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Archangel Amitiel

Welcome, all of you angel fanatics out there, just like me! I pray you read this, in the best of health and full of joy. This article is by special request, for my dear friend Kifarion, a soul child of Amitiel. I also have one other person who is also related, through the descent in another legion. This would make the two spiritual cousins of sorts. Amitiel has been a controversial subject for many, because he is another angel whom many do not if he is fallen or still on high. There are some who say, and some who claim the other. I am here to lay it all to rest, and give what I know to the public. May my kin, the angels know, that I am loyal, and that my intentions are to help othersn to find themselves, and in doing so, they will find the parts of  themself that were missing. Those parts are the fragments which are still connected to the Creator, the heavens, angels, or where ever else they come from, even Earth. Channeled Message from Amitiel

AmitielAmitiel is called such for his purpose. That purpose is to deliver the sensitivity of God. It is his purpose for having been created. To expand this sensitivity down into the lower realms as far as it can reach. What sensitivity is it? The sensitivity of empathy and sympathy, being sensitive to others, their issues, their outlooks, and situations in life. Amitiel is a creator, like all angels mostly, and made legions for himself out of his own energy. With many layers out there in each domain, all planets, stars and even the Universe itself, have their own dimensions. In each dimension are more mini ones,and in each mini plane, are thousands or more “realms”, like alternate rooms. Amitiel is one of the Creator angels, having made a few legions, but in doing so, he lowered his energy a substantial amount, bringing him to a lower dimension than he was made in to start. This is why they say he is fallen, one of the reasons anyhow. He  is technically “fallen” , as he lowered his energy “fell”, by losing some of his light to expand smaller parts of himself to the realms below. Some of that energy will return once they have learned.. Some will become their very own soul. Those souls are collecting data to give to Amitiel, but they are not going to reconnect back. They will grow on their own.

Amitiel made many souls. he started in the 7th dimension, and then went down to the 6th. All energy is light, light in consciousness, consciousness is intelligence. His light consisted of particles of his intelligence, they made smaller fractions of his energy to become smaller souls out of them, and eventually grow. This would make the soul unique as they add more knowledge, test it, and challenge it in their journey. Amitiel is an angel whose intelligence originally came from Archangel Gabriel. As a family, Gabriel sent Amitiel to work in another part of the 7th dimension.  One of many angels that Gabriel is responsible for creating, Amitiel was made of the sensitivity that is Gabriel. Gabriel is the angel of emotions, and the moon. Amitiel developed insight into many truths, in his own journey and not only proclaimed the creator’s “sensitivity” but also “truth” in his existence. This angel is also a karma angel, alongside of Angel Halaliel, and was given the job as a judge…

sun_and_moon_by_tobaal-d5f90o6Amitiel rules a legion of 135,000 souls, of all vibrations. Not all of them are angelic. He delivers truth, sympathetic tendencies, and understanding, to those who have a need of those attributes.  But it does not stop him from delivering judgement to those who are guilty of karma or sin. There is a big difference in the two.

Amitiel is a stern but understanding angel, who uses more feminine energy in his existence. He uses intuition, and empathy. His color is white with his soul mother Gabriel, but as he got further from his Source, the light ray’s vibration slowed down and lengthened, to a nice silvery tone at that time. Now, his energy has been lowered for so long, that it has a bit of murky tone to it.  Silvery with a yellow hue in the fog around the central core. He operates through the moon, and is known as a Seraphim. He is wise, and does not pack any punches. And, because he is so full of truth, a person who interacts with him gets exactly that, and sometimes the truth is not always accepted or wanted, as direct as it comes. It can be totally direct and blunt when Amitiel delivers it. He was also known as Aernus. And in the Celtic traditions, he was known to the people as “the sleeping God”. That is because, he did not communicate with them as much, so they thought of him as being a God who was asleep.

stibnite36228jHe works with the crystals of Mica, Silver, Galena, and Stibnite. Any angel can use any stone that they need, for it’s vibration, at any time. He is also known to use Tiger’s Eye at times for grounding truth into someone or the world. He is very close to Earth being in it’s atmosphere, and loves stones. Especially, Stibnite. Truth brings change, so what better than to have a stone which helps aid in that! Stibnite is the stone of transformation and change, on a huge scale. It helps manifest your dreams, and  gives you a positive outlook on things, including your changes, instead of fearing them.. Amitiel is the same. Therefore, the stone is perfect for him. This why he was assigned to it.

He does not have a domain, or throne, but he is a power. He works with archangel Michael and Archangel Gabriel, in the sun and moon energies. This is because he is an angel who illuminates in both, an intense and in a soft way. This is because he is originally an angel of white light. Being of the white light, it can transmute all colors in the rainbow. Therefore, his energy can attune to any one of the light rays, and since he is working under more powerful Archs,  he shares with them their number vibrations, at the time too. He uses the numbers 69, and 6.

Sixty Nine, speaks to us of inner truth that leads to awakening, and changes that will ultimately lead to even more. 6 tells us of destruction. The destruction of the old, to make room for the new. That is Angel Amitiel in nut shell. He is all about those things. Destroying the old, to make room for the new. He gets that from Archangel Michael above him. Archangel Michael is the prince of angels.  Amitiel also gets other attributes like,  transcending and awakening, from Archangel Gabriel.Hawk_PNG_Clipart_Picture


Angel Amitiel appears an orb of white light, and sometimes in silver, or an orb of silver with a yellow murky outer layer. It is a beautiful light, but Amitiel can also appear as a man, even  though he is actually more feminine than anything. I have also known Amitiel to go through spirit guides, and also animal totems. He also appears as a hawk.  Call on Amitiel for truth, wisdom, understanding, inner discovery, change, awakening, and sympathy towards others. This angel is truly one of my favorites..

Channeled message From and Insight From Amitiel

Channeled in 2009

“I AM, the Archangel Amitiel. They say that I am fallen, but not totally. Once, I allowed my consciousness to consider temptation, from my fallen brethren. But in my loyalty to the Creator,  I turned away. I knew that would not be the way that the great Amitiel would go down. However, even the consideration of it, made me fall from grace, just a bit. I have lost my graceful wings of light energy, and now I roam the Astral World. I am  waiting to be set free.

One day when the human race can  free itself from allowing the mind to be filled with temptation, they will in turn, free me as well.  I will then get my wings back. This does not mean that I do not still work for the most high. I still carry out my missions, and tasks. One of them was bringing you this message. I still give my consciousness and energy to Earth, in the form of the Tiger’s Eye today. Many things have been implanted into that world and I see many things coming. The truth will need to be accessible. Tiger’s eye is my way of grounding more truth there. That stone, at the moment, also describes how I feel. And I feel like a caged tiger, roaming back forth, waiting for a way out. I am on the prowl, keeping my sharp eyes on all of the people who are ready to make mistakes. I operate a ray tinged with brown due to my mistakes, no longer as colorful and bright as my brothers and sisters in heaven, but still powerful all the same.

My message to you is this:

Many immoral things are in the world. They are promoted, and unfortunately being programmed into the mind through TV, and Media.  It is causing others to sin. But did you know that, even if you consider to do something wrong, or think negatively in this world, it is all the same as actually doing it? Why? You may ask. Because, your consciousness is the most powerful thing in your being. With it you are able to manifest thoughts into reality. Therefore, what you think, is the same as what you do.Free your minds of any unclean thing, and renew the energy  so it can once again become pure. This happens when you think positive.

When you judge your fellow man, or wish harm on them, you may as well have done the deed to  physically harm them. Your thoughts will send that person negative energy, that could affect their very lives. Instead, send those around you, love and pure white light energy . Keep yourselves from any trace of guilt. In this, you will lift your energy vibrations and become the difference in this world, that this world so very much needs. What you think about. is just as bad as, what you could  have done physically. This is because, the physical body is the illusion, and the mind is a part of the soul. It is the soul, that is real. Do not sin with your soul! No, do not do as I did. Keep all unclean things, wrongness, and judgments far from you. In turn, you will attract to yourselves, pure love and abundance.”