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Alien Races- The Race To Enlightenment

I have heard so much bologne about different races out there and how certain people are trying to use a few of the Star titles to fit their own agendas. I am here to say, they do not know what they are talking about in the least. First of all, I heard someone say that the Pleiadians are an elite group of angels. Not!
All Angels are elite so that wouldn’t make sense right there. Pleidians come from dimensions 5 and 4. Angels come from 6-8. I am surprised as to how many bought in to that one. Pleiadians, are also being referenced to as the ones who started this all, and the ones who will finish it. And while they did play a small part in all of this, there are a few far more ancient groups who had alot more to do with Earth’s changes instead. I also heard the Jehovians referenced to as a malevolent group, and the list goes on. I am not surprised that in this society people would act just like they are programmed to, and mix the truth and deceive. No, not at all. But that is why I am happy to be here and help everyone learn the truth. I want to go through the list with you here to better inform you. I bring you this information based on my Akashic Records as an Angel.
Many want to blame one race here, or praise one race there, but it is important to know exactly what occurred so we can know who  is to be trusted and who is not.
 The Annunaki did not dominate the entire world, but yes they took over some parts of Ancient Sumeria and tried to expand further into the regions (See Enki Tablets).  There were different groups of alien races who worked with several of the civilizations.  Each did their own thing.  It is fair to say they had meetings and shared their plans on improving the people of earth.
Beings from Orion taught some of the  Native American Indian races, as well as the Egyptians (see the pyramids lined up with the pyramids). Then we had the Pleiadians who taught some of the Northern People such as Germany, Scandanavia, Sweden, Finland, Anglo Saxon etc  ( explaining the blonde hair, blue eyes). We also had the Jehovians who taught the people of Israel but there were also a few others who stepped in such as the Angelics who wanted to help free the people from those teachings because it was a control mechanism and full of fears of different punishments for being imperfect( Yahweh, Jehovah). The Jehovians were not malevolent unless messed with and it was only that they had an extremely strict way of doing things. The Scythians taught the Irish and even expanded into the branches of anglo saxon that the Pleiadians had worked with (Tuatha De Denan). And, lets not forget  the Reptilians who taught the Mayans (Kukulkan). We also have the Arcturians who left some of their teachings in the Hindi Society. It was the Ainanna who helped evolve those in Japan as well. The Tau Cetians and Eridanians also have played a large role in advancing the Spanish, and The Blues helped spiirtually enlighten the Hopi Indians and taught the people of India ages ago..
So you see it was not just one group, but many who have been here helping all of this time. And just like there are many who helped, there would be some who wanted to ruin it.
The only races we have to fear are as follows.
1.The Alcobata- From Perseus
3.Zeta Reticulans (AKA The Greys)
4.Booteans/Reptilian (Species of Bootes)
5.Burrowers-  Hybrid Serpent people who burrow in Underground Caverns.
6.Buttahs- Associated with nightime, Nightmares and Darkness, sometimes can appear as shadow people but be careful because other malevolent species out there also can come as a shadow so one can never be sure and I would not suggest you ask them.
7.Chameleon Race- Geneticly bred so they can appear as humans such as the the leaders in our world governments.
8. Some of the Alpha Draconian lineage is also branching off to work towards world domination.
9. Maitre- These are the ones totally behind the domination of Earth and still plotting it’s total take over
Those are a few of the races that I am sure of that are responsible for putting a grid around the Earth’s original grid , and suppressing the DNA’s ability to work with it. They also use chakras to filter out energy to gain more life force for themselves, which is why I always reccomend everyone get a special grid of protection placed around them. It is a called a Fractal Cage. The Chakras can then work with the program in that grid and keep any outside entities from being able to attack, until the DNA is re-activated and they can use the Earth’s Grid again. Many of the Angelics, and Benevolent Star Races are circling the globe out there in order to cause interference in the overlapping grid that the other races put out there. We want so badly to get rid of it entirely but they have some one up there all of the time monitoring. Those satalites from the government are not simply there for entertainment and media you know? They are also keeping an eye on any intruders who try to get in the way of their world domination plan.
There are many others but those are the ones that I have mainly been aware of in my mission here and out there.  I have experienced these first hand in my journey here on this Earth.
People are so vulnerable in society right now that they so want to understand things and will believe almost anything. I still laugh when people say that Annunaki were reptilians. They were in fact merely giants. Everything got so mixed up, and I just wanted to clear things up. We have gained alot from those races, and lost a lot from the others, and now it is time to put things right. That’s why many of those benevolent races have allowed souls form their homes to incarnate here. The Angels also chose to come here as well because we want to help everyone too. Due to the grid here on Earth, it knocks out some of the memories that people have, but it is possible to gain it back. You can learn so much if you go back into all of the many teachings that those races brought us by researching many of the different religions out there, then put it all together and you have the truth, even though there is still much to learn still. Do you come from a life in the Stars? How about the Angelic Realm? I can give you your true soul origin, or help you discover you entire voyage as a soul in Akasha Records Reading. Why not find out? Or you can simply activate your DNA so that you can remember on your own. Once you do, you will feel like our soul has been set free because you have the awareness that you are a bigger part of the scheme of things. Find Out Here
Anyhow, Let’s look at some of the other races out there in the Universe so that you can at least be familiar with the names of them. Some you may know, and others you may not. I will also be doing a blog entry on some of the less known races.
Other Alien Races out there for you to research are as follows: These are non-threatening entities as well as threatening.  Some are simply hidden and want to be left alone. I will label for you.
1.Agharians- Middle earth- Not a threat, in fact helpful
2. Altarians- Star System of Altair- Not a threat
3. Anakim- Offspring of the Annunaki and Humans- Not a threat
4. Andromedans- Helpful
5. Antares- Come from Sirius- Helpful
6. Anarticans- Underground in a base sort of like an Embassy for any visitors from other planets.-Helpful
7. Alabrams- Come from another planet in Andromeda- Not a threat
8. Afim- Come from Lyra- Threat
9. Bernarians- Come from the Star system near Bernards Star- Helpful
10. Deros- they are also called Sumuwneans originally and have influenced some hindu beliefs- Hidden
11. Duwaanis- From Canis Major-Hidden
12. Dorsay- Cassiopeans- Not a threat
13. Dries- Cetus- Threat
14. El-Manouk- From Grus near Alnair- Threat
15. Orela- Threat
16. Algaretians- Threat
17. Redanians-Threat
18. Emertherians- Threat
19. X-1Z- These beings also wonderful at shapeshifting and blend in fine until upset which is when you will see slight changes in their appearance. Threat.
20. The Felines-  Lovely Race , who are wise and inherited Lyra eons ago- Helpful
21. Gizans- Live under Egypt- Hidden
22. Cygnians- From Cygnus, and there a a few species here. Greys , and humanoids. The greys are a threat while the Humanoid Cygnians are helpful. They grew tired of the greys control so they started having souls incarnate on Earth in the 1980’s and up to be an inspirtation.
Now, it is said that these beings are any where from 4D to 9D. That is not true either. Like I said, Angels occupy the dimensions 6-8. So the alien races listed here can only be 4-5D. That is my experience as I know. There are billions of other races but these are the most well known ones. I hope that this has cleared up the truth, and showed everyone how religion continues to change due to the teachings of these beings. Many will ask about the Creator. I have heard, “Alura if these beings are the ones responsible for the beliefs spiritually on Earth, then where does God fit in?” That is a good question, and here is the answer.  There is a God, or better yet Creator (God is Dog spelled backwards and I do not want to use such a term when speaking of the one who all things), and there are two. A mother and a Father. As above so below. They made the entire Universe and the other Universes as well. They left it all in control of the Sons and Daughters that they made., as well as put it all into the care of the Angels. Then those other races were made, and to fill up the Universe to expand consciousness. It all comes together. The only trouble is we are all on different vibrations and use the consciousness in different ways. One day that will change though and the entire universe be back to one vibration. The whole purpose of this all to see who gets to advance first. It is like a race. And just like there is always that one cheater that trips up one of the other runners, we have other races trying to prevent earthlings from making it to the finish line. That is why our loving brothers and sisters who have already gotten  a little further ahead wanted to give humanity a hand by sending our souls down here to help.
Some of them can not stay an entire lifetime here in their original form due to the vibration being so much higher. They would evaporate. So they sent the consciousness here to be born in a body. Yes, they have the ability to do that! One we will too. As humanity grows, they will one day be where the others are, but until then they have to keep our guard up.  It is up to us to awaken and lead them.
Angels are Angels, and Pleiadians are Pleiadians and so on. We are all different species but we do work together, and I hope it stays that way!
I will always continue to work with my Angelic Family, and hope that you will always work with yours. This is brought to you from the Angelic Emissaries of Light 8th Dimensional Division.
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