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Tamiel and Fallen Angelic Methods of Deceiving

Its a wonder how many of the angels are listed as male. Everything is male based in this world, and has been so, since Samael/Semyaza took over the world, using the disguise of another deity to pose as a good guy. It was said “he will come as an angel of light to mislead the entire populated Earth”. As so he did.

He came as a good guy,but under the disguise a diabolical plan. Male dofallenonecopyrightaluraceinmination and control. This is why they only ever mention, The Father, The Son, and a whole bunch of male angels only. People took notice, and so when Christianity spread (nothing against Christianity here, just telling the facts), it reached Britain, and the Celtics who still worshiped the Goddess. Then the rulers of the church, killed those who would not submit, but to make it easier, they took the Goddess, and replaced her with Mother Mary, but still having Mary rank right below the male figures. But indeed, there are male and female in the heavens. Billions of sons and daughters of  the parents of the primal force of light. Tamiel is one of the females, next to many others. She was an angel who worked as a throne for planet Earth. She helped in its rotation. It’s balance of day and night, while others took responsibility for the lanterns. It’s luminaries. Angel Tamiel is the sister of Kokabiel and Baraquel. All were in charge of some place in the matrix. teaching humans the wisdom Metatron taught, but instead of it being true, she, they, taught the map of the Earthly matrix of false light that they had made to imprison humans. Sort of teaching the truths backwards, so that mankind only had knowledge that could tap into the fallen archons instead of the true cosmic energy needed, for success riches, and wealth. The fallen ones would give those things, but only to those loyal to them or those believed themselves to be loyal to a true angel of light, without knowing they were actually fallen ones.


As a beautiful angel of green and white light, she was beloved by her kin. She loved being loved too! This arrogance, was starting to build, as the ego of the commanders grew intense. It rubbed off on her so to speak, and when it was finally time for the rebellion to take its place, she was already approving the plan.  The leaders asked her on to become a leader herself, and to direct the legion given to her, towards following any and all commands that were given, without questioning. They did…. Little did they know, that by doing their duty of listening to those above them in rank, would lead them to being cast to the earth, to reincarnate over and over again, forever until the end. Tamiel was in charge of looking after the humans too, and she saw to it, that they would never find out the true calendar, the true constellation coordinates. So she taught a form of astrology like her brother was doing. Only, she gave them the wrong information, and only what she wanted them to know, which were the coordinates of the new false grid, so they wold tap into that, instead of reaching the pure light.Most of the things that I reveal can not be verified online, as it is all heavenly wisdom, that no man dared to go deeper into because of the ruling powers. They see all, know all, and live in the air right around everyone. So many, for wealth, riches, and the sake of the family bloodlines involved, The Rebellion, continued passing these truths down in their elite groups.
tamieldemonAngel Tamiel, being an angel of the rotation of the Earth, saw to everyone who comes in and out of the Earth. She was beautiful, and still has the ability to appear as the light that she was made, but when examining closely, one can see her true form underneath of everything. A beast, who had once been the beauty of the Earth’s angelic realm.. Imagine sitting in your living room, and seeing this huge ball of white light. Its coming toward you in the depths of your depression. Many things having had gone wrong in your life. You think it is the light of the Creator, coming to comfort you, give you healing and direction. You feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and a strange quark in your spine. You feel uncomfortable, but chalk it up, to being a sinner in the presence of an angel of God.  As you sit there in awe of the light and this divine visitation, the light transforms into a beautiful, pure looking woman. You are taken aback by the beauty.  She is a brunette, in a flowing gown of white, light draped about her, flowing in the plasmic energy almost cloth like. It is breath taking. However, something seems off. You still feel afraid, but do not know why. The light should not make you feel afraid..As this entity starts to feel your fear, she comforts you. She tells you something good for the future, and then is away. What she foretold happens, and things are back to going well in your life. She has gained your trust. She knows it. She returns every so often, at your weakest times. Believing you channel angels now, you readily invite her in.. Always the beautiful woman, when she comes. But when you think she has left, she has not. Even though this is just a mere small projection of her, it is Tamiel, and her image and energy, even on a smaller scale. Even in a smaller form, she is smarter, slicker, and more cunning than you. She always comforts you.

What you do not know, what you can not see, without having an angle’s vision, the vision needed to see beyond these beings, is that this beautiful woman in the flowing white, is really a grotesque creature. She has the face of the ophanim that she is, but skeletal. Her energetic wing pattern gone, where she lost her heaven keys into heaven, and all that remain are stubs of energy, and it is not white as she falsely masquerades in. It is yellow, the color of urine, and with her energy, there is a vile odor. You will think it someone or something in our home that smells. Old laundry, pets, you do not know.. But there is always an odor you cannot place.  She lurks in the corners, in the shadows. She only use the false light for so long, as it will quickly dim with a source. She can not access the heavenly light, and she needs more energy to trick others with. While you are unaware, not paying attention, life is going to fast with the splendor she has influenced to distract you, she slowly starts tapping into your energy. Little by little, she is stealing the light of your soul, of your light body.  You start feeling drained, irritable, annoyed, and frustrated. Arguments happen within the home. But no one knows why. It is her. Or some other fallen one, who is behind the scenes. Even if you had not met or seen them. This is what they do.loveall

Back to Tamiel individually, she is witty, and has a personality of being very arrogant. Once the most beautiful, she competes with Lilith and Mastema for the beauty prize, but in truth it is a contest of who is most powerful, and alluring in their false projections. They all seduce men in their sleep. Tamiel especially, has gone to spiritualists practicing astral traveling or projection, and convinced them that they were making love to a goddess, while she molested them in their sleep. A succubus like most of the other female fallen, they get their source of energy, from tricking people and stealing it. Like a rat after the cracker in the corner, running back and forth, taking a little piece, little by little till it’s gone, without anyone noticing. It just got smaller and smaller and then disappeared. This is how she works. Or, sexual energy.Known for raping sleeping or astral visiting men, she and the others have also done this to sleeping women too. To Tamiel and her kin, there is no limit and nothing they will not do. There can be redemption for specific fallen ones, called Malakim, but for some their chance is long gone. Angels of the true light, are always seeking a way to help, and these dark beings try  take advantage. They do not want to lose their power. They want to be the greatest of the great. So, even those who are trying to send them light, they just absorb it, and use it for all of the wrong reasons, much like false channelers do.  Incarnated Angels will attract dysfunctional, and negative people into their lives, who will be led there by entities behind the scenes to use and drain them from the drama. Another scenario is that the other person is a fallen angel themself, a walk in, using a person’s body to live wrong, making mistakes that they cannot stop or get past. This brings the incarnated angel down, and can draw and lure them into the same path. Awakened ones will be hard to convert though, always loyal and true to the light of their maker, The Creator.

Tamiel is an angel of great schemes, and has appeared to Dr. John Dee, and Edward Kelly in their channelings back in 1582..  She and another spirit had taken turns appearing as a being named Medini.  Neither Dee, or Kelly, knew it  had been two separate spirits messing with them, and truly believed it to be an angel of light. Sexual rituals were then introduced by these entities, and that is when Dee started to realize. But he did not care, he was getting some true knowledge about the earthly heavenly realms, that he wanted to continue anyway. He was obsessed with acquisition. As many today are too. So he continued, going recluse, at the end. Alot of people who think they are channeling angels, but in truth are channeling these demonic entities, also find themselves living like a hermit. Not wanting to around others as much. This is because the entity does not want anyone to pull the person, the host, out of the trance like life they are living.  The trance like life, that these entities propose on others, include wanting to be alone. not keeping in touch with relatives or friends, judging everyone, thinking they are too different that they do not belong on the path that they are on. They lose time, lose memory, and not in a good way. People who are truly awakening do not live by time, and sometime shave a hard time with f9fc761278a1a80751994b8736192ddc.jpgmemory due to it, but in their lives they are making connections with others, serving people who are lost, trying to travel and explore, experiencing things first hand int he world, spending alot of time outdoors in nature, and super kind and friendly. They do not want to be alone, and hate it in fact. They do anything that they have to, sacrificing their time for others, and it brings them happiness. It is from all of the volunteer work that they do, global projects, helping others, and connecting within others. Trying to bring as much light as they can into people’s lives. Fallen angelic hosts, do not want to be around anybody. This is how it is. They do not want to lose their host.

Tamiel worked with Dee and Kelly giving them the map of the false grid so that he could use it to work with other fallen ones directing the true astrological energies, to their network, to infuse it so it would not die away. They needed light and they got it, by filtering it through the matrix that they had made, like a spider web.  Dee still never got to the heart of it,  he got some where though. Much of that is used today in Enochian magic, when it has nothing to do with Enoch or Metatron. Enochian magic is called such, because the word Enoch means, “Dedicated” So, the name was representing Dee’s dedication or obsession, with his work. Metatron’s truth is not available that easy. To know the true grid and matrix beyond, that is only given to specific angels for use. Depending on what they are on a mission to do. Tamiel and her following, will stop at nothing to take the beings of true light, angelic messengers, starseeds etc,  and stop them. Tamiel herself has a large legion that include many beings. Firstly, there are other lesser angels who were under her command and fell. They still serve her. Then, there are human demons. Demons and fallen angels are very different from one another.  Fallen Angels, are angels who turned to negative energy, and went against the natural order of things for their own agenda. Demons a are spirits who are made form the light that a fallen angel drains from a person’s soul, and after it is used, it is empty energy. It becomes a demonic version of that person, in that realm. Most demons, were human at one time.War In Heaven

Angel Tamiel, is quite a trickster. She now resides in the 5th dimension, and another angel took her place in the role she served before her fall. The angel who replaced her in this job is one of love, and loyalty to the creator. Tamiel has her own signs and symbols too, as all angels, fallen or graceful, do. Hers is the sign of the Aquarius, the symbols used for this sign that looks like waves. This is because Tamiel represented “the deep”. The air around the earth used for its axis rotation. Angler Kinetics.  To the angels, this like waves in an ocean. Just like a volcano erupting, shakes the crust, and then sends pulsations out to the ocean to make waves, the sun having solar energy and even flares, makes for waves being sent for rotation. Angels of Earth would direct those waves into the right direction as members of the Incorpreal host.  She was part of this.  Being so large as she was, as most of the fallen ones were, they can not fit into 5D just as they were, so they actually broke their energy down into smaller proportions, making several versions of themselves. All that they infuse with stolen human energy. This why they allowed the world to become so overpopulated. To have enough resources for energy that they could tap into. Spiritual movements to encourage channeling, and spiritual seeking, would be a doorway to lead hopeful believers, into doing exercises that would release even more energy. It is true.


Tamiel is an angel who is full of tricks and she no longer carries the heavenly divine message even though she does a pretty good job convincing others that she does. Instead, she carries a false message, and all in the name of survival, and power. The war coming in heaven, will reach the heavenly planes of Earth’s dimensions, and soon all deception and evil will be swept away. They did it before . It will happen again.