starseeds, soul origins, incarnation



Welcome to the world of Starseeds. I have channeled many of the celestial worlds throughout my soul’s existence and while in human form.  I started putting the information out there to the public in 2013. In my experiences I have discovered so many star races, and humans who even have a soul from those other worlds. Many seek to discover where their soul is from, and I have helped thousands to find their origin. By reading through the pages, you will enter their worlds and learn about the races that exist beyond the Earth and 3D planes.  In this section, there are almost 100 different star worlds and their descriptions. The truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Here the pseudoscientific seems like sci-fi. No one else has brought you so much info! Many people have even used my info in their own teachings!


The original site where this information was first posted can be found at Starseed Children.