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Gentle Advisory: Site Disclaimer

Welcome and greetings! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a continual reader here at Alura’s Angels. Or, if you are a new visitor, thank you for stopping by. I wanted to add a gentle advisory to this site out of love and concern for my readers.

Religion is a wonderful stepping stone for spiritual enlightenment. In fact it’s one of the first ones that a person takes in their journey. It is the truth that every single religion in this world connects to one another. Each of them tell the same story if you really pay attention. Many religions use different names and places according to their own lands and people.

Some religions give a little more, and some give a little less. No matter their reasons for this, they are all linked together and explain these stories similarly. Except with a different view. While it’s been a stepping stone, religion has also acted as a barrier between people. It has caused war and diversity. If people would open their minds, they would see that we all believe in the same thing just in different ways, then we could unite spiritually. But what about the truth that is hidden in all of those religions too?

Did you know, there’s a deeper truth that is not offered to people that are a part of public society? That deeper truth is only offered to members that are above the religious organizations out there. While controversial, I offer a deeper look into these topics throughout my websites:

Teaching occult mysticism hasn’t been an easy thing to do with so many barriers placed in my path to keep me from educating the public. With religion acting as the first steppingstone, I believe that information should be available to people who are ready to go to the next step in the journey toward their spiritual cultivation. I offer the next couple of steps that can take them to the final result of illumination or as some call, “enlightenment”.

With this in mind, the information on this website might seem innocent enough as it’s about angels and heaven. But in the way that I expand on things and add additional information that hasn’t been spoken about before, it’s very sensitive for some. For many out there in the matrix world, it’s so much easier to pay attention to the world around them on the surface. To go about life in the safety and security of not knowing what’s going on brings comfort for some. Learning more information about what’s truly going on, can change a person’s view in life. They may not feel as safe, know what to expect in the future or know who to trust anymore. Learning these things isn’t for everyone. Perhaps maybe that’s the reason why a lot of the religions withheld the truth for so long?

It’s more than likely one of the reasons. I think so.

While some may not be ready for it, it shouldn’t be totally unavailable. With my psychic vision and connection to heaven, I provide people with deeper insight into spirituality and the future both. I publish the information here on this site and allow the individual themselves to decide as to whether they are ready.

If you are sensitive in any way and feel as though you may be upset learning more by going down the rabbit hole or you worry about how you might be affected in terms of what the predictions hold, then you should probably hold off on this website.

You have to be a strong individual to process the truth. The truth itself can certainly set you free, but only if you are open to trying to visualize what the information entails. You’ll also want to avoid this website if you suffer from things like psychosis or depression. This website isn’t in any way designed to hurt or trigger anyone. I apologize if it does. My only intention is to provide the truth to those that want it. With that, this is a gentle advisory with my advice that you should make sure that you’re ready to process the information that lies within.

A few tips for reading through this website:

1.) Make sure that you try to visualize what you are reading. Don’t just take it for the surface value of what it says.

2.) Be sure that you are in a clear minded place when reading.

3.) Remember that some of the predictions are very direct whereas others are metaphorical. If any of the predictions somewhat cause anxiety, then put them aside for the time being and feel free to send an email to me personally if you need any kind of reassurance.

4.) Additionally, please share the messages but keep in mind that everyone will be in a different place in their spiritual journey.

I merely want everyone who comes to this site to be mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy.

Thank you. Please enjoy the site, and spread the word! You never know who may be longing to grow and know what’s in store for the future. It could help many people.

*Do not replicate the information on this site as it is protected by copyright and part of a program that searches internet databases to find stolen content.