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Unicorn Souls


The Unicorn existed a long time ago, in ancient history. They were horses, made by a very specific race, who saw a majestic light within the spirit of the horse. They thought by adding more magical power to them in an antenna or horn, that they would receive alot of energy, and guide the world into peace. The Unicorns have alot to do with the Atlans. They had brought some visitors here, a long time ago before Atlantis had been built. They had created them, like I stated in the beginning, for more energy to be brought down to earth..  Since Unicorn roamed the earth, the energy could help in infusing some of the in between leylines, just like the obelisks and monoliths had been doing. It was all streaming from the points of the structures, and the Unicorn horns.  The entire race created by Asmodel, an Archangel who appeared as a Unicorn, had been placed in a far off star system. They decided to visit here, and then with the native horse race here, they merged genetically, and the Unicorn became a resident of earth. However, Unicorns were so sought after for their magical wisdom, and power, for their horns. It was said, that anyone bearing the horn of a Unicorn, would be the world’s best magician. They could have riches, glory and wealth, and even command nations. As nations were to develop that is. So, man in their conquest for power chased after the Unicorn. They had to run away and hide in forests that they placed a protective barrier around.

 The other types, like fairies, had not been so hunted. Only looked for, by people wanting insight or a wish. They felt terrible for the Unicorn. They felt that the humans were cruel for causing injury to this peaceful mystical being. Horses in general were kind, loyal, and full of inner harmony. Now, this breed with those traits, and power, were being hunted all for just their horn, that they would have happily gave in exchange for their lives, only had the humans asked them instead of chasing them to kill them. Cutting the horn off, would not hurt them, and the stump would had grown back, and they would had sharpened it by rubbing against a tree or stone. But humans in their mad pursuits, did not care. The Unicorn were slaughtered and then slowly died away. Their souls, were the first ones to enter into the fairy realm as they were happily welcomed by them. mermaids joined later for similar reasons concerning their extinction.

The protective screen that the Unicorn and fairies made in the old forests here though, were why people called them “Enchanted Forests”. It was magical, and there was a a great force felt there. Many animals and spiritual beings would gather there for protection and for the pure energy to help them thrive. The Unicorn were wonderful beings, peaceful, and silent. They telepathically spoke, and always saw deeper into any man’s soul. That is one of the reasons that they would run from man. They could see the intention of their arrival to the forest. Sometimes, the magic there, would later after chasing the Unicorn pointlessly, would cause the hunters to wander the forest in circles, confused, and bewildered. Later, they would “come out of it”, and forget the whole thing until returning home, but the location would had been cloaked. They could not return. Others only found the unicorn in listening to the tales of hunter’s attempts, and giving it a try themselves.

Unicorns found their home in the fairy world, but later gained a realm of their own if they wanted to use it, from the WiseOnes, (we’ll get into those, later on) are angels who were guardians of the magical planes of existence. There it is so beautiful and peaceful. It is like being in dream, forever, to only realize that you have been gone for so long .. They still dwell in the fairy world, but since fairies love nuts, berries, and blossoms, the unicorn needed crystals for energy. So, strong ones were brought up out of the realm, for them to use for fueling their life force. They were laid out, all over the realm, Since there are no corners to the realms, and it is just one wide open space, the crystals were implanted throughout. I have a few of these stones.. Beautiful and strongly vibrating… I have not wanted to sell them yet though. They are too magical. But holding one, gives a person the charge of a lifetime..

The Unicorn have such inncocence, said to be one of the holders of innocence, they have been the topic of alot of folklore, fairytales, movies, and books. However, channeling a Unicorn is nothing like any other spirit. There are very distinct things that happen when one does. Very specific, and very unique. There is no confusing it.. There is one huge epic thing that happens.. I love the spirit of the Unicorn.

Unicorns have been a subject to the world, for eons now.  Now, we see the connections. You may want to check out the video at, Alura Cein Channel, I will go into these beings as a soul type. Now, let us learn more about them in the world, as it is important in understanding the many different types.

Native American Indians understood nature, and Unicorns are a being of nature. They were created  through the angelic authorities who created Earth, from the mixing the DNA, of the Alcohbata race from Perseus, the Monoceros people, and horses native to Earth, when they had visited Earth in Lemuria. This led to the creation of not only Unicorn, but Centaur as well. Through the many types of Unicorns that were made, they stretched out into the four corners of the Earth. When things started to go down here, the Fallen Angels started to take over the domain of Earth, so the Alcohbata and Monoeros, took a few of the Unicorns out of this planet with them, to go and populate other worlds beyond. As Unicorn became extinct here, they took residence in another plane spiritually, and safely existed there. In their realm, some shared with other beings, some alone, they resided too, over nature. Natives were very much connected to Nature spirits. They felt the connection to the Earth, as the Star People, taught them much about how they were made of the dust of the Earth. They revered the beings of the Stars, as they would visit secretly now and then when they could transmute a message, usually holographic, so that it would seem as if they were here, in the flesh with the Natives. The Hopi Indians were the ones to document this the most.

 They were  infamous for their stories. Some of them containing the stories of White Horses, who were magical, and came with the gods of Ice and Snow. Native Americans did not call it a Unicorn, as they often thought the horn to be symbolic for the “one great spirit’s power”. The “white horses” who came with the messengers, were often white, innocent, and had power over nature just as much as the God riding it did. They saw the  Unicorn, as a spirit of great balanced energy. This is why many women wore one white feather standing upright.  It represented what they saw, as they did not have words in their language to describe everything. instead, they had a silent understanding, making them wise, as they knew in spirit, there existed no time, nor definition. It just simply was. The males, they wore the feathers too, as it represented their manhood,in their gender region.

In many places, Unicorns were spoken of,even by men of renown. Such as Julius Caesar, and Pliny the Elder. None the less, there are many species of these beings as I went on to describe in my previous blog. Some were goat like, some were fish, and some, well, were often confused as a rhinoceros. It all depended on how much the person believed in them, and if they were not real, then why do so many royal coats of arms have a Unicorn depicted? Someone important, had knowledge of something right? The one to the right, is the Queen of Britain, Coat of Arms.. The Unicorn is to the left hand side.  The point is, there have been many cover ups, in our History. There were so many different species of everything, including Unicorn, that over time, the law of adaptation had them change, and the Archons removed the ones that they felt were threats. The Unicorn, here in America, came from the Indians who lived here, and also from legends that had been carried over from the settlers who came from Britain. They had been obsessed with the idea of the Unicorn, from their days of chivalry, fairy tale, and romance, in the middle ages. The Celtic people were probably the most to tell these legends though.

 I wanted to share with you a perspective, from my own past life..

Once upon a time…

 I had not had many lifetimes here on Earth. I had quite a few visitations. The beauty of a messenger, is that we can be in many places at once. Even while living in this present day, I did my work in this body, while allowing another person to channel my angelic spirit. They obtained much information. However, in the incarnations that I had, they were more connected to the middle ages of all times, than with any other. I must say, I loved those times.

I was born into a family who had huge connections to the royal members of that day in age. It was a boring life, stitching and sewing for fun, and long walks out in the gardens or woods. I remember walking out in Yorkshire, where there had been a great waterfall, and sitting by the water, thinking about spirit. I was always magical, and psychic. It was a frightening thing though, because I was also RH Negative blood type,in that life as well. They act as if discoveries had been newly made at random times in the world, but the truth is, the Archons always knew, and so did their human minions. The church had been on the hunt for the Holy Grail blood line, disguising it as a cup. they knew very well it was a blood line. However, the only way to know, was through seeing if the person had any magical powers or sight. It was not a wise way to go about it, because not all of the people in that blood line had magical powers. Some only had the blood line, in case, a messenger wanted to use that body and blood, for the properties to be activated in them, by that higher spirit. Without the higher spirit to activate them, they were useless. There would only be sensitivity to energy. I was activated, but kept my powers secret. I only used the wisdom, to help rid the world through figures who were agreeing with me, of the rule of the Roman church. It was too early still, to do this. I was not successful.

Magic was still being done all over, as pagans (as they were called), still held ceremonies,rituals, and great celebrations from the Celtic people, who influenced a lot of territories. The Anglo Saxon did as well, and they were a huge tribe in the area. The church went after the people known for magical practices, but then realized that they could not tell who was who, and that not all of them would have power, but still may carry the blood. So, they began killing everyone involved. Villages had been burnt too..  Life truly was different. Horrific, and also at times magical.

Knights believed in romantic romps in the forest, and in love at first sight. They traveled so much in their quests, that if they saw a maiden, and felt lust, then it was love. They believed in the magical beings involved with connecting star crossed lovers. The legends were allowed, but not the practices.  I always thought it to be hypocritical. However, I knew the truth myself, and so I kept quiet, and tried to blend in as a normal person, acting like a supporter of the church on the surface, but against it behind the scenes.

At the water, I sat, and pondered life. How beautiful it was! When I tell you that the air was light, misty, and fresh, I am not even able in those words, to tell you just how much. People spoke in polite talk, manners, and respect. The language was romantic. Without television, we had no entertainment, besides masquerades,and story telling of legends, or some great adventure of one of the knights returned home. Imagination was left to roam, and especially while alone, sitting in such a scene, as the forest and waterfall sang in it’s rushing of waters. I smiled then, more than I ever have, as I knew the figures in sonnets and poetry, were real.  I stood up, danced around with a magical tune within my mind. I saw the orbs of light floating in the atmosphere. and the face in the reflection of the river, of a woman, not me. The lady of the rivers.

 Against the traditions, I let my long wavy brown hair down out of the hood I wore. It was cool there, but as I danced, I became hot. Then, I sat back down, and heard the thunderous sound of hooves in the distance. I thought it may be the knights on their witch hunt. I hid frantically, in the tall grass and shrubs nearby. My dress was dark brown, and so I had a fear that I may be seen still. I held my breath and awaited the outcome. Now, I can not be certain, I only had a tiny view between branches, but as I describe what I saw, I only hope I do so accurately. It has been so long, but seems only yesterday, as I have gone through time awake, without the structure of the time itself. Even now, I do not know what day or time it is, I simply live. But it was then, sitting in the shrubs, in fetal position as I tried to hide myself, that I saw a white horse galloping by. A few knights followed behind it. As I watched, things seemed to go in slow motion. I thought I saw one single horn on the white horse, in the third eye area. It was not gold, as depictions in art or fantasy, but it was the same color as an elephant’s tusk. Maybe of Ivory. It got too far out of my sight to really see, and as the men shouted after it, I heard a great cry from the creature, one I will never forget. It haunts me, even as I cover this subject now. There is nothing to describe it, but if i can, it sounds much like a woman crying but mixed with nails scratched against a chalk board. The best I can do in recreating it. Chilling.

 It felt like forever,before the sounds of the hustling and bustling of the knights were gone. It had gotten dark. I made my way from the shrubs, still fearful that the coast was not clear. I looked around the pitch black forest, and saw nothing at all there. There was no Moon to light the way of my path, as it must had been a new Moon cycle then, and I almost could not see at all. If it had not been for the “sight”, that I had as an incarnated messenger. Not night vision, but something else. I struggle with it even to this day. I barely can see in the normal manner, needing everyone to help me. It is frustrating to have such a different being around, I know. My daughter even in this life, yells at me if I ask for help in seeing or typing, and even in asking what color something is. Growing up, I was taught that trees were green, and the sky was blue, but that is not what I see, and having the feline codes too as a seraphim, I am able to see into the night a little better than most. And I used it then, to get out of the forest in Yorkshire, and the cry of the beautiful horse, still in my mind. Replaying as an echo in my mind, chilling to the soul.

There had been talk. But no confirmations of anything, except a while later. Some drawings had come in, to take the place of some art pieces hung in the royal dining area, depicting a Unicorn who had been killed. The King was seeking something new, and this was how they shopped back then. By art, showing it using drawings of the pieces, brought in from countries nearby or far. The art was not permitted to come directly there, nor did the King wish to purchase it, because he thought the Unicorn to be the symbol of a neighboring country. that he had no interest in. His was, the symbol of the Lion, and that was the art he wanted. Unicorns had no place under his royal lineage and its royal art. But, he did look, and pass them around court. We all got to see. I wondered if there had been a connection? Why now? After what I had seen? Unicorns kept popping up all over.The conquest to destroy the innocence and beauty continued on. Now, I look back, sometimes I even  do an OBE to return to that day. However, all I see there, are my guides. I have sent a few others in a session to that place too, since somehow there was a magical energy there, where many guides can come through as a portal.The others, without my mentioning, always say that during their guided meditation, that they had a quick image of a unicorn pop up.  I always took that as a confirmation. Non-psychic people under hypnosis had seen it, even without my mentioning.  I do know, that Unicorn art really took off after that period. Some of the tapestries have Unicorns in them. And the funny thing is, Rockefeller now owns the most priceless one. A member of the Illuminati.

I know that Unicorns have been told of in stories forever now. However, in some of the medieval times, they always bragged about hunting and killing them. The bravest of knights, capturing the Unicorn, for a beautiful maiden to take hold of the powerful alicorn. The lore was huge then. They even sold powdered tusks, as an Unicorn’s alicorn dust, for magic. It was always a gimmick, but people in their love of this legend, bought into it quickly. True alicorns, can not be ground up. The magic makes them so strong. A person can only take the alicorn from this majestic being, with great care. Even then, it is almost impossible to remove, and the creature must be killed first. This is why they killed them, rather than just take the horn. Many Unicorns, would have happily just giving it to them, in exchange for their life though.

I will never forget the sound of the Unicorn’s cry that day. However, happily now, I have been able to channel this spirit in a positive way, gaining much wisdom from their messages. In my “Magical Beings Reading”, many have delighted in the Unicorn’s message too. I hope the spirit of this creature never dies. It seems like many things have been long forgotten. I strive to bring them back.  It is through the realms, that true imagination comes. Without it, we have nothing but plainness.