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Archangel Jeremiel


“I will guard the gates, that all who are unworthy may not pass into the world of incorruptibility”

~ Archangel Jeremiel

We have this wonderful ability to explore many of the angels of the heavens from the gift of my having come from there. In my knowledge and relation to those of the Spiritual Heavenly planes, I have felt for a long time that people should be educated appropriately as there are a lot of misconceptions in many resources of misinformation in relation to this subject. Let’s Explore Jeremiel, known to many through the Tanakh, and in Christianity.


Jeremiel is one of the guardians of the gates within the spiritual veil. He is said to guard the gates to hell only because he awaits soul’s entering the veil after their death. He assists the deceased with their life review and watches alongside of them. He is one of the angels or lesser deities who also passes judgement. For those who are judged as righteous, he will provide comfort in helping them to feel secure while going through to the other side. He often finds that there is a great deal of anxiety when souls are confronted with their life review or where they are headed. Many of them feel as though they are greatly imperfect before the angels of judgment that they get scared that they will not make it to a better place in the end of things. He’s the one that helps provide reassurance so that they do not have fear of their judgments.


For others who are deemed as unworthy because of mistakes and massive imperfections, he will then lead them to the correct power who will lead them into the right direction of where they need to go. There are a lot of angels who are responsible for this, and the deceased need to go to the proper jurisdiction with whom their “Power” presides over the sin and perspective within that soul’s consciousness. It is known that people have a very different way of viewing experiences. Therefore, the appropriate Lord (Power) will have to determine where that soul fits into things according to what is revealed through Jeremiel assisting in the life review process. There are others who do this as well, but he is one of the highest in rank according to life reviews in general.

Name & Purpose

Sometimes in traditional Catholicism or Christianity, they do mention him as an eighth archangel. However, it is more common for them to only mention seven of them. There are many times as well that the names of angels are often shortened and so at times theologians have taken time in realizing that two angels were actually one in the same. For example, it is said that Remiel is another name for Jeremiel. It’s not actually 100% true. Names for the heavenly beings are given by man in what the being represented. Remiel is a different being than Jeremiel but both names mean “Mercy of God” but only because both Lords have stood for God’s mercy in their appearances to the few people that they visited, the few times that they have come in the past.

Jeremiel is a quick, analytical, and clever being who is highly creative. The Lord sends him as a messenger because he is versatile, able to mold for the environment of any reality, the languages used in them, and quick understanding of the races inhabiting them. As a judgement angel or deity, it is difficult for him to be tolerant and understanding of those who desire less in life or who are more slow and methodical by nature because he sees how things can manifest quickly on a physical plane. He said; “If humans knew how much that they create stumbling blocks for themselves just in negative thinking and lack of decisive action, they would take more action. He tries to influence people with his creative ideas. While he is humble, he is very self-confident and feels humans should too. His believes that humans can accomplish anything that they set out to do,

Although he is a high ranking heavenly Lord by Creation, Jeremiel had to earn his role in the afterlife process while it was first being built by first getting an opportunity to live as a human being. In order to judge their life reviews fairly, he would have to experience things as they did. In all of his life experience he always proceeded with the proper completion of his undertakings and purposes. Yet, he too has also felt the bitter brunt of harsh life experiences.

Jeremiel appears decked out in a black long robe which is hooded. Black banishes evil and in his line of work he would not want bad things attaching to him or feeding off of his light. Any soul who has lost more and more of their light through bad deeds that come with a heavy price. To get away with wrong doing, humans always seem to attract a dark entity or two that help them to not face consequences right away or not at all. Most righteous people suffer through learning as a result of the consequences and often right away. Those who are wicked unconsciously agree to terms of gaining help from the spirits in exchange for their light energy, just by doing wrong to begin with. It’s called a Faustian Contract.

“The fee for the ferry across to the other side is at times unpaid since many souls come empty handed, their treasure already spent before they arrive. Who can understand?”

~ Archangel Jeremiel

He has a mop top of strawberry blonde curly hair. He has very light skin but with a rosy complexion. This is when he is in his human image though. He is of the Angelic race and they have mixtures of features depending upon their celestial lineage. All beings in the “angelic race” have slight feline features.

This angel will help you in understanding your wrongs throughout life. If you’re seeking to grow beyond your mistakes and to redeem yourself, this angel will give you the insight that you need to do can call on him whenever you need guidance or insight for transcending any number of your bad habits over sentence. In your prayers, you can also ask him to help you get through to the other side safely.