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The Four Angels of the Cardinal Points…

The Angels of the Winds and Directions…

4 Angels holding the 4 WindsHere today, the say that Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael are associated with the cardinal points. Anemoi, as they were called by the Greeks. But how much has really changed except names? It is true that the church merely only changed the names of their Greek/Roman Gods, to fit the new way, of the uprising Christian church. How belittling, to make the “Gods” the “Elohim”, but mere messengers? Alot of similarities too, as some had wings.

The churches confused the lot of them.  The Greeks and Romans had it more accurately. For example, they took the Titan of Uranus, Uriel, and stuck him as the lesser Angel of the Northern corner of the Earth. When in reality this was Boreas, the God of the Northern wind, of winter and of Earth.

Favonis is the God of the Western Wind, but they now associate that with Lord Raphael. Notus, is in the South, Zephyrs is in the West, sometimes associated with a female, (Lord Gabriel anyone?) and is associated with love, and Spring, like the past time of May Day.  Eurus governs the SouthWest. Kaikias in the Nothern West,  and Apeliotes is governs the East, They all have their Roman equivilants, but the point here is, these are not Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael, if those Deities are associated with the Bigger Planets. Therefore, if the Archs were associated with the planets, they certainly can not  be the same figures who are associated with Cardinal Points.

The pantheon of the “Gods” is a complex one. It is like a 10 story building, who has an owner, President, Vice President, CEO, and employees on every floor, and for every room on that floor. It’s breath taking. Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Raphael are planetary angels. This means that they are princes and princesses, so to speak.


There are many cardinal points, not simply the North, South, East, and West. There are also, NorthWest, SouthWest, SouthEast, SouthWest,  which all create the Ley Lines. All of the Archons/Rulers, have a position to create the grid. So who are all of those Deities in angelic terms? We will get to cover them all over time, but for now, who are the Angels of the Cardinal Points really? Let’s take a look…


In truth, the “angels” of the four corners of the Earth consist of Gazardiel who governs the East.  He is a strong angel who rules of the areas of processing your greater ideas and intelligence. He is in charge of leading mankind to always use their better judgement and not rule life with the hearts. Hadriel accompanies Gazardiel, in taking care of the Eastern gate. This means that Hadirel governs who comes in and out of that portal.

Bhavaniel rules to the West. This angel represents the ultimate love and emotions of our Higher Lords. All things in regards to feelings of the heart, love, intuition, and compassion, are ruled by this angelic being.

In the Northern Pole there is Aurora, and also Aharnishiel who governs the North for the Northern wind, to sweep across the world in the changing of the weather. He is a massive angelic being with great power over the manifestation process.

In the Southern Gate, we have the Angel Temaniel. The beloved angel of spiritual knowledge of the Earthly planes, passion, love, and inspiration.

Those are the angels of the four corners. Each have their rulership over the corners, but also they have an amazing legion each beneath them. Therefore, in fact there are many angels working in the cardinal directions, but those are the chief commanders of those corners of Earth.


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