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Archangel Sachiel

sachielcopyrightedGreetings to you, the reader, and blessings, to you and your loved ones. I introduce to you, Archangel Sachiel. The Angel of Jupiter. Sachiel, pronounced as (Say-Shee-El), is an angel that most often overlooked. People always cry out to Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel… but what about the others? Are they not, just as important? Michael says they are. He says that there would be no Universe without his kin. I agree. So, let us learn about our visitor Sachiel, as he is here with me, here to give us an interview. In all that I have written on the others, I’ll address the same information.. As he relays it to me, I will type it here for everyone to acknowledge, and our first question is, “What type of angel is he?, And what does he do? Well, Sachiel is what is known as a dominion. This means, that he overlooks an entire domain. Planets and stars are considered a domain. He oversees the Planet Jupiter.


The planet Jupiter is the largest planet to exist in our star system. It is a planet that represents economy, agriculture, success, harvest, abundance, and enterprise. He looks after all of the angels that make up the collective there, and they in turn, care for the souls within the atmosphere having an experience. Just because the government tells you that there is no life there, is not reliable information. in fact, any place, star, and planet alike, have life. Only, it may be of a faster vibration, so humans would not see it. To humans it would seem spiritual. To them though, they would see one another as humans see one another. Sachiel is the second in command there. And is considered as a deity to the beings within the reality. Now, we know his rank, but what kind of angel is he? Cherubim, Seraphim? Well, according to him, he is a Serphernim. No you have not heard this before, but he is angel whose light body consists of a specific element. So in some ways he is an elemental, but huge and angelic. Angels of air, and gases with light, are called Serphernim. He is made of his light mixed with the reality’s gases of hydrogen, and helium. Imagine an enormous light infused with tiny atoms of light and flighty helium all through out it. He is handsome too. When manifesting, he appears as a handsome man, with dark features. He has long black hair and very chiseled facial features, especially in the jaw line. his wings are huge and made out of feathery strokes of white light and gas. He is about 12 foot tall, with tan skin, and in his normal form, he is larger. He would be miles tall in comparison to Earth. Being so large we could only connect to a part of him, and even that is hard to do.

Sachiel is also an arch due to his command of his first ranking legion there. He is kind, but strong willed, stern, but compassionate. His mix  of personality is surely easy to adapt to. Like a parent, he knows when to be firm, and when not to be. He speaks to me with a deep solfeggio tone. He also governs anyone born under Jupiter in their particular present life, or those with strong Jupiter energy from their birth charts, here on earth, through his link in the hierarchy. Many ask who could be likened to in other beliefs, and here is what I know about that. He was known as Kabta to the Sumerians. Osiris to the Egyptians… And last but not least,Marduk to the Babylonians,  Babylonian beliefs stemmed from Sumeria. just to inform you.. Most religions did. In any case, Sachiel is pretty huge of a deity, just like his planet. Representing all will power, and inner strength. Self discilyn. Why else, do many of them worship this planet? It is all about manifesting from will, which is how the elite got to their lofty positions of power and rulership. In actuality, Jupiter in early history was considered the :evening and morning star”. in august Jupiter connects with Venus, in the second coming, the closest its ever been since the first time in the day of Christ’s symbolic birth.jupiter - jupiter ascending

Sachiel is represented by the numbers 3, and 12. 3 is for the Holy trinity of mind, body, spirit. And father, son and holy spirit. It represents pure energy and the triangle. 12, represents an individual who again reincarnates, because they have completed a full cycle of experience, and learned of the possibility of regeneration toward a higher-consciousness. A developed soul who has accumulated an unusual inner-strength through many and varied lifetimes. Someone who may still be hindered by old habits that need to be changed. The soul then attracts what it needs as a learning experience. A reversal of negative thoughts can bring about very favorable and positive effects and can aid in achieving their goals and aspirations. Sachiel is the son of the dawn, so to speak who was gone but will live again. the symbolism in “I will tear the temple down and rebuild it in 3 days”, is shown in the numeric symbolism here with Jupiter being the temple, and the return (appearing as the star of Bethlehem in conjunction to Venus being close), and the number 3. Rebuilding in higher consciousness, and within the mind, body, soul. The number 12 appears again too, with 12 disciples, in Jupiter;s numerology of 12. Wow, people sure were asleep until I came LOL.2bZadkiel

Sachiel is not bad. Quite the contrary, people took the wisdom and made it bad, used it for bad things. Often as humans do. Sachiel works with the stones, Emerald, Lapis Lazuli, and Imperial Topaz. All stones of hierarchy and status, like his planet represents.  He is an angel to call on if trying to get to a bigger place in life. Call on him for success, and strength. He is one to ask for fame, movement in career, a powerful leadership position, or to start a business. He also has a direct link to Metatron as he was made by Metatron before Metatron went to Earth for his incarnation as Enoch..  I love Sachiel, as he is kind but tells you the truth directly. I am grateful for the time we get together in my channelings.  That is all he gave me for now. And if I am right in my own angelic memory, there is something else too, but it may be in need of more time, and right now, I am off to channel with Ariel for a bit instead.