate? Everybody is set against one another for fame and fortune, but what do any of those things really matter now anyhow? While everybody worries about the wrong things, the world is falling apart around us. There is time for people to accomplish in life purposes and to make something of themselves, as not every single part of the world is going to be devastated or demolished. There will still be room for growth. But for the majority, we are facing a great deal of catastrophic change. The heavens do not want people to be discouraged from trying. They are going to look after those that have it in heart purely, the love of one another and heaven itself. But so many people are giving up. People have the wrong mindset and wondering where God is in all of this, and they feel he has given up on them. They sink into depression and then they forget about working towards bettering themselves. And that is because they don’t see the point. Their mindset is “Why try if everything is in a state of disharmony”? But it is that very mindset there, that is going to divide humanity and unmotivate them for better change, when it should be the opposite. People need to stand together more than ever before. It does not matter titles or status anymore. what matters the most now, is that people learn to put their differences aside and start working towards global peace. We need to forget about buying fancy cars and start investing, those who are rich, in fixing wild life because without it, what fresh air or natural resources will we have left? People that are in homeless shelters are victims of natural disasters, and they need help too. There’s so much left that we can all do. And it is through the helping hand and kindness that humanity shows one another at this time, that we begin to restore unconditional love. People act out when they feel unloved or hurt. But imagine how many times you were in a bad place and somebody helped you? You never forgot it did you? When you finally got into a better place you then felt inspired to help others like you were helped. Well that is similar to the domino effect we can create as a people by helping each other. But alas, I say these things for nothing sometimes.

As my YouTube videos are silenced and my voice remains unheard, the message of restoring our world to a better place, fades into the background. My predictions and my teachings instead are robbed Friday m me by people that have more money to promote themselves and they gain the credit for something that never belong to them to begin with. If you truly care, please help me. Share everywhere that you have a platform. Add more and more following. In doing so you get a larger audience and they will see the messages as well as any of your own. It’s through uniting together that we can actually inspire change. But as each person adds more and more following for their own promotions, it only inspires more and more ego-based living instead of the healing that we need in one another.

So please continue keeping yourself up-to-date with all of the predictions because even though the articles were posted at some time before, they are still relevant and taking place. Share them if you can and open your eyes! This is real and it is happening. We are going to hit a place where war is inevitable. Young men are going to be sent across seas and it’s not a joke either (referencing Tiktok). What’s more is that California is going to undergo a lot of devastation as well. So I think residents there should take it into consideration my words, to make sure that they at least have enough supplies and at least another place to go should there be a need to relocate. Additionally, there is a very strong religious power on this planet right now that has a great deal of safety. They strive for sainthood, peace, and community. It is forever growing. However, as with anything…it needs to evolve and I would be happy to help if they came to me upfront as well as honestly in their intentions. But yes, things will escalate in the fight we have happening, and the world around us cries for help in the disasters that take place and will continue to take place….

A random vision:

I saw a very busy road in California that had been busted up from an earthquake. On that road, resided people who were a part of that religious power through generations. They’ve had homes there for they and their families. I was sat down in the office located in one of those homes, talking to a man that had a great deal of connections in the organization. While in the vision I could not hear what he said, I watched as he got up from his desk which was seated across from me, and went to the window. While looking outside of the window… the outside world was devastated. My child, was taken from me into the arms of his wife, who carried her into the dining room area. I was asking where the father of my child was since it seemed that he had been gone for so long in this vision. But the man could not give me information as to where his whereabouts were. Instead, he picked up an old looking telephone and called a number himself, putting my child’s father on the other end. In the vision, I could not hear words… but as we spoke I could sense that there was another person with him. Looking remotely, I saw that he was surrounded by a metal fence with Barbwire, and the place it looked very much like a base. I saw another male standing behind him waiting for him to be finished the call. There was a lot of chaos going on and then he hung up. I was heartbroken for the reason that I knew that the call would be the last time that I would ever speak to him again. After hanging up, I made my way through the other rooms of the home which seemed to be filled with water during the vision. I eventually had come to the dining room which seemed normal enough. The baby was seated with the wife of the important man, at a table that was made of wood. It was an older table, probably in the family for some time. It seems that while I was there, I wasn’t being acknowledged that I had been.They seemed more interested in my child and in keeping her happy and fed. It seemed that I could not escape or leave. Perhaps from the connection that the family had in the organization or for my own safety from the damages that were outside.

Strange, but the world seemed to be upside down in chaos. Why I had been at that location, baffled me.

I know what I see. And all things will take place as in the Angelic messages that I receive and publish for those who care.