Angelic Herald: Paradise on Earth-Angel Uraia

“I AM The Lesser Goddess called Uraia. In this case, I am to be known to you as a messenger since I have been sent as one to speak out. It’s not easy to address the human population with all of their skepticism and doubt. I know why the prophet Jonah ran away from his mission! Maybe living inside of the whale that swallowed him, would’ve been better than confronting the people of Nineveh. But then again, being wife to Oriens, separated by his fall through my constant state of grace and devotion to the most high, makes it harder for me to find a balance in any Earth mission. He fell. No, I would not join him in his own destruction, not even in the little power that he wields over your physical world. He and I were sanctified together before Earth was even thought of. But when Earth was offered as an inheritance to the collective Elohim under Lord Samael, I knew in my wisdom that it would not go as planned. To withhold myself from offending the most high, I did not join my husband in his new residence of earth, in the east.

He makes a name for himself there though. Especially, to those who seek out the demon lords in Earthly magic. Many times I saw him appear to seekers of power through pride. He appears as a symbol of the likeness of a horse with 100 heads. When others were calling to summon him and his entire legion, I had thought to appear as well. This way perhaps my own purity might influence the workers of lawlessness. And so a few times, I appeared, a woman, riding upon an Elephant with all manner of minstrels before me. However, it never helped. Instead, I was groped at for answers to mysteries for wealth desired to be gained and the sheer selfishness of it was sickening. My infiltrates appearances weren’t working and I stopped.

Yes, he can tell all things past, present and to come. He can give any earthly knowledge and earthly treasure. He has under him, spirits innumerable of which of the best and most principal are these. Indeed, he is a greater force to be reckoned with, but still not a force like he whom I work for. And so, I come directly. I do not appear in showing that I represent my husband, so as to use his own tricks and illusions on the people, to get you all to listen. Instead, I come forth honestly, as myself, representing the most high Lord above earth, and all of his glorious wisdom within him. I herald with my voice like that of 6 trumpets blasting, all in attempt to be heard. Therefore, listen!

It’s time on Earth where a purging process does take place. This is nothing new. Did you know that when others have prophesied in the past great things to take place such as this, and those great things happened, that those people were greatly persecuted? If they were not able to be coerced to work for the Earthly powers, or pressured to keep their visions to themselves, then they were silenced. In ways both horrendous and discreet, their voice was made mute. That is because it is a great big deal to know things of global magnitude, before they happened in the physical world themselves. Who has such great insight into the holographic matrix all around them, that they can predict things that the matrix should end up projecting, before it even chooses to project them? Only someone with a great connection to a higher authority could do so. It’s been on multiple occasions that the Herald has been used as a platform for my kin above to come and prophesy through Alura. And each time, those prophecies took place! But yet it’s of no significance? Perhaps my words can help then.

During the purging of your system of things, as the rulers there seek to renew, there are many whom are chosen, that if they paid attention, heeded the messages, and went on a spiritual journey of transforming themselves… they would find that they could finally feel safe and fulfilled not matter what was going on in the world around them there. Nothing would touch them. No negativity, no sadness, no illness, no demise. Instead, they would live safely, finding some joy even during the most trying of circumstances. And it would be they themselves who would be called the saints of the Earth, the meek… since many of them come from many different backgrounds, social standings and beliefs. Yet, they would shed all of that to be equal to one another, shedding the lowly character that Earth had them living as, for embracing a higher power connected to themselves, and humbly. No, none of their previous self or life would matter. What would matter, is what they would do from that point forward in their calling.

Paradise on earth is not a dream, it is a state of mind. But it is hard to find that state of mind during a time when everything seems to be going wrong. Even before all of this, many had difficulty with change. No one was there to teach them the truth that they needed to grow. That is why we ask that people put their faith in us, especially now more than ever… Allow us to lead the way. We don’t see many, but in those that that are trying to, we thank them for trying in love, and we are grateful for the remaining purity that they do have in hearts. How hard it must be to remain pure when confronted with every corrupt and imperfect thing!

For those of you who fall into that saintly group, we promise great things as a reward later. It’s promised that we show you how to see paradise while there on Earth still, and to lead you to a new paradise when you are finished your time there too. Yes, once you are awakened from the character that you have been performing as while a part of the illusion of that world, we will rapture you to a beautiful garden.

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Your prayers are answered but not in how you expect.

In the meantime, as the predicted events unfold from the previous Angelic Herald articles before mine, you will find some of the predictions not only take place, but that they are expanded on more so in the details and events that actually take place. For example; The diseases and viruses foretold, resulted in the Coronavirus soon after, but it will not only be just that. No. You will find a variety of diseases and viruses occurring at the same time. I mention this so that you understand as it’s happening. It indeed reflects the opening of the seven seals as aforementioned in Revelations.

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Since 2012, the weather has been increasingly worse there year after year.

There was also a prophecy of extreme weather unlike ever before and strange weather occurrences. This has been and will continue to take place with the last event having been the 100 tornadoes in a 24 hour period. The outbreaks of whirlwinds has been happening since 2012, repetitive since then until now resulting from the planetary alignment. Some may say, it’s not a big deal but adding earthquakes, two devastating wildfires in the Amazon and Australia, it seems to be not so normal afterall. A lot of the hype surrounding many things can not be explained due to dangerous situations lurking, but it is a distraction for something else. If you use precautions it will not harm you. I certainly don’t want my white wings to turn shadow even for a brief moment so as to deliver any kind of negative news. We want everyone to feel the very best that they can. But I will remind everyone to still pay close attention to former prophecies that have been placed in the former angelic heralds.

For now it’s very important that you maintain yourself in a level of positivity that can help you to get through this very difficult time not only personally but globally. You have to stay optimistic and if possible, try to influence good and wholesome things in those closest to you to show them that they don’t have be drowned by the flood of depression. Now more than ever before, it is crucial and imperative that everyone keep their vibration up. This is more than just trying to put on a happy face we’re paying attention to only the good things around you. You must always exercise a level of awareness even in the negative, but it’s important to see that the negative does in fact bring positive. And if it’s not bringing positive for you, I understand that it will bring positivity later on maybe on a larger scale. You are all in that collective together. Whether you are from some other world, were you were created in the matrix itself for that planet, you are all there living according to the same web of consciousness. What you do affects each other, as you can see through how the earth is reacting to a lot of the pain and suffering it has endured over many centuries. right now is not a time to feed into darker forces to enhance that pain. The more pain that is enhanced, the more pain that is then channeled into you and your own life since you are connected in that web. Stay away from unwholesome things. Do positive things that make you happy. Get outdoors again. Ignore the empty feeling in the energy around you out there, and try to bring back some magic and nostalgia on your own.

Join with others who are trying to be positive as well. If you only connect with support groups that are experiencing depression or anxiety as you are, then you are only going to cycle that energy around and around. Instead, seek out positive connections. I also highly recommend that you illuminate any kind of influences from your life that could even bring a small potential hint of darkness or bad energy into your environment. It is not easy to live separate from that world, but it helps. If you could give yourself a month without television, playing some beautiful music in the background, meditating, mentally deep in contemplation and prayer, gardening, going outdoors, Actually sitting down and having conversations with your family, taking up some new hobbies and interest… All of that will remove a lot of the depression and anxiety that the world is trying to impose upon you. Don’t spend far too much time on social media. Come online and support friends, your favorite spiritual teacher, post things that you like that may be of interest to others. But then get off. It has taken away from so much of your family lives, friendships and having a mind of your own. it is good to have a leader. Not everyone needs one, not everybody wants one, but it is good to have one so that you can go to them for advice or to vent. Even just to have a friend in the background for support. Find a trusted one for yourself to rely on.

Keeping your vibration high is a way of life. It’s not just a state of mind, although that plays into it a great deal. If you can buy in the state of mind with a way of life, then you will have a higher vibration indeed, if you have the right routine, the right tools and the right motivation. But you have to also have the right intentions. if you just allow everything that is happening to get to you, then we certainly are going to spiral down word. Keep yourself in a good place. It can only be up to you. Through a higher vibration, positive thoughts and deeds, then we can certainly do our work through you as we intend to. And the work that we wish to succeed in doing, is to spread the love, light and hope back into the world through you to cover over the darkness that has created a curtain over many people these days. Please do not tell me that you don’t feel it? That empty feeling when you look up at the sky? A deep forever yearning for something that you feel is missing but you cannot place what it is?

Yes. I know you feel it. That is a feeling of loss. And the loss that you are feeling is coming from a loss of your former self who needs to now advance to the next level of the new self, your higher self. And it is the loss of the love of God in the world around you as well. The only way to reinstate that is to move forward in focusing on the things that inspire you. Don’t focus your intentions on maliciousness, gossip, we’re trying to compete with others. There’s a time for true brother and sister hood now more than ever before. Unless you want to continue feeling the way that you are? It won’t end until the malice does. It has the end of each individual or majority of them. So that is what my message has come to say. We see all things, and we know those that hide behind the disguise of a smile and we won’t tolerate any form of serpentine behavior. We wish for things to be there on Earth as it is our heaven. The mountains are high with fresh air. We have beautiful oceans all around, that are so clear that you can still see and a great depth to the bottom. The horizons are so beautiful with hues of lavender, tangerine and gold. The people all work together as a family unit and you can always rely on any person nearby to extend a helpful hand and to understand you without ever having to explain anything about yourself. We have beautiful communities of even exchange where everyone’s talents get to be used and benefited from. however, when someone is good at something, we allow them to keep that for themselves. But all ideas here are unique anyhow. Nothing is like the other and new things are always being newly invented. Nobody would even dream to do with another is doing but instead seek their own glorious ability to do or create something. we allow each and every person to shine. We also have so many different forms of architecture, design by each resident upon their dreams. Many homes resemble a person’s personality and interests here which are all developed from different fragments of the journey that they have had already. Animals live freely amongst us, I am leaving everything to chop down naturally growing vegetation. There in your world they beat down the weeds and some wildflowers are considered to be ugly. To keep up with one another’s design, many of your people ruin the natural landscape and pave it to look almost identical to their neighbor. Not here. We have ever flowing fields of flowers of all sorts. Vines grow and drape over walls and our residences. We believe that all things have the right to grow as they are naturally inclined to do so. That is why our world looks more and more like a Terrarium while yours looks more and more like a concrete jungle. It is a beautiful home that we know many of your people there on earth would come to appreciate had they ever had the opportunity to experience something like this. In fact in the earlier beginning stages of your world, it was very similar. We don’t know why things changed here where I am from. Majority of the heavens no and have the answer. But we were never informed as to why. Maybe it is better that we don’t know. But looking back from when I first viewed earth, indeed it was a garden itself at one time. Sometimes I ponder who would prefer the repetitiveness of the same old things all around instead of the beauty of creation?

However, the idea is not to get stuck in these thoughts and instead to see that if you are so blessed such is to have a little space, inside or out, that you can make that space your sanctuary. A place for you to feel comfortable at I went to spread your love and your energy all around through your expression in it. Spending time on things like that, put a lot of love into the atmosphere instead of negativity. Perhaps trying to focus your attention on creating a little paradise physically around you and appearances, could help you to lift some of the sadness that you feel and that great heaviness of your heart? After all if you create a little divine space within yourself and around yourself on the outside too, and then the next person should do so, and the next, already a great domino effect is occurring of spreading love, healing, and beauty all around. But the problem is, is that humans get haughty when they are doing anything good. they start to feel above others are more superior. They’re not used to the natural feelings of positivity in their life that when they do have it, it makes them feel high, almost as if they are place above everyone else. I have seen that in reviewing a lot of the spiritual communities there. Your positive changes many have compare the results to others who have not quite gotten there yet I’m a make them feel inferior rather than inspired. With the tips I’ve given to you in my message here today, and keeping in mind to always show love to one another, you’ll see such a great difference around you alone. But the more you love, show kindness and inspire, the more and more that difference spreads.

Also, should you feel that your thoughts become too negative, simply tell your soul to quiet itself and refocus your thoughts elsewhere. Turn it off. And do not continue beating yourself down as you have. You don’t deserve it. You’ve come too far.

I am Uraia (Your-Ray-ah) Princess of the 6th heaven in the Saryilion (Sar-bee-yon) district. I appear in large beam of lavender, indigo, and violet but for those who can not perceive those vibrations at my level yet, they will notice my presence as waves of energy subtly in those rays. Or, if I should to appear, I will appear as a lady in violet toga, wearing a golden laurel wreath on my crown, long black wavy tresses flowing down. I wear a golden belt around my waist, and a large thick cuff of gold around my neck. These are to protect me of my divine will and word. I can be seen riding on what appears like an elephant to you, but has slight differences here in our world. Our elephant is four times bigger, with brown skin, two tusks at the trunk and then one horn on the trunk itself and another at the top of his head. A magnificent beast! He is highly decorated with matching violet veils that drape down with a golden seat for me to upon, my white wings folded down my back. If not, recognize me in the African violets of your world, as they are my tiny contribution to creation there when my husband first arrived.

I administer these words unto you. Beware of the Vulcan. Be strong in observation and determined in your changes and will to spread love. Don’t allow the powers like my estranged husband, seduce you into a glamorous demise. May all go well with you.