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Archangel Cassiel


True love, and inspired hope to you, the reader. Welcome.. One Angel, I have been waiting to do for some time now, is the Lord Cassiel. In his depiction example to the left, I could make him all sweet and cuddly looking, but then I would be lying. Some angels are terrifying looking, even unimaginable. They are not of this world. I hear of so many people speaking on the Ascended masters, and how they channel them. I have nothing to say on this, as I do not want to dismiss anyone’s beliefs, as i would not want someone to do to me.  Let’s face it, in this world, everyone wants to be, but not everyone is. So, in this I cover the beings in my experiences as an Angelic, to know to be real, and those who feel it too, will know in their hearts with higher wisdom.

Cassiel is a beloved Angelic friend of mine. We work, both for the Creator of all things, and the original benevolent Creator of Earth. He is an archon of Saturn. When people hear that word, they think it is bad due to the use of it, in terms of the rulers here, who are ruining the Earth. But in actuality, Archon means,  Ruler. And so he is, or Saturn. Many have terrible notions of Saturn, due to the the Lufierian Agenda here. They have no idea, that the true malevolent entities came from another place, joining with one of the lesser deities of Saturn as well. They used the Head Ruler of Saturn’s symbolism, and took it greatly out of proportion here. The Star represents the positions of the planetary rulers, in their leadership of Earth, but they do not just rule earth, they are a network, holding one another up.

The head ruler of Saturn is a kind benevolent, loving being, but if you were double crossed or betrayed, would you not feel hurt and want to defend yourself, especially after having done so much for the humans on Earth? Saturn is seventh in line with the sun.  Representing the 7th chakra. The seventh chakra is the third eye. Creation, magic, in what you see physically, and spiritually. In this, Saturn teachings, third eye teachings, have been big on Earth during its leadership of the body. What body? The bigger soul, incorpreal host that we all live in. Each planet a smaller soul within a greater. Like each of us. Spiritually. The all seeing eye, it is the explained in my site Truthology. Actually, your all seeing eye, spirit’s all seeing eye, the Entirety’s all seeing eye. This, why almost every culture represents it in some way. A halo in spiritual depictions only symbolizes the illumination of the third eye and crown together. There is a difference in activating a third eye and using it, from having an illuminated third eye. This takes a long time to work on, and is depicted by the  rising of knowledge in both sides of the tree of life (again, on my truthology site), coming together to reach the top of the tree, Pluto, or for some Niburu. Niburu the dark star, meaning you have become so enlightened, you have gone back to void, to start all over again some other way, or place as a soul. Ah, the rich hidden meanings of things. That is why they say Niburu is coming. It is a real place, other dimensional, with entities on it, but in spiritual symbolism, it is their way of also saying they want everyone to be a blank slate again, to reprogram them. This is already taking place.

Cassiel is the angel of the seventh heaven of Earth, although his domain is in Saturn’s direction of energy. He rules, home, houses, land and property. All old people, Karma, poverty, astral knowledge, farming, examinations and esoteric knowledge. Saturn is the planet of karma, and spell work involving reincarnation, karmic lessons, the Mysteries, wisdom, and long-term projects. It is also a good time to work with efforts that deal with the elderly, death, or the eradication of pests and disease. Spirit Communications, Meditation, Psychic Attack or Defense, Locating Lost Things and Missing Persons, Building, Life, Doctrine, Protection, Knowledge, Authority, Limitations, Boundaries, Time and Death. That is all according to Earth based teachings though.

I know, that Cassiel is aid of those things, because he worked in conjunction with another Lord, Ariel, over material matters, but adding the ability to still look spiritually. That was, until someone else took that away from everyone. They say here, that he is in charge of astral matters. Well, that yes, is true. Because to go into the third eye, one first goes into the astral world, and from there it is up to the lords who reside there, to decide if the person goes beyond its gates. Psychic’s usually communicate and work there. They have the communication come to them from that spiritual place. Shamans as well. Messengers and prophets, incarnated angels, go there as a middle station instead, and then travel beyond through the gates, to heal, to work out karma, spells, energy work,all knowing wisdom in each plane that they need to enter, in the exact time that things happened. But in truth, time is nonexistent outside of here. In some places it does exist, it just goes by a different pace.

That’s most of the things that Cassiel is in charge of.  Others, such as Moses, Daniel, and many others, have the sight brought to them from out of the astral planes. Enoch, and Myself had the ability to enter there and other worlds spiritually. As described by Enoch, and me, in my blogs.. Cassiel is a gatekeeper, a Lord, and a Prince. He is an archangel because arch, means chief. To gain entry, one has to be under one of them in rank or be an arch themself. Cassiel is stern in his authority, but fun, and so wise, he will not take any insolence from anyone. He often laughs at people making themselves mighty. He tells me “Ally, it is almost as if humans forgot that we see”.

He told me that, he often hears such extraordinary claims, and can not believe that people are so lost. “They fear not, and do not use their light”. his words exactly. Cassiel rules an army bigger than anything imagined. Like Araton, he is a huge being with so many spirits under him in command, I can not even count. Metatron does not even own the famous “Metatron’s Cube”. Cassiel does. Only they attribute it to Metatron, because on earth, he is the only one who ever tried to explain it, and in many ways he represents knowledge beyond duality. Therefore, he was given all subjects in esoteric studies. The power cube is metaphorical, ethereal, and physical. It exists in all things. The cube that Cassiel owns but Enoch hid, was an advanced device, a black box that has power to speed or slow time, and alter consciousness in a mass global reach. It was left on Earth by the Zeta Reticulan who stole it from Arcturus. The hybrid human/angel (nephilim) tribes were given the box as a deal that they made with the Reticulan beings. They allowed the Reticulan to experiment on humans physically if they could have the cube/box in exchange so that the Nephilim could experiment on humans spiritually and mentally. Enoch had travelled to Ur. Cain was sent out away after murdering able and thirst the generations wandered a bit until settling down in a specific area where Cain’s descendent, Enoch built an enormous city. This was close to Mesopotamia or better yet what’s known as Sumer. The city was named after himself.

Enoch as a nephilim himself got possession of the box after he made an army for his city. They fought the ruler of the neighboring city and won. He combined them into a larger land. In his conquest, he got hold of the box from the ruler he defeated. Later, he passed the box down to his human children, in their generations, until some ended up in Ethiopia, and it was buried by his last remaining descendent for safe keeping. Later it was unearthed by man, who the archons purposely implanted the idea to find, so they could leak the info and confuse it. I’ll speak on this more in the Truthology Courses. Yes, it’s true. They can make anyone act or behave in any way they want, as they rule this matrix.

Cassiel, Araton, and others, could smite the archons here, and many ask me, “Ally why don’t they, and end this?” Well, for one thing, if you had family in a building that you were going to bomb, would you wait till they got out safely before bombing? The answer is, more than likely. many spiritual kin are trapped here. Otherwise, it would not matter who died, as they would merely take them up. But they can’t, because the matrix is heavily guarded. The archons here are using Cassiel and the other angels, their wisdom against them and against mankind. So they sent in those who could interpret it, and add more truth, expose the truth, to help many be spiritually free, so one day they can end it.

That is only one of the reasons though. This arch, is a being who is huge, mighty, and acts on the orders of heaven of Earth, for the souls still stuck here. If everyone could awaken with the esoteric wisdom here, then tell me… if that is so, why has everyone been reincarnating over and over for eons here? If that were true, why not go home a long time ago? The truth is, it was not enough. But now as they give credit to the wrong angelic for this wisdom, as it is used in order to enslave mankind, Cassiel is trying hard to give back the truth. But like it said, the truth would become polluted with falsehoods too. This is not religious, it is reality.

 Many thanks to Lord Cassiel for all that he does in giving us awareness, intuition, and giving us material needs each day while we are here. In this we should be grateful. Call on him for safety, wisdom, higher understanding, and exploration of the astral worlds. His color is purple, deep purple, and the tools, of Ash, and belladonna. His stone is Jet. In his fury, his color is black but uses topaz blue and silver.

He also presided over having fun with work. He’s all about reaping the benefits of hard work. It’s perfect because it falls right around Saturnalia that his energy is the strongest as he rules over the winter house. He also rules time with other positions in his Angelic Career . But mostly during the winter months he is the angel over the festive mood.


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