Angelic Herald- It’s coming


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If you are lighthearted please do not read. many of these processes may make people feel a little down in the dumps. Some of the prophecies are reviews from earlier ones found in the Angelic Herald here on the website. Please refer back to those articles for more.


The beginning of the word Armageddon the letters “Ar” actually mean hill. The rest of the word “megeddan”is referencing Megiddo which in turn means that the entire word “Armageddon” means the “hill of Megiddo”. This is said to take place in the valley of Jezreel. The meaning of that name means “God will sow”.

Therefore, this is the battle of that which God will sow. “Sow” or “sowing” is a term that farmers use when planting seeds. So we can look at this term on both ends of duality to say that this is a battle between new seeds that God wishes to sow on earth for a better world and kingdom, versus what evil wishes to sow for a corrupt system of things. This has also been referenced in earlier books of the Bible including that of Genesis, Daniel, and Isaiah. The battle many people thought would be a physical one with real soldiers going head to head on the battlegrounds. Also, they spoke of angels having battle in the heavens… and many people actually really thought they were going to see angels flying down with swords. It is a well known fact, that the heavens are made out of spiritual energy and beings made of light without physical bodies because their vibration is so much higher. The only way that they can do any work on planet earth is through the physical people that exist here, using them as tools or messengers. Indeed, a person can be used to deliver a message at any moment in time, even that of just one word that needs to be said. And then, they go about their regular ordinary human life. It is all about divine timing and divine intervention. However, there are messengers, ascended ones who come from the heavens to deliver messages in new ways of understanding, great healing, restoration of unconditional love, and virtues. It’s through them and those that they influence, that heaven can begin to expand their seeds that they are trying to sow…

In other words, with the great division happening, how can that take place? As it was foretold there would be many false prophets and so there are. This takes the attention away from those that are true so that the word and the new way can never reach the ears of truly chosen people. And that is how evil ultimately keeps god’s seeds from being sown. It is not only a spiritual battle, but a psychological one at that.

Now, as the battle commences and gains strength, the disruption that the planet feels as a result, and it is tremendous. Each and every living thing that walks a planet, is connected to the planet. And any negativity, confusion, corruption will be felt, but also channeled down into the planet too. This causes the planet’s natural vibration to be disturbed. When that happens, it creates a global disturbance as all of the energy is filtered up into the web of holographic energy that the planet is made out of.

Many monolith and geographical markers were explained away as being created for extraterrestrial communication. But in fact, these were stationed in place to be used later, to create a new level of energy locking everyone inside… where negativity would be filtered in. This would change the vibration from being somewhat harmonious, to becoming even more unstable and full of crime and corrupt ways of thinking.

And so a great agenda that coincides with the agenda of the antichrist arose. This was spoken about when referencing the year 2012. People expected the Antichrist to be one person that would be obvious to the masses. But this was far from the truth. As it was said, the Antichrist would come as a wolf in sheep‘s clothing, or an angel disguised in a light. This means that they would present themselves as being good and as if it were something that could truly benefit people. There would be false promises of the agenda even being able to take them to the next level and bring happiness. We know that this happened already when a whole new spiritual movement was being promoted. For certain it promises a better way but falls short in producing it. It happened right around the time that the battle for god’s seed to be sown, and that the rapture was supposed to take place. And that is why the dark consciousness started to spread and many people felt very lost at that time. Evil had beaten the new righteous way to the punch, promising what God’s way would provide, but it was just an illusion.

I knew that there was something very wrong. In spirit rant on SoundCloud, at My course,, on the blogs of, Church of I.M and here at Aluras Angels, it was spoken of. For many many, the thought of calling for their higher power and much greater things sounded beautiful after a lot of suffering but the false spiritual platforms lead everyone to nothing. That’s why many feel empty now after exploring.

The others who were truly stationed here on planet earth to help the heavens in getting the right people to embrace their anointing were and still are being restricted, outcast, hated, and have a lot of their material stolen from them and then twisted and used as a part of the great illusion by the bigger false spiritual platforms themselves. Sadly nobody thinks to compare dates of when things were posted though. They just go along with what everyone else is doing like sheeple. None of this was surprising though, as it is like it was foretold, only for many others just not in the way it had been expected.

This had happened many times before in the past when other masters came from the heavens to help lead the way. It is of no surprise. Yes indeed, many messengers were outcasted and shunned, put down and persecuted but yet you will hear a lot of similarities if you compare teachings, of those that persecuted them and those who are persecuted themselves. Those that had put them down or made life more difficult for those messengers, are the very ones stealing their work or fragments of it…to help amplify their own platforms of spiritual propaganda. This is happening to this writer here.

Hearken unto my words, there is life outside of your world. In fact, there are many worlds. The heavens describe it as a mansion, having many rooms. However, this is not what you think. And the beings that have visited your planet, are not what you think either. They are interdimensional, not extra. It was for a very long time that it was hard to get communication between them and the humans because of the difference in frequency. And so science studied for a very long time, to find a way to solve the issue. Instead of an age of awakening and brotherhood, one of great technology and science took place instead. During that time, communication was established and doorways were opened allowing even more of those interdimensional beings to come through. It is they who are responsible for influencing the actions and thoughts of every human being. Do not tell me, reader, that you have not seen fleeting shadows or beings out of the corner of your eye, and not questioned it or how it made you feel? While many believed them to be the spirit of the deceased, (they very well may be occasionally), they are something else. The same way that psychics have to have the ability to tap into the veil of the spirit world, beings on the other side of the veil would also have to have the psychic ability to tap back through the veil to communicate with the human world… vice versa. Does that make sense? But yet everyone believes that the dead can communicate ever so easily. Many are communicating with the same entities that I mentioned, and they love a good game. They have the ability to change faces,as they studied the blueprints of humans for a very long time. Think about it. They have already known what Spiritual Consciousness looks like, for they are made of it. But it is a human blueprint that they needed to grow to know. For that reason, they studied it from behind the scenes perfecting their shape shifting as time went by until they were able to shift their appearances in ways that they needed to know how to. Such as taking on the appearance of someone’s loved one, or even loved ones that are still living. Are you sure that the people you are talking to, or actually them? They seek to gain knowledge through their trickery and so it’s hard to be sure. That’s probably why many feel so cold when you speak to them nowadays, people you’ve known your whole life and had felt a connection to but don’t any longer..


There is more, and this too will be revealed in due time. But for this time, I am the angel Kalf. I preside in the seventh heaven of the earth’s heavenly planes. From what I see, there are many who are afraid to represent those who are speaking the truth. It is sad too, because there are many with a great following that could send people in this direction toward this messenger reporting these words here, for those who are seeking greater change. They seek salvation for themselves only. They do not realize that they could be helping so many more people just by referencing the person who has put so much time and energy into working with us, in order to deliver these answers. With over 200,000 views here for prophecies by many of my kin and delivered through this messenger Alura, there have not nearly been as many mentions. There are not many tags, shout outs, re-shares or re-posts. Whatever you would like to call them. How could it hurt to just share a few things here or there? What about those who have the ability to reach out, or send others into the direction of righteousness and truth, but do not? This is just as bad as stumbling another person’s pathway. And everyone knows that it was said in the Book of Mark, chapter 9, verse 42… 

“And whoever might cause to stumble one of these little ones believing in Me, it is better for him rather if a heavy millstone is put around his neck, and he has been cast into the sea”.

Truly indeed, for everyone who has learned truth and seen these predictions take place, it is their responsibility to share it. Yet many would seem to take credit for it and abandon the efforts of this individual who works so hard. There are many things that are taking place that are very serious in nature, but yet there are so many undermined things happening instead? This is not a time to succumb to the system. It is time to rise above it. This is what you shall expect from this moment going forward into the near future…

You will also find that things seem to pick up and become a little bit more positive and happy at first, before many of these things are to take place. Natural disasters however, will continue onward as they have been and at even stronger capacity.

So shall it be done….

  1. Loss of a loved one. A very unexpected person.
  2. Targeted nations who then will be blamed for hostilities when it is vice versa.
  3. A rise in numbers joining members of the LDS church.
  4. Return to Christianity but the slow fall of Catholic faith.
  5. A large number of sexual predators are exposed in churches.
  6. The great downfall of organized crime involving artificial intelligence.
  7. Suicide rates go up.
  8. More androgynous dressing and promotions for a genderless generation.
  9. Animals married and partnered with humans. Irrational animal behavior.
  10. Wildlife getting closer and closer to civilization due to lack of resources!
  11. Rejection of water, tap supplies or natural bodies of water by animals. (See your pets and if they’ll drink the tap water!) It’s poisoned!!
  12. Network and entire power outages.
  13. Series of Earthquakes in one place to another. A ring made around the USA of them (references in earlier Angelic Herald) . California, Mexico, Canada and the east coast.
  14. Extreme weather (mentioned in previous Angelic Herald) temperatures of extreme highs and of extreme cold. Blizzards so bad in some parts that many won’t be able to make it to work.
  15. For some…. the disappearance of Winter?!
  16. Diseases and illnesses mentioned that are not curable by medicine. Mainly affected, children.
  17. More children born with autism, and ADHD/ADD but highly advanced.
  18. Mass debt.
  19. California natural destruction
  20. New political parties in US and UK
  21. Foreign countries coming together to back up trade wars and issues with former leaders.
  22. The former leader’s retaliation
  23. Communist parties to defend leader
  24. Strange weather occurrences that are unlikely in areas.
  25. Volcanoes going off in a ring, others by random triggering
  26. Face of the internet changes… more A.I control but under the disguise it is a trustworthy source after exposing others.
  27. Exposure of internet abuse, political abuse, and false spiritual platforms exposed
  28. Mass unemployment and company shutdowns.
  29. The end of attack of the clones! Finally everybody that is involved in doing the same old stuff, will find that it is now limited. End of copycats.
  30. An end to the Internet sensations on YouTube. Exposure of many stars.
  31. Revealing that God is real, mass sorrow over mistakes
  32. Life feels ending, lack of interest, sense of impending doom
  33. War and attack on the life of the former leader.
  34. Many spiritualists will come out against what they have taught in contradiction.
  35. End of small businesses
  36. Issues for companies like Uber, Lyft, Google, YouTube etc.
  37. Heaven’s Vengeance on false prophets.
  38. A new political and religious power that interlocks.
  39. Otherworldly beings are going to be confirmed.
  40. False news about attacks on the United States that will not be true but yet doctored. Real war hidden, later exposed.
  41. Real attacks on the US, based on the provoking of other nations in false reports.
  42. Ongoing feeling of blankness or numbness toward life for many.
  43. Music promotions of blood, gore, dark nature with some strong sexual messages.
  44. The death of many in a generation. Baby boomer generation.
  45. Riots, protests.
  46. Cost inflation. Loss of money, cost of food skyrockets, diseased meats.
  47. Famine and hard crops to grow.

This is not to mention that a zombie like disease will come to be in the future. Wait and see! See earlier predictions for more! War is coming.