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Spirit of the Kitsune

The word Kitsune appears around the 6th century in a tale about a wonderful emperor, and fro that point forward… tales of these spirits have held stories of them deceiving and tricking humans, or rewarding them for a favor that a human provided them in which they felt indebted to show kindness in paying back… The word “Kitsune” merely means, Fox. In originates in Japan, and describes the supernatural qualities of foxes in their folklore. The Japanese in fact, held these spirits in high regard, looking at them as messengers or helpers of the Gods themselves, even in negative aspect.

Mystical fox spirits provide lessons in being able to master yourself so that you can get quickly in and out of situation, using the uptmost wisdom, logic, and strategy, and fast enough that you are uneffected by whatever is taking place. this was not running away from the issue, this was mastering the issue… Others involved, did not see the reaction or solution of the fox, but knew they had overcome the situation nevertheless. This inspired them to go on their own path of learning self mastery, and meditation in way that mediatation was no longer needed.  They wear disguises, masks, and different faces that at times, others did not know who or what they were, and even named the “new face” some other spirit race or species, not realizing it was the spirit of the tricky fox under the mask the whole time. So, these spirit have been called a number of things, either because they wanted to remain hidden, or so that they could teach others that not is all that it seems. This taught people not to take things for face value, and to look deeper.  It was not always fun to encounter one, but in either positive or negative respects, there was always a higher lesson learned.

Foxes work in all elements, as they shapeshift. Some are created in their own element, and have to learn to master it over time. After they do, they work in lessons and shifting in their place in nature. There are people who meet these spirits in life and they truly have to be careful as they can be trusted helpers, or enemies that are hidden in plain sight. They not only teach it, but when it comes to lessons in illusion… they live in it for both sides of duality. They adopt any face or mask, so that a person does not know who they are and have to figure out, how to see when even the best manipulators  and deceivers are at work. They are the ones, that the average can not even see their true intentions. Fox spirits are passionate, logical, and using those with intuition, find reasoning. They are souls who will in their element, work hard to discover how to use it for their advantage. As tricksters, they are not always evil. Those who are air foxes, work in wisdom, intellect, and logic. The foxes in fire, they grow in passion, drive, motivation and inspiration. The ones who are spirits of water, expand in emotions, intuition, and mysticism. Earthly fox souls are down to Earth in personality, reliable, and helping in the phsycical areas of life. They have an ancient wisdom, fox spirits do… in the connection to this world that they have, all except Cosmic kitsune.

Cosmic kitsune come from the celestials and are the very same messengers from the “Gods’ that ancient legends speak of.  They are made of light, the heavenly fox spirit. They come from Vulpecula, which is a faint constellation in the northern sky. Its name is Latin for “little fox”, although it is commonly known simply as the fox, and is located in the middle of the Summer Triangle. It is a beautiful place!

In fox souls who are here, they love to play games even without bad intention. Although, there are some who get a kick out of mind games.  They are lively, friendly, emotional, sensual, witty, logical, clever, strategic, they have the master of disguises, and often find that they have to act fast in life to get by in any situation. Each race is different, but the soul species itself is truly a marvel to learn more about! I’ll cover the starseed race in my next entry!