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Angel Ambriel

Angel Ambriel has a few correspondents such as the month of May, and the zodiacal sun sign of Gemini. However, this is not correct. Well, in regards to May anyhow. Actually, Ambriel is associated with the month of June, but because of Gemini beginning on May 20th and ends on June 20th, we could attribute the last 11 days of May to her. That’s according to Human terms. We angels only calculate a year from May 1st to September 22nd, a full 144 days. This is symbolic to the 144,000 chosen ones on Earth. I’ll explain why at another time.

Nevertheless, Ambriel is not only associated with Gemini but I know her to be associated with the number 6, among a few others. Six symbolizes creative energies on Earth physically, and that which can be forever manifested in the heaven. This is why she was volunteered by Archangel Michael for being the messenger who delivers motivational ideas in my service called “Heavenly Homework“. In it, seekers are provided with creative ideas that they can use for having things to keep them busy if they need the extra inspiration. Ambriel will give a wonderful plan, to build a great foundation in life, for that week or month.

Ambriel provides protection as most messengers do but most of all she represents starting out on a secure and solid foundation in anything. Whether it’s something added to your path and goals, or your path being started overall, entirely new. To walk a spiritual path toward heaven would require that person to change and work out their flaws or at least the ones that hurt themselves and others. That means becoming a beautiful person, and that’s what her name means… “beautiful person of God”. Her motivational ideas help a person who actually works with them, to become more of a beautiful godly person more and more that they include her activities in their lives since they help to keep people in a positive place.

Ambriel is associated with the element of Air but her planet is Saturn. Even though Mercury is the official sign of Gemini, she represents Saturn in Gemini. Anyone born while Saturn was in Gemini will have Ambriel as a part of their zodiac consciousness. She appears in a glow of light blue, yellow and a peachy color. Her energy is like sitting outside around 4:00 pm and her voice is gentle like a mini waterfall in the background undertone of the day.

You can ask Ambriel for help in beauty, getting yourself going, new ideas and growth. You can also ask her to help in understanding your duality, so as to have them blend righteously in a virtuous way.

Her flower is Hollyhock and in bright yellow. Her stone is yellow scapolite the stone of motivation and problem solving. It balances energies for achievement and flows steady inspiration into your aura.

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