Ascended Master Medrael (Joan of Arc)

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The master in the light is the Ascended Master, Saint Joan of Arc. In heaven, she is called Medrael. This means, “The mighty of God”. She was young maiden who was alive in the 1400s in France. She was born with the ability to channel. She was not speaking to God or an angel, but she had been speaking to her spiritual guide. The spiritual guide was trying to help her through the wars that were taking place in her time. Our heavens tell us, that she had been in early rape victim, having watched her own mother having been raped, and then soldiers themselves, raped Joan afterward. This is something that they do not really know in history, as it was a piece of information that had never been shared.  In fact there is a lot of information in history, that was rewritten the wrong way or was not shared. This also has a good example in the story of King Richard the third. Nobody ever really truly knew what happened in regards to the boys in the tower. But looking into the records, I do.

Joan of arc was a visionary in her time growing up as a child. Sometimes trauma can shut off your spiritual abilities, or they can intensify them. In her case, they were intensified. The rape that she sustained, had brought her emotions out on a much more vulnerable level. This opened her up much more to the spiritual Veil. It was there in the veil, that her spiritual guide came forward and spoke to her about the corruption, and injustice that was going on in the war during her time. She had made it a Vow, to fight for justice in the name of heaven. She was very knowledgeable and many spiritual things especially in the religion of her time. She did die at a very early age though, and it was then that she was taken to a higher plane of heaven for the endless selfless sacrifice is that she made and fighting for what she believed in. It’s funny how they killed her as a witch but made her a saint, according to the same religion later on.After going to heaven, she ended up having a great connection to the Angels and messengers although, she was placed on the sixth dimension as a virtue. She presides over the virtue of strength under the legion of archangel Ariel. Having ascended that Virtue in her life… She did not have higher learning, as she was raised in poverty, but her pure love and devoition to heaven, made her soul one that was worthy of the higher planes as she was blemishless and full of the strenth needed to be in heaven. Archangel Ariel adopted her into her legion.

She said…

“Wes Hal, I come from my place in the upper planes of residence in the great matrix of the layered complex that we all call home, whether from above or below. I come, as a emissary of strength. In truth, the world has greatly changed since my time there on Earth. In my days of living, we did not have the strange devices of your time. I find that people may feel connected more through them, but in sincere observation it is truly causing more division than ever before. What division is this? It causes all people who use them, to become like robotic soldiers without individuality. I see them all march to the beat of the same tune. Looking back, I recall in my time that many had their own thoughts, and they were only influenced by the influences who imposed themselves firmly on the people in areas more populated by the ruling class. We lived in reality, but also in imaginary worlds that left room for unique creativity, and a belief in the unknown and the unseen. This is dying in your world.

Children, instead of being outdoors and playing in nature, using it as their tools in their games, now find focus on media. The media is stripping them of their connection with nature and instead interlocking them into artificial intelligence. Back in my time, this was unheard of. We rode sticks as horses, into imaginary battle. We sang our thoughts out loud in words that rhymed. We used mud as “baking flour” for fictional pies. Now, their world is in a screen. Those of you born before the 1990’s know better, in your time… how the world of imagination was. As many of you still had the world of imagination.

The path of those who deliver messages to Earth, is that we are hated, put down, made fun of, and scrutinized. Even Alura has endured this. The unique individuality is what launches you beyond society. I was killed for my uniqueness. I could never be myself. Do not be afraid to be yourself. As a woman, I could not fight in a battle to defend my beliefs. I had to dress as a man. They, knowing this, still put me down. They said it was against canonical law for a female to dress as a male. I had a spiritual connection that the religious leaders could only envy for, and they told me that it was demons. I had strategy that generals could never have even stormed up with, and they told me that it was not my place. I was framed, used for my information, and than killed in the worst of ways. Being burned alive takes the soul to purgatorial realms, as fire diminishes the light. It transmutates it. However, I was lucky enough that my spiritual guide caused my death not of burning but of the smoke itself. I still can recall the choking sensation of the thick black cloud,that surrounded me, and sent a trail up my nostrils of the smoke itself and a scent of my own cooking flesh. The world indeed has its ways of finding evil in the innocent.  Please, always try to seek to inspire the children of your world to go outside, to find beauty in their mind, as this is what opens them up to the love of heaven and all things in it. Hirtherto, there has not been any motivation. The adults of the world still need to see, that their influence can and will make a difference on the youth of this controlled generation. If not, the next generation will be full of hate, and this will bring the Bible prophecy into manifestation of their being crime on every corner. Oh woe, as the children these days are taking in knowledge of unholy things!. They seek their very own destruction without even knowing it. They should be the future of a greater dawn but instead are the generation of an early demise. Keep your children well. This way, each child raised better, can equal up to many being riased up in holiness, and this can lead to the new heavens in which the Gods have spoken of! Thank you for having me in your loving presence, and I know that one day the world will be happily restored in heart, mind, body and soul. I have seen the turning of each millenium. I look forward to seeing the turn of a brighter new age.”


Joan of Arc died at only 19 years old, having been corruptedly mischarged for her differences. As she said, they hated her for what they envied in her, as a stron female leader in her time. However, it is obvious that she was believed in, because like Jesus whom they punished for his message, they adoptedf his teachings later. They do the same with every master. Joan of Arc as well. The very same religion who persecuted her and put her to death, made he a saint later.’

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Flowers in honor of Joan of Arc, are the French White Thistle. Placin them on an alter can provide peace when needin to regain strength mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually.

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 You can also use the healing vibrations of the stone  of Howlite, which provides a gentle, airy feeling to it, and works with all chakras in stabilizing them. Crystals do not truly do much as some of them have a lower vibration than many humans, but they do provide assistance in small ways. Howlite is one that you can feel the serene energy surrounding it when you have it near.  It is an amazing stone with Joan of arc’s message of strenth all around it. I hope that it helps you.

Joan or Arc ( Medrael) is a beautiful being whom many thought was crazy due to her erratic need to deliver chane and to do it swiftly. Who can blame her? She was running out of time, and working to get her messae across, in a world of men which was purely dominating in society back then. She also had the Church against her, and I very well know how that feels. Truly. It takes an imagination like she said, to open the mind to believingin things unknown or without answer. I hope she has inspired you to do that, as well as helping your children to return back to the innocence needed in their youth.

You may want a message from her yourself personally! She help provide inspiration and strength in motivating determination within you to achieve in the inspired idea. You can do so, by going to Ascended Master Messages By: Alura

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