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Angelic Update: Behind it all

According to new heavenly communications, the United States does not have the real funds or currency that it claims. As a result of trading with another nation, debt has accumulated over time. The nation that is owed will demand that the debt be repaid. However, the U.S itself does not have enough money.

That is one of the reasons that virus was sent. Expecting to hear that the other nation had been spreading with infection in order to close off transportation and borders. But the other nation hid the fact that they were sick and the plan backfired, infecting many from the nation who had caused the pandemic to begin with.

Now, with all of the economy must be shut down. People will be forced to rely on assistance and aid that will come with a heavy price, even the price of their lives. There will be so much unrest between nations and civilians alike. The new order is being established and it may be very much like what was experience so long time ago like when the people faced the holocaust.

The Infection was inspired off of the west Nile virus and is very similar to it in composition, but more severe. It is meant to surround everything that you held as normal, and to force people indoors while all of these things are taking place. How blessed we are that we still have spiritual visitors from above, below and interdimensionally who will play a huge role in the happenings here.

Once the American people find out that there’s no any money for them and major corporations pull their money from the banks, we will enter the great depression worse than the one before it. I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but that is why all of this is happening right as of now. Although there is more, I have to be very discreet. Please keep the faith. If you pay attention you can help yourself and your family. The directions from above, and your faith will help you.

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