Angelic Herald: The biggest extermination

“I am, that I am… Archangelic Abraxas.

I am not who the world claims me to be nor am I understood. Some say that I’m from the underworld and indeed I am. For I am “under” the world. And so are all of you. Meaning, that we are all under the canopy of the great matrix above;, in this matrix below it.

I am, that I am. And I am he who stirs and reveals all mysteries. Be not confused over that which is. There is a Cold War taking place and because of this, there are many actions getting ready to take place still. In actuality, there are many wars stirring. All of which will come to a head. All that has happened, happened because they were caused to be so. If you look, the jester will not quit playing king as Metatron described in his riddle. He must endure to the end. It’s true, the two witnesses have finally come almost to their end. Just a little longer and their time will come. It is the time for the darkness. The darkness has already started, but the world did not see it. Only those who were already bathed in the light. 

The land where the crescent moon is broken into four stars which sits next one that is larger, was sent a great plague. The plague originated from the modern day Babylon of your time. Even patents have been developed in Babylon for it. It is indeed owned by those who wish to use it as a weapon. When the land saw that this great plague had overcome them, they started to look toward where it had come from. Without announcing that they had discovered the plague quickly enough, those visiting from other lands quickly spread it to their own lands upon returning home. However, modern Babylon itself was the only place unaffected. They had to find a way to look as if they too had a plague. This would keep other lands from discovering that they had been deliberately diseased. What woe!

In order to make it appear as if modern Babylon itself had also been victimized, they had unleashed a sickness that was serious, but in lesser degree than the plague they had unleashed upon the greater land. At first, it started with just a simple influenza. And then tuberculosis. Slowly several other diseases were then unleashed to the masses in order to not only provide the illusion that they were seeking to show, but also to lessen the population. They had to first exterminate those of an elderly age, coming from the old ways. Then those who came from lower income areas were targeted. Why would this come to be so? Because, they are trying to bring more funding back into their resources as a result of debt that their land is burdened by. Those who are elderly need medical aid in addition to income supplied by the land and tax payers. Those in low income areas, live and sustain life off of federal income and aid as well. Also they targeted prisons. It is nearly impossible to become infected in the walls of a prison because they are so closed off from the public. To quarantine even just one cell block would have eliminated the spread of illness. The infection deliberately being infiltrated into the correctional facilities made it so that others of smaller criminal nature could put more of their abstinent corruption back into the world. In the meanwhile the infection began exterminating those who are in prison for life, as their care is costly. The populations who are in need of those resources are declining, then the resources will increase rather being supplied.

I tell you, from my heavenly view that the plague that had been unleashed in other lands abroad, far from modern Babylon…was one of extremely serious nature. My kind has helped your kind for a very long time in scientific development and technology. There was always a cure. Where do you think viruses and illnesses come from to begin with? They don’t just mutate and breed out of nowhere! They are developed by those that have the knowledge and power to create them. Just like the virus that has plagued your kind since the beginning, the same one that warps your consciousness to desire corrupt nature.

Indeed, many of the lands that have been affected, had the ability to fix things all along. But they allowed certain things to take place, in order to exterminate and decrease the populations that they felt, spun wildly out-of-control. Soon, there will be established, a new order. The surveillance of your world will be expanded. Everyone will be tracked using illness first, as a reason. Money will need to be converted into all digital currency in the future. Yes, the prophecies of Archangel Gabriel will all come to manifest. Many knew this was coming, only they did not know when. We have kept you up-to-date throughout time in preparing you, but how many listened?

Sadly, all global leaders know what is going on. Everyone does, even those who are innocent bystanders amidst the programmed masses. A “coming” was on its way of some sort, and was felt in their hearts. There will be a whole new way of life, and an exchange of powers.  Many seem to think that this will get better soon, that everything will go back to normal. But even they have told you, those who are responsible… that things will never be the same again on your planet. The air is becoming unable to breathed. Gabriel also spoke of the water being quite toxic. They have mined most of the resources and one empire leads in power and riches so much so, that they will eventually slowly take over each continent. Modern Babylon withdrew their help from many places seeking it. As a result, the greater empire ahead of them stayed in support of those that Babylon had abandoned. And now, modern Babylon stands alone without anyone to come running to their assistance.

Prepare for darkness. But do we mean this literally or symbolically? The Passover rushes ahead. Right before a new order is established in every turning of the age, a pass over significantly marks death and darkness. The Sun acts as an eye for your world, and it will close its sight but for a short time.

There will also be a great need to protect your children, if you have them. Families and individuals without employment will be left without resources that as a result they will be ushered to places that are offering assistance. The entire economic collapsed for leaders to have a reason to depopulate, and crash the old currency for a new one, as a result being in debt. Places offering help will be where many will be controlled and tracked by the beast or lose their lives. The Cold War escalates into war itself. Those unemployed, a small number will get help but the majority will find another wolf in sheep’s clothing as they are separated from their loved ones after they have lost so much. Crime will rise. Homelessness will rise. You will see Darkness that we speak of is already taken place. It was said:

“There will be three days of darkness which shows no light. Brother will not see brother. Pestilence will fill the air. Man made light will not help.”

And this is surely what is happening at present. , relatives are withheld from being in one another’s company at this time, and and larger groups gathering together was sustained to keep the people from rising up together. Even pestilence indeed fills the airways. This will last for the symbolic three days. For one day in the heavens, equals out to an earthly many.

You will see a great deal of the old resurfacing as new. And as the new order is being established this will include the foundations of your religious beliefs as well. While all should be free to worship as they need in their own way (your body being the temple that houses the holy light) there are some who need to have fellowship. Fellowship will be remodeled. Religion itself will see changes and loss in numbers. However, those that are enemies to the belief in God himself, will be greatly affected by the things happening in your world. No mercy. But this a war of two Gods. One who is holy and almighty, versus the system of your worldwhich acts as a God to this world. Each will rid themselves of their enemies unmercifully.

 “I looked as I saw that there were many living behind closed doors, communicating in the character of whom they chose to be, from cameras and video. Life was given a digital platform. Many started to shop by digital currency and online merchants more and more until that became the way of life. The land of the crescent moon broken into four stars that sat beside a larger star, took control of the vast majority of the world with the help of a ravaging wolf who has been sitting in the background waiting to devour its enemies. It will come to be that every inch of your movement will be watched, and that which connects to the watchful eye will also determine your finances, and spending. You will need it for everything, even entering buildings. Another King who holds seven stars, dwells in the South. He will come to torment the King in the North.

What is happening will continue on for a while longer as businesses are forced into contracts with their nations. They are owned even more so, for a little bit of wealth that does not last. The greater empire will infiltrate the internet to expose many things, and Babylon will cut online communication to hide their wrong doings. Babylon’s ally, will see a farewell to their Queen. Look for increased crime as resources become tight and natural disasters mark the path toward more chaos. The jester holds no real power but is merely a face. But his face will continue on as the scapegoat. All hail the new face.

My eyes saw, and they beheld devastation.

I am, that I am… the demiurge. This flooding of dark consciousness can not be ignored, but rise up as a people in faith and create a world as a society. Be not afraid.