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Angel Clistariel



Angel Clistariel is an angel who is also not very well  known. She was created by Michael and Gabriel combining consciousness and making a whole new being who is made with the inuition and compassion of Gabriel and the Logic and courage of Michael. She is the perfect combination of feminine and masculine but leans more to the feminine side of things. She is full of mystery and intrigue as well as seduction and love. She is a beautiful angel who took on the similar family appearance that Michael dislays with albino features. She is funny, but very stern in the way that she teaches. She is known by those who have worked with her to be a fallen messenger because she was stationed as a Venusian, her home in the lanet of love itself… Venus. There, she played cupid in the way that she designed to, but on Earth when sent on a mission, she often stirred up trouble between lovers by provoking love triangles which is where she learned the art of seduction.

She took that seduction back with her4, to Venus which was an abomination to the higher lanes there which housed the Creators of that planet and its hierarchy. She learned from her mistakes while having a life in 4D on Venus and made her way back up by ascension, into the 6th dimension after her time as a fallen. Now she is a resident of the Venusian 5th dimensional plane, as a cherubim there.

She now works as a messenger of letting go of ego and vanity, although she still has to work out those things in herself at times as they sneak back up on her from time to time. Her numerology consists of the numbers 9, 18, and 108. Nine is the number of karma and spiritual laws which she is helping to enforce by helping people to rid themselves of two  of the deadly sins themselves. Those sins are vanity, lust, and both of those are art of the ego. She knows better than anyone in the realms, what those sins can result in. Her lessons have been observed by many spirits who reside with her and they know what happens in those instances of vanity and lust.  She took the fall for those sins, and now many will not have to go through learning them. That is much how some incarnated angels and humans learn through sin so that others in the higher planes can learn by observation.

Her number of 18 brings the vibration of self (1), control (8). Self control is the bigest tool against any sin, especially in the areas of vanity, lust and the things associated with them like the sins that they lead to.  The deadly sins all fall into one another.  Lust, Vanity, Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Jealousy and Wrath. I will do a piece on the The Illumination of Metatron website. For now, the lesson is having self  control overall, that Clistariel reresents. Her name means “the most beautiful of God”, and she is. She is one of the most beautiful angels like her father Michael, the bringer of the light. Some have also called him Lucifer at times, because of the name meaning “lightbringer” itself. Venus is known as the light bringer too, because it herlads the sun rise thus brining light. Michael brings light because light is truth and wisdom. Archangel Michael rules the planet Venus above angel Anael. Together the promote both Love and Light, the motto of the New Age.

Anel Clistariel works with Rose Quartz too. But she also loves the stones of selenite, and at times she will work with Blue Calcite. She is very stronly connected to the lightest ray of blue but with the color black at the center of her orb due to her havin been fallen. The outer layer is white. Then a slight layer of green on further outer layer of her pressence.  The green is lime in variations of green though. Clistariel is a beautiful angel with alot to share with those who want to learn from her angelic wisdom and her first nad experience as well. Her message is to be a strong willed as you can to abstain from any ego indulging activity. This includes victimization, self pity, vanity, doubting in heaven due to lack of understanding or your wishes being fulfilled, being superficial, and much more.

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