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Angelic Virtues


Isaac Mills – Visionary Art

Angelic virtues are attributes in which our heavenly father is made of. It is mandatory that when you are living as a true spiritual being, no matter what your religion, that you follow these virtues. They apply in every religion, but they are just worded differently. I’m going to go over these virtues with you one by one. It isn’t easy to follow them every second of your life. That is because in the world around you, there are many influences that take you away from wanting to do what is right in your life. It is a lot of peer pressure for even adults, to try to keep up with the latest trends, fashion, and lingo. On top of all of that, adults also have to also worry about survival. Many work jobs that they are unhappy with every day simply just to make ends meet… And imagine how much more pressure it is for children?! Indeed, it is far more difficult to be a good person, and much easier to be a worldly one. Nowadays many things are being promoted in regards to self satisfaction. Fashion, perversion, sexual immorality, ego, and so many other things that do not go along with heavenly virtues.

Many people who live according to heavenly virtues, are often ridiculed and put down. I know that when I was a little girl, going to school was very difficult for me. I often had trouble making any kind of friends because many of them thought that I was a goody two shoes. I was very alone growing up until I went through a small phase around the age of 14. It was during the time that I try to fit in with everybody, and believe me I was far more easily accepted when I seemed to be just like everybody else. But I knew that I wasn’t. And I knew that I didn’t want to be either. Many of the people that I knew while growing up, ended up in jail, dead, or running the streets homeless or drug addicted. It’s an awful life to have to live. Many have lost their own children to social services, and they lost the relationships with many of their relatives due to the lack of respect that those things induce in the opinion of others who witness it. But that is the result of many other choices. God bless them. That is the price for trying to be cool.

But what does any of that matter anyhow? Nobody has to live your life for you… do they? When you go home at the end of the day, you are alone with yourself and the Creator who sees all things. You have to look yourself in the mirror. And so do they. But the truth is, even the coolest, most wealthiest, most confident people, feel sad and incomplete at the end of the day. Why do you think that is? …..

My own daughter at one time said to me that she had thought having a lot of money would make her happy. When I sat down to talk to her, I told her that money just buys you a whole lot of material things. Then you have a house full of items, but a body empty of soul. It’s true that you could be rich or poor, but if you are a true spiritual being, then it is living a virtuous life in which you find your happiness. Even those who obtain plastic surery to better their appearances, still feel insecure and they go further with it as they always find another flaw to have to fix. The flaw is not outside though.

Let’s take a look at those virtues now, and I challenge you to live by these virtues for a few months and see how they change your life for the better. Keep in mind that you don’t have to make anybody happy but yourself and our Creator. Because, that is who you are going to meet and be eternally with, at the end of your journey.

The Virtues


Faith is the first virtue. True faith is belief in the right things, including the virtues! Faith in God is upmost. True faith in God is not questioning or having doubts. It’s just knowing that your needs will be fulfilled or that there will be an answer to your prayers, no matter how long it takes. And I say that because sometimes it does take a great deal of time for your prayers to be answered. Our creators and the angels who work for them, have to be able to find the perfect timing in which to deliver the results of your prayer. Sometimes it takes having to alter people, places, and many things… To make room for your prayer request. Once you ask for something, you just have to know that they love you unconditionally and understand your needs. Know that they will come through. You should have faith in many other things too. Like for instance, your family. It’s hard to have faith in your family because people have a tendency to at times let you down. That’s when you turn your faith towards the heavens. Perhaps there is some higher reason as to why your loved one let you down or disappointed you in the first place. Know that God works in mysterious ways.


Hope is making a positive future outlook, that good will prevail. Hope goes with faith, because having faith means that you hope in the results coming true in the future. Hope is something you should never let go of because, if you feel a lack of hope then you don’t have faith in much of anything. That leads to depression and feelings of hopelessness. Right now in this day and time, many are feeling hopelessness. Hopelessness is caused by constant disappointment in life. One failure after the other, or one mistake after the other, can lead to obstacles and hardships on your path. When things do not seem to get better, many start to feel hopeless and they think that things will never get better at all. But the truth is, is that everything happens for a reason. If you continue having obstacles and hardships, perhaps this is a sign that you are not moving in the right direction. Obstacles only occur as a signal to let someone know that they need to change their direction in life. Obviously if things are going wrong, then you are not on the right path. Some obstacles also happen to test you. If you have hope in the heavens and their wisdom and you can see what it it’s all trying to teach you, then you will continue to have faith. Tests occur on your path when you make a promise to yourself, to heaven, or to someone else. Our creator is omnipotent and omnipresent so he sees all things. Even when you make a promise or want to change. He tries to help you, by testing you to see if your mind is in the right place and if you are even ready. Have faith and hope in yourself too.


Charity is concern for, and an active help of others. In the universe there is a law called, the “Law of even exchange”. What you put out into the universe, you ultimately will receive back. If you are not giving anything, then you are probably most likely making it so nothing good comes your own way. When people only worry about their own needs and struggles, then that is placing  more focus on self. And if that is the case, that is called selfishness. Yes, we live in a dog eat dog world. It is the survival of the fittest here, for sure. But the truth is, that we can all survive much better if we all pitch in to help one another. Archangel Michael, when here as Jesus had said, if your fellow neighbor asked you to go a mile, go two miles. If he asks you for your coat, take it off and also give him your shirt.~ Matthew 5:41

What he was trying to say was that, everybody should be going out of their way and bending over backwards for each other. This is so that every body is helping each other and everyone receives. If each person only worries about themselves, there is a good chance if they are not receiving everything that they absolutely need in life. But when you have somebody to take care of you, then you can be sure that you are going to be OK. In other words, if you look out for me, and I look out for you, everybody gets taken care of. We should want to be the better change, that we wish to see in the world. In knowing what struggle and hardships are like, we should strive to want to play a part in easing the hardfships and struggles of those around us so that they can find happiness or at least have suppport. Charity is not just in giving money. You can donate your time, your wisdom, your comfort, and your support to anyone needing it. Or, you can give some goods of yours, that you no longer need to someone who does now need them. Even donating your time to help in a cause, is a form of charity.


Fortitude is never giving up. This goes with faith, hope and charity because you have to have faith in your relationship with Heaven and in others that you love. Then you must place hope in the faith, that things will all work out for the best later on. Knowing that and keeping that outlook, makes it easier to hang on. Be strong. Things may not happen when you want them to, but they happen riht when you need them to. Even if you think you need it now, the heavens may see otherwise. Have faith.


Justice is being fair and equal with others. You also have to be just with yourself too. Just is having a form of fairness and balance in your dealings with others.  For example, if you look at a person overall, you can  not form an opinion of them, without being just. You have to see the good and the bad and weigh them out, before makinga final decision of someone. And you can not judge them either. Judgement  is seeing what a person is all about, and forming a negative opinion about them as a result.  No matter what a person has done, or their characteristics, you should only have love for them because you are not a perfect person fully, yourself. Just like you would want to be loved anyway despite your falws, you have to love others for theirs. However, this doesn’t mean that you should not be aware of those flaws. Being aware of them helps you to safeguard yourself from being taken advantage of, lied to, or hurt. Justice is also being impartial. Heavenly father is impartial. This means that he sees all the same way, and copes with everyone according to weighing out the scales in seeing if their heart, mind, body, and soul worked in harmony together in the mistake that was made, or the good deed that was carried out. Anyone can be nice due to their mind wanting others to view them as righteous. Likewise, anyone can do a good deed from their heart without asking their mind if it was loically neccessary. You see? The same applies in making mistakes or sinning. Were the layers of self working in harmony? If not, then the entire person is not guilty. He judges justly. You have to treat yourself with this same justice too.  Weigh things out for yourself, in order to make better choices. Doing things like lying against someone, or betraying them, gossiping, stealing, cheating, or forming a negative outlook on someone without having all of the facts, are things that are not fair and in turn are not just.


The virtue of having prudence is taking care of and using moderation in all areas of life. This includes, gambling, money, spending, using recreational substances or alcohol, sexual intercourse, and anything else that a person can get overly compulsive with.  1 Corinthians 14:40 states, “But everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way”. This is prudence. Prudence is having a just and balanced way of oing through life, and making sure to not be over excessive in the things that you do. Today, many take things way too far. Video games are played for hours. People spend all of their money on shopping gamblin and food. Some, eat over excessively. Others, drink and get high too much. There are even people who have sex excessively. The virtues add prudence because like I had said in my other blog, if one area of your life is given too much attention to, then all of the others becomes unbalanced and obstacles are formed. However, if you balance what you do, and what you put your time into, you can have a well balanced life.  Anything that you put more time and energy into becomes your God because what you put first in your life, is what you basically worship. Matthew 6:24 states, “No man can serve two masters: for either he. will hate the one, and love the other; or else. he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon”. In other words, if you place more tiem in one thing, then you love that one thin most. And as a result, your time and energy will go toward that instead. That is what worhip is in a sense. Balance is prudence. Make equal time for all things and do not be excessive.


Displaying temperance is having the moderation of using the needed things in your life,  and on the other hand exercising abstinence from things which are not needed. When people can not prioritize over the things that they need and overwhelm themselves with adding the things that they do not need, their lives become way out of balance and they start feeling stress and frustration. That is not temperance at all. Temperance is being calm and peaceful while handling one thing at a time.  This is much like the serenity prayer. “Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things that I can not change, the courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Temperance is hard because everyone wants to continue keeping up with everything to get everythign that they need to, complete. However, this is unwise because most of the time it is going against having justice for yourself, and it is not displaying prudence to take on too many things while in a rush in your life. Your life is valuable enough to take your time.

The virtues help safeguard you from commiting the seven deadly sins which I will do an article about on this site soon.  For now, if you wantr to live according to the virtues but have difficulty, please enroll in our Angelic mentoring. For now, just know that it takes a true want to live according to better values, and being a better person. It may make you seperate from the world, but hey we want to go to heaven anyway and that’s not on Earth after all.

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