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Angel Narcariel

In the light, I have covered many angels. Now it is time for you to have knowledge of the fallen kin as well. I already covered a few. Here is yet another, to balance out the contrast. Angel Narcariel. At one time, she was with the light. She was kind and full of energy and spirit, but she has since turned to  the renegade brethren. She existed in the domain of Orion.Back and forth to heaven and that domain, she would travel. She merely was a low ranking angel to begin with.


I know Narcariel from before. She was an angel of great beauty, and coveted by those who saw her beauty. They wanted her for themselves. Her name has deep meaning. Nar means “left hand” and “car” means to carry. Left hand Carrier of God, is what her name represented.  She at one time carried messages from the Creator’s left hand man. We know Michael was his right.. so who was on the left? The prodigal brother… But yes, it was he who always corrupted things when allowed to roam free. Do you not see? The left hand man of the Creator was also called the Adversary. So when a human did wrong and the Karmic Lords and angels of Judgement would bring the case to the creator as a final decree, Michael would go over the good, and the other brother, would go over the bad. Imagine Michael, saying, “Oh go easy, they do not know any better, give them another chance.”.. And then the other son would go on to say, “No, they messed up, see how ignorant they are.. annihilate them”. This court session went on for all beings, on Earth and elsewhere. I remember that we would always know that the Creator would take Michael’s side of the argument. Michael means, “who is like God” for a reason. because Michael in his glory, had the compassion, grace and mercy, that the Creator had. He held the love, and unconditional outlook that only a parent could execute onto others.

The other son, finally was given his own planet to rule. He and his legion of Creators were all sent in, to add to the already made reality/ But they had rebelled. Against even him. He could not win at all. Narcariel wanted to go help. So she lowered her vibration a great significant amount, to be a part of the Earth. She started ruling from Mercury with her kin, down unto the Earth,  eventually  lowering her light enough to be within the atmosphere itself. She is now a part of the 5th dimension here. This makes her an Earth Angel. Earth Angels are angels who come from within the spiritual planes of Earth. Although this is not her origin, it is now her home. Narcariel was given the position of time keeper, like her many brothers and sisters in those thrones. Angel Pamyel who I have previously written abot,  is one of them. Narcariel rules over the hour pf 2 a.m. She is a spirit who is more active during what is called “The hour of Spirit”. Which is not really an hour, but more or less a few hours which make up this period.  She aids in carrying out logical analysis of dreams. If you can not see it from a spiritual/psychic view, she will help you make sense of it from a logical stand point, so that you can obtain the message in your dream, from your guides. Dreams are messages from many sources of spirit, like guides, other angels, deceased loved ones, and astral visitors.


Angel Narcariel is a spirit who will help you make sense of your thoughts, if you are awake and up all night into early morning, thinking too much. She has great discernment of thoughts, and that is why many say that they come up with so many more great solutions, when they are in contemplation during that time. She is a lovely being who yes, has fallen, but only in a technical sense. She lowered her frequency to be here, but she still tries to work in the light. Be careful though, as there are demons of this same hour who may try to appear as her in trickery. Many of them share as a counterpart, in hours, and much more.


In magic, you would do a spell to pass a test, find an answer, or to ehnace for school the net day. Spells for wisdom, and figuring out a complex issue will also be done under her blessing. She now is under the rule of Archangle Rafael, and works with Mercury’s energy as her planetary sphere.

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